First project approved under Subsidy Scheme for Using Hotels and Guesthouses as Youth Hostels


     The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB) today (March 14) approved the first project under the Subsidy Scheme for Using Hotels and Guesthouses as Youth Hostels from the Hong Kong United Youth Association (HKUYA).
     To help further meet the housing needs of young people and assist with their development, the Chief Executive announced in the 2022 Policy Address that the Government will explore ways to increase the supply of youth hostels, including subsidising non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to rent suitable hotels and guesthouses for use as youth hostels, with the target of providing about 3 000 additional hostel places within five years. To this end, the HYAB launched the Subsidy Scheme in early January 2023 to subsidise NGOs to rent suitable hotels and guesthouses for use as youth hostels.  

     The youth hostel under the first project approved under the Subsidy Scheme encompasses an entire hotel on Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay, with a total of 97 rooms, providing up to 194 hostel places. The project is launched by the HKUYA in collaboration with the Gale Well Group. The HKUYA will operate the youth hostel under the name of “BeLIVING Youth Hub”. One of the characteristics of the project is that it will provide a platform for young people to participate in social outreach activities by making good use of the talents and enthusiasm of the youth tenants, and establishing their sense of belonging to the community. It will also provide youth tenants with support and value-added services in respect of career planning, entrepreneurship and realising their dreams through the HKUYA’s membership network. Details about the project and the means of application can be found on the HKUYA’s website (
     A spokesperson of the HYAB said, “In about two months since the Subsidy Scheme was opened for application in early January 2023, we have now approved the first project. This shows that the Scheme is supported by relevant stakeholders. In spite of the resumption of normal travel and the start of the travel industry’s recovery, there are still hotel operators which participate in the Scheme and collaborate with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in pursuing youth development. The HYAB will continue to collaborate with NGOs and relevant stakeholders who share our vision in inspiring our youths and brightening our future.”
     Details about the Subsidy Scheme, including the guidelines for application and the application forms, have been uploaded onto the HYAB’s website ( Relevant organisations can submit their applications to the HYAB by post, email or other means.