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Leiza Michaels Releases Nuevos Estandares in Spanish & English!

Today, Southern Florida Singing sensation and Songwriter Leiza Michaels announced the release of Nuevos Estándares, the Spanish version of her 2020 classic “New Standards”. She and Starburst Records also announced they will be hosting a CD Release Party at The Pavilion Grille in Boca Raton, Florida on Sunday, June 27 from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Both Leiza and Jay Carney, Founder/CEO of Starburst Records are huge fans of the old Jazz Standards. During the summer of 2019 they collaborated on a collection of six brand new songs that embody the vibe and style of popular songs from the Great American Songbook, exemplifying songs by such luminaries as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and many other composers that had hit songs from Broadway Musicals. They recorded the first English version of this album in Nashville in January of 2020 and have followed up in 2021 with a re-write of each song in Spanish being released on over 40 music streaming platforms on Friday, May 28. The songs on “New Standards” have been streaming globally since mid-2020. They can be heard on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music Plus as well as all major digital streaming sites. This album, “Nuevos Estandares” however has been released early exclusively on Bandcamp at Leiza & Jay enlisted the talent of Enrique Duarte of Mexico to translate this great collection of songs into Spanish, which he accomplished with elegance capturing the depth and meanings in a new prose!

New York Native, Leiza Michaels has been performing Jazz Standards & Popular songs from The Great American Songbook for many years throughout Europe & the USA and most recently throughout Southern Florida over the past 10 years. When we composed these songs we also felt this was the perfect genre of music to further important social causes. The song Pure White Snow is an homage to Billie Holiday focusing upon on the struggle this gifted artist had with drug addiction, an addiction that faces many and can hinder progress through life. Also our songs Charm Me and Natural focus upon spousal abuse, eradicating violence against women and forced marriages. The greatest “crowd pleaser” of the album appears to be Some Kinda Girl/ Chica especial owing to it coming into closest proximity to modern pop of the album’s songs. Leiza was especially excited about rerecording her CD in Spanish so she could connect with her Latin heritage.

Here are the titles of each song:
English                             Spanish
1. Movin Too Slow          Muy lento, mi amor
2. Pure White Snow         Mi perdición
3. The Older You Get       Al envejecer
4. Some Kinda Girl         Chica especial
5. Natural                           Natural
6. Charm Me                    Hechizame
Each song has an Official Music Video in both English and Spanish as follows:
1. Muy lento, mi amor
2. Mi perdición
3. Al envejecer
4. Chica especial
5. Natural          
6. Hechizame   
1. Movin’ Too Slow
2. Pure White Snow
3. The Older You Get
4. Some Kinda Girl
5. Natural               
6. Charm Me          


OnMobile Global Launches Challenges Arena – A Mobile Quiz Gaming App

OnMobile, the global leader in mobile entertainment, has launched a new B2B gaming product, Challenges Arena, a single destination of casual challenges that provides an unparalleled gamified experience. 

Challenges Arena offers an immersive experience for gamers to play and compete on quizzes and various theme-based challenges with a real-time rank and leader-board. It provides a competitive mobile platform with multiple paid and trial challenges on thousands of quiz questions and trivia across genres like movies, cricket, travel, food, general knowledge, puzzles, amongst others and also many HTML5 games.

Announcing the launch, Biswajit Nandi, Vice President – Sales, OnMobile, said, “We believe Challenges Arena will emerge as a go-to-destination for Quiz and Trivia based casual challenges with several of our global customers. OnMobile is excited to associate with telecom & OTT partners to launch this new offering. Social play, casual esports, real-time engagement, immersive & exclusive digital content with virtual and real rewards makes Challenges Arena a fun and engaging experience for customers.”

Challenges Arena offers multiple price points for question-based, daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Users also stand a chance to win exciting bumper prizes, worth up to Rs. 5 lakh by playing challenges regularly.

In the last few weeks, Challenges Arena has added over 350,000 gross users and 110,000 paying subscribers from a leading telecom operator and over 11 lakh users through an OTT partner. In addition, currently there are over 10 active customer discussions that OnMobile is  engaged in globally, for Challenges Arena.

Challenge Arena is available in the form of App and PWA currently, and will be available in SDK form shortly.

Users who want to take up challenges on specific genres can choose to play daily challenges. Winners will be selected based on their performance at the end of the challenge period. OnMobile’s ISO 27001 certified tool ensures transparency in winner selections while focusing on protecting the user data.

Juggy Gill’s new song Impress Released.

Juggy Gillhas the perfect medicine for all the stressing times. A new song , Titled ‘Impress’,is released & is available on all media platforms. Chandigarh based Lawyer turned music director’s song will make your foot tap during summer of this pandemic. The song which started by an idea by the lyricist Jung sandhu, came up as a beautiful video song which is sung by Swar Kaur, whose video is directed by Gurdarshun Khaira, Label T-series.

Juggy recalls, “During stressful times of pandemic we wanted our audience to lighten up their mood, and enjoy the music and fight against the times that we are going through.” 

Earlier this year Juggy has collaborated with artists of other languages such as Hindi,Punjabi, Sindhi, and is planning for bigger collaborations with big labels in near future. Juggy quit his career as a lawyer and turned his passion into profession.Currently He is working on various projects such as Web series, Feature Films, Jingles, Songs with Independent artists etc.

Respeecher Gives Voice to Michael York in Healthcare Initiative

Limited only by one’s imagination, creative partners are achieving breakthroughs with voice cloning technology across various fields, including entertainment, education, and healthcare.

Michael York’s illustrious career extends over 50 years in film, theatre, radio plays, and more recently in voiceover narration for audiobooks, documentaries, and animation.

York’s grace, charm, and wit are well-remembered in such classic films as Cabaret, Logan’s Run, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and Austin Powers.

About 10 years ago, however, York’s health began to suffer from bone marrow cancer and an under-diagnosed condition called amyloidosis. This rare disease represents one class in a growing list of protein misfolding disorders. It’s a similar kind of illness which accounts for other commonly known degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

As a result of misfolded proteins accumulating in the body, different organs can be affected with life-threatening consequences. In York’s case, he was fortunately able to receive expert treatment and keep his health condition in check.

One of the common symptoms of amyloidosis, though, is swelling of the tongue, which makes it more difficult to speak clearly. York said in an interview at the time: “I lost my voice completely. Which, for an actor, is a bit alarming. Now it’s sort of back.”

With his health recovering, York offered his vocal talent for a nonprofit educational initiative to promote awareness of amyloidosis. A short animated film was produced to help physicians, medical students, patients, and their support network to better understand and care for the insidious disease. Though his narrator voice by then was somewhat raspy, York’s spirit nonetheless shined through and hearkened back to his golden voice of yesteryear.

The project has since been of wide-reaching service among conferences, universities, clinics, meetings, and communities worldwide. Within the last year, because medicine and science are continually improving, it became necessary to update the animated film with new dialogue.

Initially, the nonprofit team hoped to record York’s additional voiceover to make the edits. But it quickly became clear that the new audio was not going to be an effective match with the original narration.

As well, there was no viable prospect of finding another actor who could impersonate York’s unique vocal quality, especially in the production time available. And, of course, existing text-to-speech software certainly would not be able to mimic York’s signature tone and cadence.

When we were approached to update an educational video with new voiceover narration from legendary actor Michael York, our options were limited.

For almost a decade, Mr. York has been managing a health condition that has impaired his beautiful, mellifluous voice. Enter, stage right, the heroic efforts of Respeecher’s amazing team!

It’s been said, famously, that any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic. Truly, given our creative constraints, Respeecher was uniquely able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Their source/target conversion of Mr. York’s speaking voice demonstrably opens doors for the entertainment, education, and healthcare fields. Suffice it to say, it was an absolute honor to collaborate with Respeecher.

Their brilliant accomplishment and timely delivery have allowed our humble project to be a success, exceeding our expectations for what’s even possible.

 — Tim Jones, Emmy Award Winning Animation Producer

Because of the ongoing global pandemic, a member of the production team recorded 60 minutes of source training audio, along with the new dialogue pickups, at a home studio.

Respeecher then created an AI model to match the source voice with York’s target voice, using raw data from the animated film’s original recording session from long ago. Above is a work-in-progress excerpt from the short film, and here’s another example of the project’s voice conversion:

Listen to the source voice:

Listen to the converted voice:

With regards to the voice cloning, York offered his kind congratulations: “Bravo to the entire team for a quite extraordinary achievement! The quality of the re-worked passages is indistinguishable from the original.” He went on to say:

“How very grateful I am to Respeecher for giving my words and work a whole new
lease on life. The technique involved is as ingenious as it is amazing, and promises
an unlimited future for all those involved in voice work. With Respeecher, history
comes almost miraculously alive again. I heartily and thankfully endorse this great
product.” — Michael York

Listen to the testimonial recorded by Michael in May 2021:

Indeed, Respeecher continues to pioneer and innovate voice cloning technology, such as fine-tuning its capacity to manage seamless source-to-target conversion of language accents.

As we broaden and strengthen our platform, we look forward to working with individuals and studios to extend the longevity of their talented voice careers.

Moreover, we’re already living in the future. Whether because of disability, trauma, or other health conditions, we can help to recreate and reinvigorate an ailing or lost speaking voice.

Increasingly, people who are no longer able to communicate will be able to do so using a voice synthesizer, even controlled by their minds. We only have to imagine the possibilities. But that’s another story, for another time.

Guest author: Greg Singer

Listen to the audio recordings: Respeecher Gives Voice to Michael York in Healthcare Initiative
Website: Voice Cloning Software for Content Creators | Respeecher
Facebook: Respeecher
Twitter: @respeecher
Youtube: respeecher

Paytm Insider to initiate Fundraiser Week from 24th – 30th May to mobilise relief efforts to fight the COVID-19 battle

Paytm Insider to initiate Fundraiser Week from 24th – 30th May to mobilise relief efforts to fight the COVID-19 battle

As part of the program it will offer its platform for free to creators/organisers to host events to raise awareness and funds for a charity of their choice




●    Fundraiser week from 24th to 30th May inviting various creators & artists to support the cause

●  More than 50 creators, organisations, artists have already on-boarded and many more are coming forward to be part of this campaign 

●  More than 30 events across different genres will be hosted on the platform

●Some prominent organisations like Terrance Lewis’ Professional Training Institute, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Kommune, Tape a Tale, Theatre Nama etc. will host fundraiser events



Mumbai, 21st May 2021: As the world continues to reel under the effects of an unprecedented health emergency, various entities and individuals are doing their bit to give back to society. In one such humble effort, Paytm Insider will launch a special ‘Fundraiser Week’ in its efforts to support the society to help mobilise aid and relief to those in need. The company believes that joint efforts of the community can make a positive impact, and with this view, the company has planned a fundraiser week from 24th to 30th May 2021. For this, the platform has reached out to creators and organisers across its repertoire requesting their support in hosting events to raise awareness and funds for charity. 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity of the artists’ choice. 

Expressing his views on the fundraiser Shreyas Srinivasan CEO Paytm Insider said, “Aiding the needy in whichever way possible is the need of the hour. In these trying times, we all need to come forward and contribute to the wellbeing of our fellow citizens. The Fundraiser week is our humble effort to help society and offer our platform for a good cause. With this initiative, we also strive to offer unique experiences to our audience. We hope our esteemed creators, artists, and patrons will come forward in large numbers and support our initiative.”

 Some of the organisations & creators who are part of the program are:

● Terrance Lewis’ Professional Training Institute – Dance Workshop

●  Kala Ghoda Arts Festival: Dance workshop with Nrityanjali and a virtual heritage walk with Khakhi Tours

●  Kommune – Interactive workshops

●  Tape a Tale – Performing arts event with Mehak Mirza Prabhu, Amandeep Singh, Priya Malik, etc.

● TheatreNama – Playing to Bombay by Sunil Shanbag on VOD

●  Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding will be screened along with a conversation with Mira Nair

For this initiative, Paytm Insider will be providing its digital platforms free of all charges for these fundraiser events. The events will be a wide range of shows covering genres like theatre, film, comedy and dance. The program promises to give a unique experience to its audiences. The platform has designed a special donation page for well-wishers to contribute. Through this initiative, non-profit organisations like Khalsa Aid, Seva for Artists, Khaana Chahiye, and many more will be supported. It has also started listing various verified donation drives and volunteering activities to create awareness among its users. Paytm Insider will be producing and hosting a free event to raise awareness tentatively during this period, inviting various artists across industries to spend some time each with fans, either performing, doing meet & greets, or simply talking about their experience.

Paytm Insider along with its talented organisers and creators aim to do their bit for humanity and fight to extend help to the needy during these testing times. Together we will fight and conquer this pandemic. Be a part of this special cause and show your support, click here for more details

About Paytm Insider

Paytm Insider is one of India’s leading entertainment platforms to discover and find tickets to the latest movies and exciting live events and digital experiences. The company has welcomed fans to over 80,000 events across the country and sold over 13 million tickets to some of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences

Lights…Camera…Action! – Meet Entertainment CEOs at New Media Film Festival® 

Get ready for the 12th Annual New Media Film Festival® by attending the VIP Soiree for its premiere event 4-5:30 p.m. PST June 2, 2021 online. 


Giveaways, speed networking, roundtables and distinguished guests make this a special event. Attendees can mix and mingle with nominees, speakers, producers, content creators, celebrities, festival goers, story lovers and tech enthusiasts. 


Attendees will be able to click on and join different tables during the online event. Each VIP will be at their own table. There will be time to visit each of the VIP tables, plus other ones available at the soiree. 


Each VIP guest will have their own table. 

Emmy Nominated Music Supervisor & Composer — David Leon Executive Producer in multiple Award-Winning Music and Film Projects & Randy Bellous Productions CEO — Randy Bellous Leader in Quantum Health field — Dr. Steven Small CEO of leading content media services company on the East Coast, Mongo Media Services — Rich Mongo  Founding Publisher of The Creative Handbook — David Shapiro That’s So Funny Entertainment Production Company CEO — Antonia Roman Founder/Director of New Media Film Festival — Susan Johnston Craig James – Founder/CEO International Screenwriters Association


The VIP Soiree is perfect for networking and meeting new people. In fact, people have gotten hired, fell in love, found funding and established meaningful connections. 


Tickets are $25 USD and now available for purchase. More information about the VIP Soiree, Screenings, Q & A, Award Ceremonies and all 7 of the events can be found on the New Media Film Festival® website


New Media Film Festival® is an infinite catalyst for story and technology. Created in 2009, the innovative and award-winning festival celebrates global stories, technology, and platforms. Learn more at


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