MTS’ Pete Miller Releases Debut Americana Album on MTS Records “Live On Record”

 Featuring pure and untampered acoustic guitar and a rich voice that is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Pete Miller’s debut album “Live On Record” is a breath of fresh air for folks who like their music raw and real. With elements of folk, country, and rock, Pete digs deep with introspective and poetic storytelling. Pete’s debut album on MTS Records, “Live on Record,” dropped on August 12th, 2022.

The first single from the album, “A Light Out There” has racked up over 80K Spotify streams, while hitting the UK iTunes Top 20 Singer-Songwriters Chart.

About Pete Miller

Pete Miller grew up in Connecticut, about 45 minutes from New York City. But the big city didn’t have a lure for Pete. Instead, he worked landscaping and went to school part-time. Soon after, he moved to a Vermont Farm for six months, working and laboring, until he finally made it to Pennsylvania, where he currently resides. While following his music dream, Pete works at the blue collar jobs he sings about in his “everyman songs,” working in warehouses, lumber yards, and construction, while studying mechanics part-time. He says, “I am 29 years of age, but my knees feel much older.”

Pete’s brand of music is raw, unpolished and unfiltered. Channeling the spirits of the late Johnny Cash and Townsend Van Zandt, Miller delivers his homespun poetic lyrics over his jangling acoustic guitar picking, painting a vivid portrait of simpler times, imperfect productions, and true rock ‘n’ roll energy. There’s nothing fancy about Pete Miller’s style, but he’s as authentic as they come…what you see is truly what you get.

For more information on Pete Miller, connect with him on Facebook.

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CareSmartz360 Releases New Software Updates to Ease Non-Medical Senior Care

 CareSmartz360, the home care agency software, is advancing the non-medical industry by releasing new software updates. These software enhancements are desirable for agency owners and caregivers as they help increase accessibility and ease of use.

Developers are continuously taking steps to keep the private duty home care software up-to-date and make it stand out amongst the crowd with regular monthly upgrades.

The June 2022 Product Update release has come with improvements to make the product more impressive. These upgrades aim at making scheduling, time tracking, and electronic visit verification easier, bringing relief to home care users, said James Merson, CCO, Caresmartz, Inc.

June release pointed out some significant modifications, which are:

Easy Scheduling:

Scheduling is one of the most time-consuming processes of caregiving. With the recent product update, scheduling will become easier. Some major roll-outs are:

Agencies can add breaks to the schedule creation window, which was previously possible only in the edit schedule mode.

Agency users can edit Caregiver Notes from the ‘Notes’ section on the Schedule window.

Agencies will now be able to configure running late notifications for clock-in and clock-out under the ‘Notifications tab’ of Office Settings.

All these updates will help cut down the scheduling time and make it more accurate.

2. Effective Time Tracking:

Time tracking has been mandatory, especially after the implementation of EVV. Time tracking tightly integrated with scheduling, payroll, and billing eases client billing and caregiver payroll calculation.

Ability to apply filters on time tracking views, saving the user time.

Ease of viewing meetings under time tracking even after payroll calculation.

Power to view canceled schedules and see schedules with status canceled by the client, canceled by the caregiver, caregiver no show, and unapproved.

3. CareSmartz360’s Integration with HHAeXchange:

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Minnesota for payers like HomeHealth FFS, Community First Services and Support (PCA) FFS, and Waiver Services FFS.

CareSmartz360 is integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Hawaii for the payer- WellCare Hawaii.

HHAeXchange missed visit import report is also upgraded as per V5 interface specification.

June product update release also includes TELLUS updates, Sandata updates, and visit status filter updates on data post-screen introduction. All these regular updates point towards providing better and more reliable services to the agency owners and caregivers, enabling better functionality and ease in performance.

About CareSmartz360

CareSmartz360 is a comprehensive home care software that provides stellar support services and enables home care agencies to reach and exceed their goals.

With CareSmartz360, every home care agency, from startups to franchisors, get the necessary tools to maximize performance, revenue, and patient outcomes. The company is geared toward increasing user satisfaction- thanks to its vision to make the software stand out with product improvements.

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Nacach Wax Releases Pure Pink Hard Wax

 Nacach Wax, a leader in the beauty industry, is pleased to announce the release of their new product, Pure Pink Hard Wax, designed to complement their well-regarded Pure Pink Hypoallergenic Soft Waxes collection. Pure Pink Hard Wax is formulated to target especially coarse and hard-to-remove hair. While appropriate for hair removal on the entire body, it is gentle enough to use both on the face and other sensitive areas. And, it is composed of the highest quality ingredients including a blend of hypoallergenic resins, all-natural beeswax, and titanium dioxide.

Designed for customer comfort, this wax has a low temperature at the body contact point and a pleasant, but mild scent. These hard wax beads are packaged in 2.5-pound buckets and volume discounts (for 3 buckets or more) are available, making it appropriate for professional aestheticians. For best results, this product must be applied in patches must thinner than traditional hard waxes.

Other Nacach well-regarded hard wax products include Rice Cream Hard Wax and Pomegranate Hard Wax. Both our Pomegranate Hard Wax and Rice Cream wax are ideal for multidirectional hair removal. It can be applied in long strips and is fortified with zinc oxide to soothe the skin. Pomegranate Hard Wax, which dries in less than 10 seconds (and is also appropriate for multidirectional hair removal), is enriched with pomegranate oil and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it both soothing and regenerative. It is appropriate for large areas of the body and Colophonium free. Additionally, both products are hypoallergenic guaranteed.

Founded in 1987 in Argentina and established in 1998 in the United States, this family-owned and operated company has partnered with its sole Italian manufacturer since 2018. The ability to leverage this company’s almost 50 years of experience in the hair removal industry and unmatched knowledge, has benefited their clients considerably. Additionally, because they work with only one producer, all batches are of uniform quality.

Nacach has become an industry leader as a result of the quality of the wax they produce and distribute. With a focus solely on hair removal products, Nacach Wax thoughtfully develops new products to meet the needs of their clients: salons, spas, and estheticians. Their line includes hard, soft, and roll-on wax, sugar paste, and a host of accessories including wax warmers and wax removal kits. Basically, they offer everything a professional needs to provide their clients with excellent service.


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NF Sports Releases New “Immune Defense(TM)” Drink Mix

 NF Sports (NFS), a sports nutrition company based out of Miami, Florida, announced today that they are launching a new drink mix product that proposes a revolutionary approach to fighting viruses and strengthening the immune system*. Designed as a daily immune system booster†, Immune Defense combines the amino acid L-Lysine with Vitamin C and Zinc along with Vitamins B2 and B6 for optimal immune response. The amino acid Lysine helps to play a role in immune function by limiting the spread of viruses at the cellular level, resulting in lower viral loads†.

“A healthy immune system is the key to overall health and wellbeing,” said Joaquin Cruz, CEO of NF Sports. “More than ever before, we are exposed to new viruses and other elements that play a huge role in negatively impacting our health. This new drink mix addresses that need.”

Since 2013, NF Sports has been hard at work to bring customers quality sports nutrition supplements. NFS was created by a group of health and fitness enthusiasts who saw a need for quality products that could be trusted. Their products are manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory and cGMP facility, meeting the FDA’s guidelines for “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” by using only the finest and purest ingredients available. This ensures NF Sports products are of the utmost quality and that what is on the label is in the product every single time.

“As leaders in the sports nutrition space, we wanted something that was safe enough to recommend to your everyday athlete and fitness enthusiast who was overwhelmed by the cluttered supplement market,” said Cruz. “We live by the importance of clean eating and avoid artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.”

Though based out of Miami, FL, NF Sports ships all over the U.S. Their website, offers supplements for a wide range of nutrition and fitness needs, such as weight loss, pre-workout energy, hydration, and more.

*Immunocompromised persons are advised to consult with a physician before using this product to boost immune function.

†Statements in this press release have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

About NF Sports

Since 2013, NF Sports has been hard at work to bring quality sports nutrition supplements to their customers. NF Sports believes a supplement worth taking is backed by good evidence and proven work. Every ingredient, every dose, and the final formulation are balanced in perfect harmony to ensure a clean, efficacious product that actually works and is safe. They believe that maintaining proper nutrition, supplementation, hydration and eating habits are essential for the human body to keep performing at its highest levels.

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Hong Kong – Government releases consultancy study report on support to carers

Government releases consultancy study report on support to carers


     The Labour and Welfare Bureau (LWB) today (June 9) released the report of the Consultancy Study on Needs and Support Required of Carers of Elderly Persons and of Persons with Disabilities in Hong Kong, submitted by the Consulting Team commissioned. The Government accepted in principle the directions and recommendations put forward in the study report and will follow up on them.

     A spokesman for the LWB said, “The Government encourages ageing in place and assists persons with disabilities to live in the community. Carers play an indispensable and important role in helping elderly persons and persons with disabilities live at home. The Government provides various support services to enhance the capabilities of carers and relieve their stress. The consultancy study recognised the Government’s efforts in supporting carers and suggested integrating and enhancing relevant services.” At present, support services include care skills training, emotional support, respite care, lending of rehabilitation aids, assisting carers to set up mutual support groups, and various pilot schemes of financial assistance and support required (details in Annex).

     The consultancy report proposed supporting carers along four directions, i.e. supporting carers in the community, capacity building of carers, multi-partite collaboration and ensuring the sustainability of carer support measures, and a Collaborative Model, which is divided into three tiers, namely carer strength building, encouraging family and informal support, and service integration. A total of 11 specific recommendations are proposed as follows:


  1. Raise awareness of carers about the importance, availability, and access of information, and increase the readiness of carers and intermediate parties to seek help from available services;
  2. Examine existing websites and encourage non-governmental organisations/social enterprises/corporates to develop a carer-centric and sustainable information gateway to address carers’ needs;
  3. Provide carer-centric training and intervention to promote carers’ well-being, self-management, ability to cope with stress, as well as to strengthen their caregiving capacity;
  4. Promote family-based support and mutual assistance among peer carers across their lifespan and at different stages of their caregiving journey;
  5. Cultivate a carer-friendly neighbourhood;
  6. Devise and promote a carer-friendly support environment in the workplace so as to help carers strike a balance between their work and their caregiving role;
  7. Develop a local self-administered assessment tool with the aim of increasing the knowledge of carers in terms of needs, risks identification and management, and potential support available;
  8. Identify high-risk carers and provide timely support;
  9. Better introduce, access and utilise assistive technologies to relieve the care burden, enhance caring capability and improve carers’ quality of life;
  10. Increase accessibility and diversity of respite service to provide relief to carers with ad-hoc needs; and
  11. Provide a good mix of services, voucher and cash to support carers.

     The consultancy study emphasised that carer support is a shared responsibility of family, community, business and the Government. Multi-partite collaboration among different sectors, professions, organisations and the Government should be established to implement various service proposals, such as adopting flexible and innovative operation models and promoting the use of technology, and providing sustainable support through optimising government and non-government funding. The resources injected by the Government should be integrated, so as to enhance the effectiveness of services.

     The spokesman said, “We will report the study report to the Legislative Council Panel on Welfare Services in due course. The Government will follow up on the directions and recommendations put forward by the consultancy report, consult stakeholders in a timely manner and consider practicable measures to support carers continuously.”

     The Government commissioned the Consulting Team from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in July 2020 to conduct a consultancy study on the service needs of carers of elderly persons and of persons with disabilities. Through individual interviews, focus group discussions and surveys, the Consulting Team interviewed nearly 5 000 participants, including elderly persons/persons with disabilities and their carers, and stakeholders such as professional staff of elderly and rehabilitation services in public and private sectors, and consulted the relevant committees. The study report has been uploaded to the LWB’s website (