PM’s message on Himachal Day

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in his message, has greeted the people of Himachal Pradesh on the 75th establishment day and noted the happy coincidence that the 75th establishment day comes in the 75th Year of the Independence. He reiterated the commitment to take the nectar of development to every inhabitant of the state during the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.

Striking a personal note, the Prime Minister quoted a poem by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and remembered his own long association with the beautiful state with diligent and determined people.

Recalling the challenges of the hilly state at the time of its formation in 1948, the Prime Minister complimented the people of Himachal Pradesh for converting the challenges into opportunities. He praised the state’s achievements in horticulture, power surplus, literacy rate, rural road connectivity, tap water and electricity to every household. He underlined the efforts to build on these achievements in the last 7-8 years. “Under the young leadership of Jai Ram ji, the ‘double engine government’ has taken the initiative of expanding rural roads, highway widening, railway network, its results are now visible.As connectivity is getting better, Himachal’s tourism is entering new areas, new regions”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister highlighted the new strides in tourism and new avenues of opportunities and employment for the local people. He especially noted the progress in the health sector by talking about the efficient and fast vaccination during the pandemic.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to work hard for unlocking the full potential of Himachal Pradesh. He said that during the Amrit Kaal, there is a need to take forward the work in the fields of tourism, higher education, research, IT, biotechnology, food processing and natural farming. He said Vibrant Village scheme, announced in this year’s budget will give immense benefit to Himachal Pradesh. He also touched upon increasing connectivity, enriching forests, swachhta and people’s participation for these initiatives.

The Prime Minister commented on the expansion of central welfare schemes by the Chief Minister and his team, especially in the field of social security. “Honest leadership, peace loving environment, blessings of gods and goddesses and people of Himachal who work hard, all these are incomparable.Himachal has everything needed for rapid development”, Shri Modi concluded.



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PM’s message at the 115th Janam Jayanti event and release of biography of freedom fighter Shri Prahladji Patel at Becharaji, Gujarat

The Prime Minister Shri, Narendra Modi, addressed the 115th Janam Jayanti and release of biography event of Shri Prahladji Patel at Becharaji, Gujarat via a video message today. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel was among those present on the occasion.

The Prime Minister paid homage to the glorious land of Becharaji and bowed to the memory of the freedom fighter, social worker Shri Prahladji Patel. The Prime Minister noted Shri Prahladji Patel’s generosity in social service and his sacrifice. The freedom fighter joined the freedom struggle on the call of Mahatma Gandhi and underwent imprisonment in Sabarmati and Yerawada .

The Prime Minister narrated the incident which symbolized the spirit of ‘nation first’ in Shri Prahladji Patel. Shri Patel’s father passed away when he was incarcerated but Shri Prahladji Patel did not accept the conditions of apology that were put forward by  the colonial rulers for allowing him to perform the last rites. He also supported many freedom fighters who were fighting underground.  The Prime Minister also underlined the role of Shri Prahladji Patel in helping Sardar Patel in merger of princely states after independence. The Prime Minister lamented that many such great freedom fighters do not find any mention in the history books. The Prime Minister also paid tributes to Shri Prahladji Patel’s wife Kashi Ba. The Prime Minister said that documentation of life and working style of great personalities is very important as it inspires the young generation.

The Prime Minister appealed to all the universities to research and publish the unknown aspects of the freedom fighters. We should remember freedom fighters like Shri Prahladji Patel in the enterprise of building New India, the Prime Minister said.


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PM Modi’s message on the occasion of Bhav Vandna Parv at SGVP Gurukul in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi spoke on the occasion of Bhav Vandna Parv at SGVP Gurukul in Ahmedabad, Gujarat today. The event was organized on the occasion of the release of Pujya Shastriji Maharaj’s biography – ‘Shri Dharmajivan Gatha’.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the deeds and stories of great personalities, often, remain only in memory and oral tradition instead of being recorded in writing. The biography of Pujya Shastriji Maharaj will present a selfless life of a personality that remained devoted to the quest of knowledge and service of the society, in the written form, he said. Referring to Pujya Shastriji Maharaj’s dictum of welfare of all, the Prime Minister said his vision of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas’ draws inspiration from the greats like Shastriji Maharaj and is based on the philosophy of ‘Sarvjan Hitay and Sarvjan Sukhay’.

The Prime Minister said Gurukul tradition of ancient India was embodiment of ‘sarvjan hitay’ as in the Gurukul pupil from all walks of life used to study together. This tradition carries in it the seeds of connecting the grand past and glorious future. This tradition gives religious, cultural and social inspiration to the common people of the country. Shastri ji shaped many lives all over the globe through his gurukul. “His life was not mere preaching or orders but a continuous stream of  discipline and tapasaya….and he continues to guide us on the path of duty”, the Prime Minister said.

Recalling his personal association with SGVP Gurukul, the Prime Minister noted the elements of modernity in the ancient wisdom of the great institution. Shastriji emphasized adapting ancient wisdom as per the needs of the time and avoiding stagnation, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that the saints and Bhakti Movement had played a role in laying the foundation of the freedom movement. He said that the Gurukul family may come forward to contribute in the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and Amrit Kaal. Referring to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic and crises like Ukraine situation, the Prime Minister reiterated the importance of Aatmnirbharta. He asked the Gurukul family to be Vocal for Local. He asked them to make a list of things of everyday use and gauge the extent of dependence on the imported objects. If a thing is available which is made with the sweat of an Indian, that should always be preferred. Similarly, the family can contribute to Swachh Bharat  Abhiyan, avoiding single use plastic. He asked them to regularly go out in groups to places like Statue of Unity or local statues for improving cleanliness. He also stressed the need to promote natural farming to protect mother earth from chemical and other damage.  The Gurukul can play a major role in this, the Prime Minister said.

He concluded by requesting the Gurukul family to celebrate the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav in a novel way following the teachings of Pujya Shastriji Maharaj.



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Japan – New Year Message from Hidehito Takahashi, Showa Denko President and CEO

Hidehito Takahashi, President and CEO of Showa Denko (“SDK”; TSE:4004) announced the following New Year message.

Hidehito Takahashi, President and CEO

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone who contracted COVID-19 and the people who are in difficulties due to the spread of the disease.

In 2021, people realized “new normal” in which they struggled to return to normal daily life while preventing further spread of the disease. Thus people have started to create new sense of values.

2022 is crucial for the process toward complete integration

Since 2019, in which the Company announced that it would acquire former Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. (current Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.), the scheme for integration of Showa Denko (SDK) and Showa Denko Materials (SDMC) has been proceeding smoothly due to the effort of you all in the Showa Denko Group. As a result, in January 2022, we achieved substantial integration of the two companies through unification of the two companies’ management systems. It was an excellent result because it was achieved one year earlier than the schedule which had been announced through the “Long-term Vison for Newly Integrated Company” published in December 2020. In January 2023, we will integrate legal personalities of the two companies. Thus 2022 is a crucial year for us because we will enter the finishing stages of our works to integrate the two companies.

Corporate Philosophy of the newly integrated company

In order to make the new company, which is to be born as a result of integration of SDK and SDMC, a top-class chemical company that can win the global competition, the management and all employees of the Showa Denko Group must make further effort in unity. With this in mind, we have set four Values consisting of “Passionate & Results-Driven,” “Agile & Flexible,” “Open Minds & Open Connections,” and “Solid Vision & Solid Integrity” as values that the Showa Denko Group should consider important. We have added these four Values to the Purpose of newly-integrated company we stated in the Long-term Vision, which is “Change society through the power of chemistry,” and defined the set of Purpose and four Values as newly integrated company’s Corporate Philosophy.

Hereafter, we will repeatedly disseminate these Values to make it shared by all the members of the Showa Denko Group with strong empathy. Furthermore, we will commit ourselves to raise highly competent people who can improve themselves, reform work style, and make innovations.

Company that contributes to a sustainable global society

Sustainability is an important factor for a company that competes in the global market. We positioned “Company that contributes to a sustainable global society” as an ideal state of the Showa Denko Group, and have been grappling with various initiatives including energy conservation, provision of products and services that contribute to realization of recycling-oriented society, promotion of diversity and inclusion, respect for human rights, and reduction of environmental burden caused by the Showa Denko Group’s business activities.

Moreover, in 2021, the Group announced its will to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this target, we have to make various innovations and invest much money. In order to take these measures steadily, every business of the Group should aim to fill expected role, and the Group should continuously achieve net sales of 1 trillion yen or more and EBITDA margin of 20% or higher, thereby making the Group a highly profitable company.

Together with the colleagues sharing Values, let us make the Showa Denko Group a top-class chemical company that can win the global competition.

About Showa Denko K.K.

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK; TSE:4004, ADR:SHWDY) is a major manufacturer of chemical products serving from heavy industry to computers and electronics. The Petrochemicals Sector provides cracker products such as ethylene and propylene, the Chemicals Sector provides industrial, high-performance and high-purity gases and chemicals for semicon and other industries, the Inorganics Sector provides ceramic products, such as alumina, abrasives, refractory/graphite electrodes and fine carbon products. The Aluminum Sector provides aluminum materials and high-value-added fabricated aluminum, the Electronics Sector provides HD media, compound semiconductors such as ultra high bright LEDs, and rare earth magnetic alloys, and the Advanced Battery Materials Department (ABM) provides lithium-ion battery components. For more information, please visit

For further information, contact:
Showa Denko K.K., Brand Communication Department, Tel: 81-3-5470-3235

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“COVID 19 and a Preacher’s Love Letters” by Reverend Dr. Serenus T. Churn, Sr. is a Essential Collection of Letters That Spreads a Message of Hope, Comfort and Encouragement During These Trying Times of Pandemic

Genre: Religious
Target Audience: Anyone who wants hope in a time of COVID 19
About the Author
Reverend Dr. Serenus T. Churn, Sr. was licensed to preach at age 15. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from Morgan State College Baltimore, The Master of Divinity College from Howard University Washington DC, a Certificate from The Foundation for Religion and Mental Health at Grasslands Hospital, Westchester County, NY and Doctor of Ministry from Drew Ministry Madison, NJ. He also has been elected to Phi Sigma Tau National Honor Society in Philosophy. He has authored three other books, “And I’ll See You In The Morning,” “Baptist Born, Baptist Bred,” and “Thorns and Grace.” He has preached across Great Britain, Kenya, India, Guyana, and South Africa. Dr. Churn has been honored to pastor three fine churches, Union Baptist Church, Easton, MD, Messiah Baptist Church, Yonkers, NY, and for the last 36 years the Mount Zion Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC.
Dr. Churn is married to Shirley Jane Brown Churn and they have two sons, Reverend Serenus T. Churn, Jr. and Reverend Starling T. Churn.