A webinar on the topic “Entrepreneurship & Startup India” for college students was organized for the engineering (all semester) 90+ students of the MET Knowledge City College of Engineering on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The webinar was organized by the Institute’s Innovation Council, MET’s Institute of Engineering, and IIC Impact Session Cell, and hosted by Dr. Priti Metange on Startup awareness and entrepreneurship. The webinar was supported by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Innovation Cell. 90+ students and 10 faculty members participated in the webinar.

The eminent speaker for the webinar was Chartered Engineer Shreekant Patil, founder of PARENTNashik, platinum mentor at Startup India, MeitY Startup Hub, AIC-BAMU & Wadhwani Foundation, and recipient of various national and international level awards in exports, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Shreekant Patil started off the webinar by giving a brief introduction on entrepreneurship, startups in India, and the objective of conducting a webinar on the topic of EDP & startups. The speaker of the webinar’s second session was Mr. Shreekant Patil, who spoke about the Scheme for Facilitating Startups promoted by the Government of India to encourage startups in India. The second session covered awareness of the Startup India Initiative, DPIIT Startups, Benefits, Programs offered by the Government of India, Registration on Startup India e-Portal, Incubators, Structures, and more about Fundraising, Mentoring, Features, Benefits, Eligibility, etc.

More than 90 students, faculty, professors, and other teams from MET Knowledge City (Engineering College) were present at this webinar session, Empowering Startups for Growth.

Dr. Priti Metange hosted this webinar for students. Prof. Rajesh Rehpade concluded the webinar with closing words, thanking the speaker and inviting him to the next live seminar at the MET Bhujbal Knowledge City college campus soon.


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