Mango StartUp Studio invests in the party clothing rental start-up La M�s Mona


  • The company is investing through a participation loan and launching a clothing rental pilot trial on its website via the new Mango Renting service, making it possible to offer greater versatility.
  • For its part, La Ms Mona will learn about the operation of a large company, be able to scale up its business model and will receive advice from Mango professionals, among other benefits.
  • This is the third Mango StartUp Studio investment, after investing in the start-up specialising in the resale of textile waste, Recovo, and the on-demand salary and flexible remuneration business, Payflow.

Mango, one of Europes leading fashion groups, is reinforcing its innovative spirit and through its Mango StartUp Studio accelerator is investing in La Ms Mona, the party dress and accessories rental platform.

The investment involves offering financial support to the company through a convertible participation loan and represents the entry of La Ms Mona in an acceleration programme through which the entrepreneurs will discover at the first-hand the operation of Mango and will be able to scale up their business model. They will also receive advice and mentoring sessions given by company professionals in areas such as the internationalisation of operations and technology, as well as in people management.

Similarly, Mango is launching a clothing rental pilot trial on its website via Mango Renting ( The service will offer some forty references that will be updated every month, so that Mango customers can enjoy greater versatility and flexibility in the choice of outfits for their events.

This is the third investment that Mango StartUp Studio has made since it launched in 2022. So far, the accelerator has invested in the sustainability start-up specialising in the resale of textile waste, Recovo, and the on-demand salary and flexible remuneration business, Payflow.

La Ms Mona was founded in 2012 with the mission to offer a more intelligent, responsible and sustainable way of consuming. The platform began with a B2C model of clothing rental, for both formal and everyday wear, and has now extended its business with a B2B model for brands that wish to launch their own rental service through their own customers. La Ms Mona currently has 315,000 registered customers and 35,000 rented garments.

About Mango StartUp Studio

Mango Start-Up Studio, the fashion start-up accelerator created by the company, aims to promote innovation in Mango, detect new growth opportunities and participate in the development of new technologies or business models.

To achieve this, Mango StartUp Studio is looking for companies and ideas at the development stage in order to make seed-capital investments that contribute innovation to the fashion industry value chain and improve the customer experience.

Technology and sustainability are two areas of priority interest for the accelerator, in addition to all the links in the value chain, from product creation and sourcing to distribution.

Startup Launches a New Tool to Protect Vulnerable Adults

 Nearly eighteen million people currently have court-appointed guardians or a power of attorney in the United States alone. These decision-makers for elderly or incapacitated individuals, are held accountable for maintaining detailed records of every action taken on behalf of the person. At the risk of personal liability, fines and family discord, these records must be transparent and made available to the courts, nursing homes, and social security administrators, as well as family members.

Under the leadership of Nancy Meyers, a Pennsylvania attorney, the team at Advocord developed a mobile responsive, web-based software platform that is a compliance tool that effectively protects those who have a fiduciary/legal obligation to act on the behalf of another. Advocord features information/document storage, organization, report generation, time tracking, and information sharing, while also linking to the company’s compiled educational resources.

Most importantly, however, Advocord builds a record of information to better protect the person being cared for – some of our most vulnerable individuals. “It was very important to me that the system I created was always centered around what is best for the person in need of assistance,” said Nancy. Therefore, Advocord is designed to guide the advocate to gather a complete record of all information needed to make good decisions on the other person’s behalf.

These features have caused investors to take notice as well. To date, investors have put up more than $2 million toward the development and commercialization of the product. Attorney Meyers commented, “Through my work with guardianship and power of attorney clients for more than 17 years, I recognized the need for an easy-to-use, automated process that would remove the complications and risks associated with a paper or manual system of record keeping.”

For more information, visit


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Web3 Scam Protection Startup, Delenium, Finds 400% More Phishing Websites than Industry Leaders

Web3 isn’t safe. In 2021, crypto scammers stole $14 billion dollars ( from unsuspecting users. A solution must be found. To create a democratic financial future of the internet, newcomers and advanced users alike need to feel comfortable with their funds. Delenium (, a Web3 scam protection solution, is at the forefront of this effort. By protecting the way Web3 users interact with decentralized applications, Delenium is revolutionizing the security infrastructure of Web3.
Like any new and unregulated technology, scammers deploy tactics to unlawfully extract value from users. In blockchain, that value is often tokens from a hot wallet. Hot wallets are cryptocurrency wallets connected to the internet which makes them convenient but high-level targets for scammers. Given their inherent security risks, blockchain-related scams from digital wallets are more common as Web3 applications gain traction. With large amounts of money being stored and flowing into cryptocurrency wallets, scammers issue false transactions and phishing websites that can set users back anywhere from hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars.

Delenium is solving this rampant problem in an approach never before utilized in the crypto space. The Delenium team brings more than a decade of experience in building robust intelligence infrastructures across several industries. The team is reinventing their experience in technologies utilized by elite cybersecurity militaries, startups, and corporations to further secure this new age of the internet.

Nadav Meiroviz, the co-founder and CEO of Delenium, commented on the rise of scams and how Delenium is preventing this.

“We’ve seen in the last few years that Web3 has become a wild west of scams. It’s literally not safe to use your wallet anymore. Delenium’s mission is to stop this. We’re extremely proud to be creating a safer Web3 through our intricate scam detection techniques, and our network of data sensors around the internet and its underlying blockchain layers. Our recent beta launch of our chrome extension has been quite effective so far in showing our scam protection powers. We have several major announcements in the pipeline, and we are quite excited to change the security paradigm of Web3.”

Delenium sensors have flagged tens of thousands of websites using a range of data so far. By deploying automatic sensors onto several distinct corners of the internet, the network of sensors is the first-line of defense in defending users of decentralized applications. When users accidently go onto scam websites, Delenium’s chrome extension immediately blocks them and prevents them from connecting their wallets. Their flagging mechanism is unparalleled in its accuracy when compared to current industry-leaders.

To protect yourself and your funds, download the Delenium Web3 scam protection Chrome extension here ( Delenium is honored to be creating a safer Web3.

A Webinar Executed on Awareness of Entrepreneurship & Startup India by Platinum Mentor at MAARG Startup India CE. Shreekant Patil, Founder at PARENTNashik

 A webinar on the topic “Entrepreneurship & Startup India” for college students was organized for the engineering (all semester) 90+ students of the MET Knowledge City College of Engineering on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The webinar was organized by the Institute’s Innovation Council, MET’s Institute of Engineering, and IIC Impact Session Cell, and hosted by Dr. Priti Metange on Startup awareness and entrepreneurship. The webinar was supported by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Innovation Cell. 90+ students and 10 faculty members participated in the webinar.

The eminent speaker for the webinar was Chartered Engineer Shreekant Patil, founder of PARENTNashik, platinum mentor at Startup India, MeitY Startup Hub, AIC-BAMU & Wadhwani Foundation, and recipient of various national and international level awards in exports, business development, and entrepreneurship.

Shreekant Patil started off the webinar by giving a brief introduction on entrepreneurship, startups in India, and the objective of conducting a webinar on the topic of EDP & startups. The speaker of the webinar’s second session was Mr. Shreekant Patil, who spoke about the Scheme for Facilitating Startups promoted by the Government of India to encourage startups in India. The second session covered awareness of the Startup India Initiative, DPIIT Startups, Benefits, Programs offered by the Government of India, Registration on Startup India e-Portal, Incubators, Structures, and more about Fundraising, Mentoring, Features, Benefits, Eligibility, etc.

More than 90 students, faculty, professors, and other teams from MET Knowledge City (Engineering College) were present at this webinar session, Empowering Startups for Growth.

Dr. Priti Metange hosted this webinar for students. Prof. Rajesh Rehpade concluded the webinar with closing words, thanking the speaker and inviting him to the next live seminar at the MET Bhujbal Knowledge City college campus soon.


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New Tech Startup, Edify, Launches Learning Platform to Provide Virtual Child Care Solutions for Remote Employees

 Edify, a woman owned company, reduces distractions and increases productivity for work-from-home employees and their families. By the end of 2022, 25% of all jobs in the United States will be remote1, and as these numbers increase, employers seek to provide alternative childcare solutions.

Determined to create a healthy and happy work-life balance, two Rochester natives and remote working parents, Irina Tsukernik and Bob Pease developed the Edify application. Students of all ages and their guardians can schedule an on-demand session with the verified Tutor or Caregiver of their choice. Currently, all core school subjects, music and instrument lessons, and educational games are available areas of study. Provided by employers as a subsidized benefit, Edify aims to expand to include life coaches and professional development courses.

CEO and co-founder Irina adds, “The workplace has been forever revolutionized. As a remote working mom to a three-year-old, Edify is an affordable and safe childcare option that provides peace of mind while I finish up that last conference call.”

For more information on Edify or to sign up to be a Caregiver, visit today.

About Edify: Edify is based in Rochester, NY and was started by two remote working parents. Edify connects Tutors and Caregivers with students of all ages in a virtual setting. With parents, kids, and safety at top-of-mind, Edify takes some of the load off of remote employees’ plates.


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