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The new media art is a loose and ill-defined category that encompasses performance, installation, and sculpture, as well as digital and conceptual art. Against the backdrop of a consumer-culture that increasingly revolved around film and television, new media art arose in the mid-twentieth century to open creative space within the realm of electronic communications technology. As the technologies available to work with have proliferated, so too has new media art branched out to reflect innovations in film, computing, robotics, and even biotechnology.

And we need to look at this more than ever, when the newest trend NTF-art is revolving the art circles.The NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied: ownership of the work (though the artist can still retain the copyright and reproduction rights, just like with physical artwork). To put it in terms of physical art collecting: anyone can buy a Monet print. But only one person can own the original.

While the list of prominent new media artists is ever-growing, we will take a look at some of the key figures that are worth exploring for anyone looking to learn more about the field.

By Moeller
By Moeller, also known is a Danish artist who began life as a expressionist abstract painter, By Moeller’s artistic practice has become known for its narrative dimensions, combining film, photography, sculpture and print in the service of material critique. He stopped selling his art in 2014 – and only selling limited reprints. He has now woken up again – creating a frenzy in the digital works, by introducing new art pieces – only available in digital form as NTF´s. You can see some of his work on,, and

Alexei Shulgin
Involved with the software art and net art scenes, Alexei Shulgin is an example of an artist whose work not only exists within digital media, but which explicitly orients itself towards the condition of digitality. Frequently incorporating website design into his artistic practice, Shulgin’s work typically combines elements of public participation with a wry sense of humour.

Lawrence Lek
Ever since he was young, Lawrence Lek has been interested in world-building. With a background in architecture and a portfolio that spans game-design and immersive simulation, he is definitely well-placed to bring to life speculative futures and uncanny parallel realities.

Michael Joseph Winkelmann, known professionally as Beeple or Beeple Crap, is an American digital artist, graphic designer, and animator. He is known for using various mediums in creating comical, phantasmagoric works that makes political, social commentary while using pop culture figures as references. One of his works just sold for $6.6 million at Nifty Gateway, an online cryptocurrency marketplace for digital art.