Global Community Endtime Worship Encounter (GCEWE) is announcing its virtual music event, to be broadcast live on Zoom Sunday 28th March at 7:30 pm GMT. The theme of the special Easter celebration is, “Power of the Cross – Love, Mercy & Grace Revealed.” Participants can attend the event at

Host and gospel recording artist Veronica Nelson says this is an opportunity for artists from a wide variety of genres to offer their gifts and talents to people in 195 countries across the world. Performing artists will be singing both new material and covers. It’s also an opportunity for people to be blessed, comforted, and encouraged during COVID-19.

Nelson says, “This is not just a concert, but a larger vision to encourage people around the world to come together and embrace one another in an atmosphere of worship, particularly during the lockdown. With millions of people confined in their homes in order to flatten the curve, many people resort to music.”

“Although physically and socially distant, this event will help us to bring about community cohesion in a broken world.”

Nelson says the release of her single, “My Love,” during the Easter season of 2020 was her personal effort to offer comfort to the world amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and deaths. She dedicated it to all those who’ve been impacted by or lost loved ones to COVID.

Nelson worked on, “My Love,” in collaboration with Danny Nettey, an internationally-known worship leader who had passed away several years prior. The song was recorded prior to Nettey’s demise, yet the release was delayed to honor his memory. It’s a rare chance to hear a great worship leader, years after he went to be with the Lord.

The song is also a tribute to her late mother. Among many of Nelson’s songs, the release of, “My Love,” followed her first single, “Merry Christmas To You.”

Speaking on the inspiration, Nelson says, “I wrote, ‘My Love,’ when God led me to the Gospel of John and I began to learn from Mary Magdalene’s experiences.”

“I’m bringing people together as a community to worship globally and experience the wealth of talents in the Kingdom, not to look back to the old way of life, but to look ahead and embrace the ‘new normal’ way of life. As it’s biblically quoted, ‘Behold, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it?’ In every dispensation is a higher calling to step out.”

“This is not one person’s project,” Nelson says, “It’s community work.”

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