kkplus kidsland launches Hong Kong’s first Christmas large-scale Care Bears project, Turnover exceeds HK$1 million in the first weekend

kkplus kidsland, a trendy toy platform of Kidsland International Holdings Limited (“Kidsland” or the “Group”; stock code: 2122), the largest toy retailer and distributor in China, partnered with Champion REIT (stock code: 2778) to bring about the popular IP Care Bears(TM) at Grand Atrium, 4th Floor, Langham Place from 10 November to 1 January. This is the first Christmas large-scale Care Bears project in Hong Kong. The program achieved an impressive sales performance of over HK$1 million during the first weekend, having seized the opportunities presented by the trend and the new generation of customers.

Care Bears originated from the American greeting card designs of the 1980s. Each character has a different color and pattern, making them highly sought after by the new generation of customers. This project integrates the millennium Y2K elements as the core of the design, with the “Care Bears Express” Christmas train as the theme, creating a series of festival-themed photo opportunities. As well as 30 Care Bears in different roles and a special train compartment with 300 Care Bears, there is a giant two-meter high Grumpy Bear, a five-meter high giant Christmas tree, and a 40-meter Care Bears rainbow ladder. In addition, a pop-up store has been set up to attract Generation Z with over 100 kinds of Care Bears products and winter fashion items, allowing them to take photos and shop.

Mr. Lee Ching Yiu, Chairman and CEO of Kidsland, said, “Through the trendy toy platform kkplus kidsland, Kidsland actively cooperates and interacts with brands from different fields, aiming to bring trendy and collectible toy products from around the world to customers. In view of the consumption potential of the new generation, the Group is offering a Y2K experience with Langham Place, a trendy hotspot for chic consumers that is popular among young customers. This initiative aims to meet market needs and trends, helping the Group expand its customer reach and drive sales growth.”

kkplus kidsland is a multi-brand trendy and collectible toy platform that offers unique product categories and an art gallery-style shopping experience. In addition to local brands in Hong Kong, it also collaborates with international brands from the United States and Japan, including the launch of a number of products in collaboration with well-known IPs that are popular worldwide, such as Creamy Mami, Care Bears, Lulu the Piggy, Leeeeeetoy, etc. The Group continues to innovate and now has a diversified product portfolio of more than 20 brands from around the world and 15 local brands, catering to different tastes and preferences and tapping into the fast-growing trendy toy market.

“Care Bears Express” Christmas train lighting ceremony marks the beginning of the event.

About Kidsland International Holdings Limited(stock code: 2122)

Kidsland International Holdings Limited (“Kidsland” or “the Group”) is engaged in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce and brand operation of toys and related lifestyle products in China. As a leading toy retailer and distributor in China, Kidsland has over 20 years of industry experience and represents a portfolio of world-renowned, category-leading brands. The Group owns a well-established online and offline sales network in China. Currently, its self-operated offline retail system includes kidsland stores, LEGO Certified Stores, FAO Schwarz flagship store and kkplus kidsland.

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Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s first “Safe Community Hub” officially opens (with photos)

Hong Kong’s first “Safe Community Hub” officially opens (with photos)


     The “Safe Community Hub” (The Hub) run by the Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Unit (ICTU) was officially opened today (October 27). It is the first experience centre with the theme of counter-terrorism (CT) in Hong Kong, aiming at further promoting the message of “Safe Community” to the public through a variety of interactive experiences and activities.

     The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), Mr Chow Yat-ming, together with Deputy Secretary for Security, Ms Priscilla To, and directorate representatives of the other five disciplined services in ICTU, including the Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Excise (Control and Enforcement), Mr Chan Tsz-tat; the Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services (Rehabilitation and Management), Dr Kenneth Leung; the Deputy Director of Immigration (Enforcement, Systems and Management), Mr Tai Chi-yuen; the Deputy Director of Fire Services (Public Safety and Corporate Strategy), Mr Derek Armstrong Chan, and the Acting Chief Pilot (Operations) of Government Flying Service, Mr Eddie Liu, officiated at the opening ceremony.  

     The Hub, with an area of about 8,000 square feet, features the respective dedicated exhibition and interactive experience zones of the member departments of ICTU (namely the Customs and Excise Department, the Correctional Services Department, the Fire Services Department, the Government Flying Service, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Immigration Department). These interactive experiences include virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), motion detection, interactive hologram, and flight simulation, allowing participants to experience how to mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks and ensure personal and community safety. Various attractive photo-taking spots were set up to engage participants. ICTU hopes to convey key CT and safe community messages in an easy-to-understand and lively way with fun.

     In addition, there is a mini theatre where special programmes will be arranged for participants to experience how to apply the advisories of “Run, Hide, Report” and “Spot and Report”, in case of terrorist attacks or violent incidents.

     ICTU aims to deepen public understanding on inter-departmental CT efforts and emergency response techniques through the activities, so as to enhance the public’s CT awareness and emergency response capabilities, and engage the whole community to counter terrorism.  
     Locating on 25/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, The Hub will commence service in early November. Schools, community groups/organisations are welcome to make group reservations, while members of the public can also make reservations for designated time slots.  Admission is free. Further details will be announced on the ICTU website (www.ictu.gov.hk) and the “Safe Community” WeChat Mini Program.

The World’s First AI-Created Digital Children’s Spokesperson ‘Uni’ is Ready to Amplify the Voices of Children Around the World

A manifesto and 40 ideas addressing the world’s challenges have now been sent from the world’s children to global leaders. That’s the summary of a gathering of 80 children aged 10-17, from 50 nationalities, who convened in Denmark at the Capital of Children in Billund for the third annual Children’s General Assembly Summit from September 19th to 21st.


The children have returned home, but their solutions continue to be assembled in the world’s first digital children’s spokesperson called “Uni”. Uni is an AI created as an amalgamation of 80 faces and voices of the participants of Children’s General Assembly and has helped amplify and deliver the messages of the world’s children. According to the Secretary General of Children’s General Assembly, Uni and the children’s way of approaching challenges can inspire on multiple levels.

“In this year’s Children’s General Assembly, children are trying to engage with contemporary tools like AI to devise a visual solution that can generate buzz and increase attention, providing them with a stronger unified and compelling voice. This is a symbol of the way children approach finding solutions to challenges, which far more politicians and businesses should take inspiration from,” says Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, Secretary General of Children’s General Assembly. She continues:

“Uni sets a fresh standard for efficiently collecting relevant insights from many people and cleverly consolidating them into a unified entity, which creates a foundation for concrete actions.”

40 ideas for decision-makers to address

Leading up to the September Summit, the children engaged in workshops and collaborative sessions. Through creative exercises, playful learning, and co-creation, they crafted a manifesto presented at the summit by Uni alongside the children, and an idea catalogue containing 40 ideas addressing global challenges. The ideas were mainly focused on STEAM, mental health, children’s safety, and awareness of the importance of children’s voices.

This is stated by the 80 participants in Children’s General Assembly in this year’s manifesto:

“From furthering education, fostering health and safety, and amplifying children’s voices, there’s a lot to be done. We’re not just children with dreams; we’re creative world citizens. It’s crucial for grown-ups to listen to us. We understand the challenges we face, and we have great ideas to make things better. Investing in children today means investing in a better world tomorrow.”

All materials, including the manifesto, idea catalogue and livestream from the September Summit were handed directly to the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth for distribution to the UN General Assembly.

Contact Information
Charlotte Sahl-Madsen
Secretary General of Children’s General Assembly
+45 51 50 46 97

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New First Aid Tourniquet Arm Trainer Revealed

 The new Tourniquet Arm Trainer first aid training device was designed to be a more durable and cost effective option for first aid training when compared to other products currently on the market. The patent pending design was created by the eLifeguard.com team of former first aid / CPR instructors and lifeguard training instructors who are responsible for other industry changing innovations such as the Award Winning USCG Approved LIFE RING™, the lifeguard industry standard Seal Quik™ Resuscitation Mask, and the best selling LIFE™ Rescue Tube that is standard issue at aquatic facilities worldwide.

The Tourniquet Arm Trainer is made of an ultra-durable proprietary closed foam that emulates the touch and feel of human muscle and skin. This unique material does not absorb water or body fluids and is easy to clean and disinfect. Features of the Tourniquet Arm Trainer include a packable wrist wound and an upper arm slash wound for direct pressure application. The product’s trademarked and patent pending COMPRESSION MATRIX™ inner core flexes and rebounds when tourniquet pressure is applied and released simulating anatomical body limb response when a tourniquet, wound packing or direct pressure is used on a victim or patient.

For the last quarter century, eLifeguard.com has developed as the industry leader in aquatics, lifesaving, and first aid product innovation.

Carlos Smith
(321) 433-3630


Tourniquet Arm Trainer Innovative Features

Tourniquet Arm Trainer Innovative Features

Features of the Tourniquet Arm Trainer include a packable wrist wound and an upper arm slash wound for direct pressure application. The product’s trademarked and patent pending COMPRESSION MATRIX™ inner core flexes and rebounds when tourniquet pressure is applied and released.



The product’s trademarked and patent pending COMPRESSION MATRIX™ inner core flexes and rebounds when tourniquet pressure is applied and released simulating anatomical body limb response when a tourniquet, wound packing or direct pressure is used on a victim or patient.


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Hong Kong – Approval for first round of applications under Labour Importation Scheme for Transport Sector – Aviation Industry completed

Approval for first round of applications under Labour Importation Scheme for Transport Sector – Aviation Industry completed


     The approval process for the first round of applications under the Labour Importation Scheme for the Transport Sector – Aviation Industry (Scheme) has been completed. The Transport and Logistics Bureau (TLB) issued letters today (August 14) to all applicants on the application results.

     The application period for the first round of applications under the Scheme was from July 17 to 30. A total of 29 eligible companies submitted applications within the application period, involving 2 889 labour importation quotas covering all 10 job types under the Scheme. After assessment by the inter-departmental liaison group comprising representatives from the TLB, the Labour Department and the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Logistics approved the applications from 28 companies with a total of 2 841 quotas (45 per cent of the quota ceiling of 6 300), among which a few applications were not approved as they failed to meet one of the following basic requirements of the Scheme:
i. The job for which quotas are applied must fall into one of the 10 specified job types under the Scheme;

ii. The number of quotas applied for must be within the limit under the manning ratio requirement of full-time local staff and imported labour; and

iii. An applicant must have conducted local recruitment for the jobs for which quotas are applied. 

     One application was not approved as the wage intended to be offered was lower than the median wage of the corresponding job type. The results with breakdowns by job types in the first round of applications are at the Annex.

     A stakeholder consultative group, comprising the TLB, the AAHK, industry players and labour representatives, has earlier been set up to gauge the views of the relevant stakeholders on the implementation of the Scheme. During the first round of applications, the TLB and the AAHK have been maintaining close liaison with the group, including meeting with the representatives of trade unions this morning on the approval results. The TLB and the AAHK will continue to maintain communication with the consultative group and provide appropriate assistance to eligible applicants in order to ensure their understanding of the relevant requirements of the Scheme.

     A spokesman for the TLB said, “We hope that imported labour will receive training and work in Hong Kong soon, with a view to relieving the acute manpower shortage in the aviation industry and supporting the continual recovery of the industry. The TLB and the AAHK will continue to listen to the views of the group on matters relating to the Scheme and closely monitor its implementation.”

     The TLB will announce the details of the second round of applications under the Scheme in due course.

     The Chief Executive in Council endorsed in June 2023 the introduction of the Scheme to, on the prerequisite of safeguarding the employment of local labour, suitably allow the aviation sector to apply for importation of labour to fill vacancies for frontline non-supervisory positions under 10 specified job types with a quota ceiling of 6 300.