This technology has already been programatically successful in eradicating Y2K38 problems up to 2099 and after. With satheeshsoft technology, future date calculations are very simple for any software related task. Developed in a 32-bit multi-byte exe.

loginTimer is a must-have if the computer users seeking for software that can help to track each and every one of the computer users’ login date, time, total number of logins per day/user, admin activities, and login behavior local/remote and save them in a private log file continually. The main user can effortlessly examine the logs and obtain all the information required to keep an eye on the computer users thanks to this application’s ability to filter out and organize all the important elements.The accurate logs produced by loginTimer include a number of parameters, including time, date (day, month, or year), total number of logins per day, admin activities, and login behavior. Additionally, every entry is written in English.

Upon changing the path, the user must first activate Run As Admin. Each user’s logs are contained in a separate file inside log files. Since the log file is a ready-only attribute, it should not be updated or changed manually. All things considered, loginTimer is a crucial tool for anyone trying to observe their computer users’ behavior. For everyone who wants to identify their computer users, the software is essential due to its compatibility and effective logging features.

Everyone’s can have the loginTimer trial version with full functionalities by downloading from the web page.


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Satheesh Sivankutty
Software Programmer

About satheeshsoft Technology: satheeshsoft Technology is always creating very high-quality software and inventions. All satheeshsoft software is always highly secure from any type of virus attack. Viruses cannot attack or enter the software programs during runtime or software raw files. If any virus tries to enter, the software program automatically closes itself. This type of self-standard mechanism has not yet been heard of in other software programs.

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