“The Quality of Your Life, Equals the Quality of Your Thoughts.” — Kalliope Barlis

Thanks to the success of the twelfth annual Awareness Film Festival (AFF), Kalliope Barlis will be speaking after the festival screens her film, Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom. The film documents Barlis as she guides a person with a fear of heights to overcome the fear, culminating in the person’s ability to stand on a ledge overlooking a valley with arms wide open.

The Awareness Film Festival offers more than entertainment. It raises awareness of various causes relevant in our society today, including fear. Through independent filmmakers, they bring critical messages to the public that need to be heard.

When the National Institutes of Health reveals 12.5% of the adult population and 19% of the adolescent population has a specific irrational fear, Barlis believes that something needs to be done.

“The quality of your thoughts equals the quality of your life,” says Barlis. For instance, when someone is terrified of spiders, it is often because they see an elephant-sized spider inside their mind. Anyone would run if they saw a spider that size, because it doesn’t exist. When Barlis guides the person to shrink the spider in their mind, they can remain calm near a harmless spider and avoid a venomous one.

Barlis’s techniques guide people to overcome their fears in just one session, and she has helped thousands of people overcome their fear through her TEDxTalk with nearly 2 million views, her international bestseller “Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom,” trainings, one-on-one sessions, and with Housewives celebrities such as Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania, during Phobia Relief Day—which Kalliope founded.

Currently Barlis’s film, Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom, has been awarded by film festivals in twelve different countries, including the Silk Roads Film Awards—Cannes (Cannes Film Festival parallel monthly awards for independent filmmakers) for best anthropological drama.

And while Barlis is in Los Angeles, CA, she hopes to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has received a phone call from one of the producers, Jeannie Klisiewicz. Barlis says: “I sent Ellen a video begging to be on her show. I play Jeannie’s message in it. It’s Ellen’s last season, and I’ve always loved her work and humor. I would be humbly grateful to be on her show and have some fun with her viewers while I demonstrate with someone who has a real fear. The same way I will at the Awareness Film Festival.”

Barlis offers hope with her loving personality, skills, and sincerely profound interest in guiding people into greater freedom from their fears, especially so that fear is not passed to children.

Kalliope Barlis’s websites — www.fromfeartofreedomtv.com, www.phobiarelief.org and buildingyourbest.com — are dedicated to helping people become more aware of how to overcome fear, personally enhance their lives, and give people hope to live the life they want. Overall, Barlis and the Awareness Film Festival are a perfect fit. Where AFF supports awareness through entertainment, Barlis offers a solution and is grateful to AFF for making people aware of her work.


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