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Listen to the immersive scope of Brussels afro pop musician Dibiblack’s newly released song ‘Bangs’ that promotes a culturally diverse arena of modern-day pop music.

Brussel, Belgium Mar 27, 2021 (  – Upcoming music artist Dibiblack is changing the contemporary scope of pop music with his invasive lyrics and highly enigmatic production course. He recently came out with the song, ‘Bangs’ that accumulates the virtues and creative essence of genres such as Afro and pop into a stream of urban structuralism. The song’s spontaneity and lyrical outspokenness captivate the audience’s attention in an instance. It comprises some of the best variations of musical and cultural influences that are blended to pave to way for an intense and meaningful progression. The artist’s prolific demeanor and aura make the song stand out with an eccentric edge.

The Brussels afro pop musician Dibiblack is currently associated with the production house Romaric Houngue that gives him ample space and a platform to exhibit his creative pursuits. He is focused and driven towards his career and envisions creating musical pieces that will take the audience on an immersive journey. The song, ‘Bangs’ comprises the elements of new-age musical components that are infused with each other to set the flow right. The song also displays the artist’s passion and limitlessness as a creative storyteller. His aptitude is such that it always results in a melodic and undulating journey.

Artist Dibiblack also has many other songs to his name such as ‘Loin d’ici’, ‘On est trop beau’, ‘Maman je suis là’, and ‘TropTard’ among others. His interpretation of Afro music in the backdrop of urban pop has led to the formulation of new styles and theories that would later flourish music’s cultural evolution to new degrees. Although he is just starting, he is already gaining widespread recognition for his creative and musical optimism that will drive the audience towards recreational salvation. Modern music and cultural influences have found the right direction in music with his soundscape. To know more about him, follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram.

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