NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701), a leading provider of wireless solutions, today announced the global release of its new iPASOLINK VR4 for telecommunications providers looking to expand network capacity and also announced the global release of its 25Gbps capable iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual for optical fiber replacement and flexible deployment planning for leading operators expanding into 5G networks.

iPASOLINK VR4 with new MC-AV card

NEC’s iPASOLINK microwave and millimeter radio products are well known and trusted for their reliability and performance by operators who require high availability and high-capacity operations across a wide range of network applications and environmental conditions. The new iPASOLINK VR4 includes support for the NEC Multi-Traffic Aggregation (MTA) feature with the ability to achieve a more wide-band interface and higher density implementation.

The new iPASOLINK VR4 features a new MC-AV card that comes standard with Adaptive Modulation Radio (AMR) and supports channel widths up to 80 / 112 MHz and 4096 QAM for operators wanting to add higher capacity links and to maintain high availability. The new MC-AV also adds MTA functionality, an advanced wireless aggregation technology that allows milli-meter Wave (mmW) and microwave radio links to be combined to form even higher capacity multiband links. The MTA feature can combine up to 10 channels of microwave and mmW band radio, for a total combined capacity of 10 Gbps.

To support the increased radio capacity that the new iPASOLINK VR4 can deliver, NEC has also increased the front panel Ethernet port speeds by adding support for four 10Gbps SFP Ethernet interfaces, making it possible to support the MTA radio capacity and meet the demands of operators who need higher speed ports to address wider and more complex network topologies. The new SFP ports support industry standard 10GBase-SR/LR SFP 10Gbps transceivers.

The iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual E-Band radio now adds support for 25GbE interfaces in a dual transceiver single box solution, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for network operators, simplifying cable management and increasing link capacity and availability for operators. The iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual’s built-in 20Gbps wireless transceiver can be combined with other iPASOLINK products, including split mount and all-outdoor radio equipment using the Multi-Traffic Aggregation function to provide a true 25Gbps radio link. The 25GbE interface ensures that there is no need for a complex LAG interface with multiple cables to deliver traffic to the interconnected network infrastructure.

In addition to the capacity increase, NEC has also improved the RF performance of the iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual, increasing the transmit power by 3dB, to achieve the industry’s highest power level. The additional TX power makes it possible to extend the transmission distance and improve availability, which are key issues in E-Band radio applications. As part of the RF improvements NEC has also added support for 1.5 GHz channel-widths making more efficient use of precious spectrum resources and increasing the flexibility of network design.

iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual supports standard Ethernet technology-compliant interfaces, which support both 5G backhaul networks and future 5G fronthaul networks. Moreover, the new iPASOLINK can also be deployed as an alternative to fiber or fiber backup applications for internet service providers (ISP), enterprises, and markets for municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals (MUSH).

“NEC will continue to provide innovative products that meet the needs of our customers. An important factor in 5G networks that are now being implemented is to provide high-density, simple and fast transport,” said Yukio Hioki, General Manager, Wireless Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. “In addition, in order to aggregate radios of various bands and realize flexible channel arrangement, it is important that many band options are available and that the optimum radio-head can be selected. NEC is pleased that this not only avoids excessive capital investment, but also reduces unnecessary waste, reduces the environmental burden, and contributes to the sustainable activities of our customers.”

The iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual part of this press release is based on results obtained from a project commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

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