Charleston, WV Marketing Firm Expands to Beckley

 Alpha Acquisitions, Inc. WV has done it again. The Fortune 500 Retail Marketing Program has expanded to Beckley and Bluefiled, WV. The market expansion was in the works for the past six months. Territory Market Director Tad McCowan has partnered with Manager Adam Turner to make the expansion happen. The two now take on another market as well as two new Partner retailers.

“The plan is to take West Virginia retail marketing to an entirely new level. Best-in-class customer service is important to the people of WV.” – McCowan

This is the marketing team’s newest expansion in less than 8 months.

“Our diverse marketing team has given us the ability to reach the community in way we couldn’t have imagined. Were glad to be hiring in a time like this and were even more excited to be expanding during a pandemic.” – Turner

The team is currently looking to add customer service, sales, marketing managers, administrators and corporate trainers to the team. Check out their website at or follow their LinkedIn to apply and stay up to date.

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How Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business – Insight By Prakash Mishra

Jaipur, Rajasthan, 18 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, These days, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, it doesn’t exist at all. If they don’t see you, they won’t know who you are and what you sell.

With the age of billboards and brochures now an old age, you need to adopt digital marketing strategies to promote your business. Going online will strengthen your marketing campaigns, promote your brand and help you better understand your customers. Digital marketing helps small, medium and large businesses become more visible to their customers and sell their products. Founder and CEO of Drive Digital, and Digihunts Academy, Prakash Mishra, expresses, top reasons why digital marketing is acting as a major growth engine for businesses around the world.

  • Brand development

Your business website and social media profiles talk about who you are and what you do. Whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation, these are the most effective ways to promote a brand these days. This process is light years faster than the traditional “word of mouth” process. In no time at all, your brand is developed, recognized and you will have a loyal following.

  • Geographic expansion

Expansion is no longer just a dream for a small business. With social media marketing and email marketing, you can market and sell your products to any corner of the world. So without having a physical store or office in another country, you can make money there!

Plus, setting up these social media and email campaigns doesn’t take long. Thus, you save a lot of money and effort compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

  • Provide a better customer experience

Digital marketing allows you to better understand your customers and provide them with personalized services. With tools like Google Analytics, you can analyze every click and find a customer on your site. This allows you to understand the behavior of consumers and their purchasing habits.

  • Reach customers on a variety of devices

Another answer to the question: how can companies use digital marketing to grow? – is to retrieve your customers on all devices. More than half of your potential customers access content and browse websites on their smartphones. Then there are tablets, phablets, laptops and desktops. This makes your website or social media account accessible to users on all of those devices.

With such increased visibility, you have more opportunities to sell your products or services in the market.

  • Ease of adaptation or modification of strategies

Traditional marketing strategies, such as print ads, have forced businesses and marketers to wait until the end of the campaign to see results. With web analytics, you can see the number of people who have visited your site, the sources of traffic, the searches performed, but also the number of people who reached your site, social media pages, etc.

You can also check the ranking of your site in the search results. If you are successful, you can continue the campaign. Otherwise, you can start another one or modify the existing campaign.

“With digital marketing, even small businesses can market their products globally in seconds. Whether it’s a startup or a giant business, these marketing campaigns can be started on a low budget, unlike traditional marketing,” says Prakash Mishra.

If you want to explore and become an expert in digital marketing and stay connected to the social and digital world, check out:

Forbes Launches Forbes Demand Engine Subscription Service For Marketing Partners Seeking Guaranteed Marketing Qualified Leads For Business Growth

Forbes introduces Forbes Demand Engine, its first lead-generation subscription service that utilizes Forbes content to deliver guaranteed marketing leads to its partners.

Forbes has worked with its existing partners to support lead generation for years with great success. This new and dedicated subscription offering will refine and personalize the offering further, allowing brands to interact with their core audience through Forbes’ unparalleled content.

“Forbes Demand Engine uses our deep experience of working closely with partners and understanding their specific needs when it comes to converting audience interest into tangible leads,” said Jessica Sibley, Forbes Chief Revenue Officer. “We know our partners are seeking new opportunities and sources to drive growth and sales and we are pleased that through Forbes Demand Engine we can provide them with relevant content and a ready-made, customizable audience of decision makers to engage with and help drive their business forward.”

Demand Engine works by allowing our partners to subscribe to the use of Forbes content, content studio and data resources to engage audiences at scale. Each lead campaign is developed individually over the course of the subscription through collaboration with our marketing partners. The service combines the credibility and resonance of Forbes content with the efficiencies of a subscription offering to the benefit of our clients with specific lead or demand generation goals. Data from our audiences who actively engage with content will be captured and delivered to our partners.

Through Forbes Demand Engine, partners can target and connect with Forbes’ premium audience of decision makers seamlessly on an ongoing basis. As the world’s biggest business media brand, reaching 140 million people worldwide each month, Forbes engages more C-suite decision-makers, small-business leaders and entrepreneurs than any other media company. Unlike other services, Forbes Lead Engine can guarantee engagement and qualified, data-compliant leads from the most relevant segments of this unique and influential audience.

Forbes recognizes that the business needs of our clients has changed. They are looking for new opportunities for engagement from new sources to drive their business forward. Forbes Demand Engine offers leads as a service connecting Forbes’ premium audiences with premium clients.

Forbes has a history of working with many companies in the enterprise technology space, who have leveraged the brand’s demand generations solutions in the past with great success.

About Forbes

Forbes champions success by celebrating those who have made it, and those who aspire to make it. Forbes convenes and curates the most influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are driving change, transforming business and making a significant impact on the world. The Forbes brand today reaches more than 140 million people worldwide through its trusted journalism, signature LIVE and Forbes Virtual events, custom marketing programs and 32 licensed local editions in 71 countries. Forbes Media’s brand extensions include real estate, education and financial services license agreements. For more information, visit the Forbes News Hub or Forbes Connect.

Medtech Focused Intellectual Property Advisors KIPA Adapt to Bolster International Business Relationships Amidst Corona Pandemic

The Sweden based IP agency KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors), known for their high quality work and technical expertise especially in the field of medtech,  returns to China Hi-Tech Fair 2020. Last year KIPA made a big splash with their distinct green booth featuring Scandinavian style hand made wooden furnishing. Due to the ongoing pandemic KIPA decided to do it differently this year.


In addition to attending the online exhibition that CTHF offers, KIPA is cooperating with the Sweden-Shenzen Business Association to hand out patent related marketing material at the show.


This way KIPA managed to keep an on-site presence without compromising safety. At the Sweden-Shenzen Business Association booth you will find brochures outlining “Your gateway to Europe”. KIPAs effort to aid Chinese businesses in expanding to the European market by helping with patent and trademark related questions such as freedom to operate analyses. 


In line with contemporary trends you will also find KIPA branded pens that feature Antimicrobial technology. Any little thing that can make events safer during these trying times.


For KIPAs Chinese speaking patrons we have launched a brand new website in Chinese with all the information you need regarding KIPAs services. 相关信息 欧洲知识产权事务所


KIPA (Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors) is an European IP boutique working with global clients. KIPA is specialized in medical technology (medtech) but handles any kind of IP cases. KIPA is experienced with prosecutions, litigations, oppositions as well as trademarks.