MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com, an ElysianMed.io brand platform, announced today that they will be holding a cannabis mass-certification event for Mississippi veterans at the Westin Hotel, in Jackson, Mississippi on April 30, 2023.

The event will provide over $75,000 worth of medical cannabis diagnosis, certifications, and cannabis subsidies for 250 Mississippi veterans seeking medical cannabis certification, who due to financial hardship, have not been able to afford certification on their own.

ElysianMed, the parent company of MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com will be covering the costs for the event, as well as the prescriber costs, for all 250 veterans. ElysianMed has partnered with renowned Better Business Bureau accredited medical cannabis certifier Chronic Cardz who will be providing the prescribers and patient resources for the event.

The event is being held to launch the company’s Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) initiative, which provides resources and benefits through partnerships with local dispensaries, prescribers, and other medical cannabis businesses, to veterans seeking medical cannabis as an alternative form of treatment.

– The Event Will Provide Fair and Equal Opportunity for Veterans to Attend –

In order to provide fair and equal access to the event, MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com will choose the 250 veterans for the event via a random draw, on April 20, 2023.

In order to enter the random draw, interested veterans may signup for free using the event signup form here:


Attending veterans will also be provided with information on VCSP-certified dispensaries where they can receive VCSP cannabis subsidies, guaranteed discounts, and can be assured of veteran-friendly service and care.

– The Event Could Position Mississippi as a Leader in Medical Cannabis Outreach for Veterans –

The event will be held to kick off the national rollout of the Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP), a private initiative founded by the ElysianMed CEO, Roman Alexander Wellington.

Wellington stated, “We have just been informed that a veterans cannabis mass-certification event of this scale, where the fees for the certifications are completely covered for 250 veterans, has never been done in a single day in the US. So we are proud to be able to launch this first event in Mississippi where there is such a high concentration of veterans, especially those facing financial hardships.”

When asked about the event, Mississippi State Representative De’Keither Stamps (District 66), a US Army Veteran and co-sponsor of Mississippi cannabis legislation HB-1158, stated, “I am grateful that organizations like ElysianMed (MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com) and Chronic Cardz have seen the tremendous effort Mississippi has put in to make medical cannabis available to our veteran population, and that they have chosen to hold such a momentous & historic event here in our beautiful state.”

“Veteran & service member Representatives like myself are determined to fight for the rights of all veterans to have access to better, more affordable, and alternative healthcare treatment options. It is my hope that by having events like this, Mississippi can help lead the charge across the nation for medical cannabis to be seen as a safe alternative treatment option for our veteran communities.”

Representative Stamps, along with other key political leaders in Mississippi who have championed veteran’s rights to medical cannabis, will be in attendance at the event.

Representative Stamps has also been invited to speak at the press conference that will be held on the morning of the event, and share his thoughts on the medical cannabis program and veteran’s rights in the State moving forward.

Additionally, several political and business VIP’s from around the country who are interested in seeing the results for the veteran community of such an event, have also requested to attend the event.

Wellington stated, “We have received tremendous interest in the event from political and business leaders in other states which already have active medical cannabis programs, as well as those still considering it. Several have asked to either attend the event themselves, or send representative delegates. It is our hope that this event will allow us to show the incredible benefit that providing veteran-focused medical cannabis programs can have not just in Mississippi, but across the nation.”

Invitations to the event for both Mississippi and national political, veteran, and business leaders will officially start being sent out on Monday, April 3, 2023.

Roman Alexander Wellington, and several of the ElysianMed Senior Vice presidents, will also be personally delivering invitations to several key Mississippi political and local business leaders who have requested to attend the event, when the executives begin arriving in the state next week.

– Chronic Cardz Partners with VCSP Initiative to Provide Event Certifications –

For weeks, Mr. Wellington had attempted to find a prescribing physician or group that would be willing to offer a discounted rate for the veterans attending the event, but the rates he was given were still way out of any reasonable price range.

However, he was then introduced to Chronic Cardz CEO Shantell Robinson, who stepped up the moment she heard that veterans were the beneficiaries of the event. Within a day, they had negotiated a rate with Chronic Cardz which will provide the necessary prescribers needed to get all 250 veterans certified at the event.

Ms. Robinson stated, “The veteran community is something very near and dear to my heart as my grandfather was a Korean War veteran, and I had to see how veterans did not receive the healthcare they should have, which is why we have made helping veteran patients a priority in the other states we service for many years.”

Ms. Robinson continued, “Since Chronic Cardz began operations in Mississippi, we have received an enormous number of veterans coming to us, and the one thing we keep hearing is that they can’t afford the rates being charged at many of the other clinics. So for ElysianMed and its MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com platform to hold this event, and offer to personally cover the costs to get 250 veterans certified, is something I know will be a blessing to many people. I’m proud that Chronic Cardz was able to partner with them to help make this happen, and we will continue to work with the platform and VCSP initiative to assist in their future events as well.”

– Thousands Of MS Veterans Could Receive Free Certification After the Event –

The April 30 mass-certification event is only the first of many currently being planned throughout the state of Mississippi over the next year. Current plans are to hold similar events each month in various key cities around Mississippi allowing for easier access to the events by veterans, especially those facing mobility issues or lack of transport.

The events will be fully funded through revenue’s generated from the business listing fees on the MississippiMedicalMarijuanas.com platform, allowing the events to remain free to veterans.

Teresa Teran, a widely respected multi-state advocate and thought leader, who is a veteran herself, also stepped forward to lend her experience and support to the event.

Ms. Teran stated, “As a veteran and advocate, when I found out about the VCSP program, I loved how well it was thought out and that it was getting help to the veteran community quickly. I know a lot of eyes at the highest levels of both the government and business sectors, are going to be watching this event closely to gauge the support for medical cannabis within the veteran community.”

– Invited Media Will Get to Meet Key Players in the MS Cannabis Industry –

Members of the local and national media will be given the opportunity to speak with attending VIP guests, including key politicians and cannabis business leaders, conduct private one-on-one interviews, and attend the event press conference.

However, due to security and patient privacy concerns, any member of the media wishing to attend the event must register before the event. Media interested in attending or covering the event, or conducting private one-on-one interviews with the VIP’s in attendance (private interview room will be made available) may request approval at:


Further announcements regarding the event, the VIP Guests, and continuing developments will be announced over the next two weeks.

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