Tanktwo, a trailblazing green tech startup specializing in cutting-edge battery management solutions backed by 28 patents, releases a new case study, “Solving the Reliability vs. Innovation Dilemma: How Tanktwo Helped a Primary Defense Contractor Shorten the Path to Electrification.”

Tanktwo designed a software-defined, data-driven battery solution to help its client accelerate the electrification of military vehicles and equipment while meeting stringent requirements.

“Our solution also introduced a paradigm change where reliability no longer means using technology from the dinosaur era so our client can deliver better results within shorter timelines using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to increase cost-efficiency,” says Bert Holtappels, founder of Tanktwo.

The case study details how the custom solution offers capabilities that traditional battery technology can’t achieve to deliver unprecedented configurability, adaptability, reliability, safety, and serviceability.

The case study is available for download at www.tanktwo.com/white-paper.

About Tanktwo
Founded in 2013, Tanktwo Inc. pioneers data-driven, software-defined batteries to accelerate the development of green tech solutions, making electrification more accessible and sustainable. The Tanktwo Battery Operating System (TBOS) offers product builders an API-like solution to create scalable, flexible, reliable, safe, and cost-efficient custom battery packs without lengthy development cycles and R&D investment.

To learn more about Tanktwo, visit www.tanktwo.com.

Ling Wong



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