CareSmartz360, the home care agency software, is advancing the non-medical industry by releasing new software updates. These software enhancements are desirable for agency owners and caregivers as they help increase accessibility and ease of use.

Developers are continuously taking steps to keep the private duty home care software up-to-date and make it stand out amongst the crowd with regular monthly upgrades.

The June 2022 Product Update release has come with improvements to make the product more impressive. These upgrades aim at making scheduling, time tracking, and electronic visit verification easier, bringing relief to home care users, said James Merson, CCO, Caresmartz, Inc.

June release pointed out some significant modifications, which are:

Easy Scheduling:

Scheduling is one of the most time-consuming processes of caregiving. With the recent product update, scheduling will become easier. Some major roll-outs are:

Agencies can add breaks to the schedule creation window, which was previously possible only in the edit schedule mode.

Agency users can edit Caregiver Notes from the ‘Notes’ section on the Schedule window.

Agencies will now be able to configure running late notifications for clock-in and clock-out under the ‘Notifications tab’ of Office Settings.

All these updates will help cut down the scheduling time and make it more accurate.

2. Effective Time Tracking:

Time tracking has been mandatory, especially after the implementation of EVV. Time tracking tightly integrated with scheduling, payroll, and billing eases client billing and caregiver payroll calculation.

Ability to apply filters on time tracking views, saving the user time.

Ease of viewing meetings under time tracking even after payroll calculation.

Power to view canceled schedules and see schedules with status canceled by the client, canceled by the caregiver, caregiver no show, and unapproved.

3. CareSmartz360’s Integration with HHAeXchange:

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Minnesota for payers like HomeHealth FFS, Community First Services and Support (PCA) FFS, and Waiver Services FFS.

CareSmartz360 is integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Hawaii for the payer- WellCare Hawaii.

HHAeXchange missed visit import report is also upgraded as per V5 interface specification.

June product update release also includes TELLUS updates, Sandata updates, and visit status filter updates on data post-screen introduction. All these regular updates point towards providing better and more reliable services to the agency owners and caregivers, enabling better functionality and ease in performance.

About CareSmartz360

CareSmartz360 is a comprehensive home care software that provides stellar support services and enables home care agencies to reach and exceed their goals.

With CareSmartz360, every home care agency, from startups to franchisors, get the necessary tools to maximize performance, revenue, and patient outcomes. The company is geared toward increasing user satisfaction- thanks to its vision to make the software stand out with product improvements.

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