Oriented Soft provides dedicated development teams for full-cycle custom software development from consulting to ready-to-market solutions.

Earlier this year, Oriented Soft conducted a survey of several dozen small and medium-sized business leaders to find out how they are approaching and fighting the crisis using their IoT initiatives.

After analyzing the results obtained, the following data were found:

Improving business performance was the main goal of implementing IoT initiatives for 58% of respondents.

Finding the best way to monetize their IoT tools was the biggest challenge for 47% of CEOs.

50% of respondents said they achieved their business goals within the first year after launching their IoT projects.

Also, special attention was paid to:

State of the IoT market and forecast for 2021-2025

Factors Underpinning IoT Projects for Various Enterprises

Challenges to overcome when implementing the Internet of Things

IoT product development stages

This report will be useful to any person making a decision to launch an IoT project. It provides a detailed overview of each stage and steps along the path from idea to release of the finished platform.

Download the report today on their website today and transform your market segment with the Internet of Things.

About the company: With a focus on time, performance and scalability, Oriented Soft’s highly skilled development team designs, prototypes, and builds IoT hardware and custom software. The company has established itself in the areas of smart home, embedded devices, manufacturing, logistics, insurance, and financial technology.