On March 21, 2023 Dr. V. Kim Kutsch, CEO of Oral BioTech and founder of CariFree, released a podcast titled “Contrary to Ordinary.”

Dr. Kutsch aims to uncover the common threads that make people extraordinary. Each bi-weekly episode will showcase a thought leader in the dental industry – and beyond – who push the boundaries of what’s possible. Hear conversations with innovators who blend art and technology, chase curiosity, and create the truly extraordinary. From cutting-edge tech to creative approaches to game-changing innovation, learn from the best in the business and discover what unique qualities make them tick.

Dr. Kutsch is fascinated by those that are paradigm shifters, world shakers, and art-makers. He is on a journey to break down the barriers to discover how they unlocked their potential and pursued their creative passions while leaving their mark on the world.

Follow along in Dr. Kutsch’s journey at www.contrarytoordinarypodcast.com.

“My dad said, you’re gonna be a doctor or you’re gonna be a lawyer. He came at age 13 with his father trying to get a better life for the family in China, and he would send back the money. One year after he got here, his father passed away. So, he was basically homeless in Chinatown in San Francisco at the age of 13.” – Dr. Doug Young, Episode #2 (00:01:32)

“If you don’t set up boundaries, then your life spills over into one or the other and you don’t know who you are.” – Dr. John Kois, Episode #1 (00:28:14)

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