National Geographic in India has been at the forefront in bringing locally relevant stories and experiences that help viewers see, engage with and care about the world through an optimistic, energetic and hopeful voice. Keeping with this philosophy, the channel is launching an adventure series focusing on the rescue efforts of two Indian wildlife activists – Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios on 10th January 2021 at 8.00 pm. The show will follow the exciting lives of Ben and Louise, who are luxurious wedding planners by profession and wildlife rescuers by passion, taking the viewers on an immersive and sympathetic journey through the city of Goa.

Bringing in a spirit of adventure, thrill and immense love for wild animals, the power couple will be seen racing across Goa to face and rescue some of the wildest snake species in the most unusual of situations. The 10-part series promises to take viewers on a remarkable journey, showcasing the duo in action and giving an up-close and personal experience of their techniques and contributions in rescuing the varied snake species and other undomesticated animals through the city of Goa. In addition to showcasing the rescue efforts of an Indian spectacled cobra trapped deep in a well to save a gigantic Indian rock python strangled in a fisherman’s net among others, the series also focuses on informing and enhancing the knowledge of viewers on the rich and diverse wildlife present in Goa the city and breaking the myths and misconceptions that people have come to believe about snakes in particular.

“At National Geographic in India, we believe in showcasing purpose-driven narratives to help deepen engagement and drive meaningful conversations among our viewers. With adventure and entertainment as a backdrop, we wanted to bring a local narrative of two very inspiring individuals and challenge the myths and pre-established beliefs around snakes and reptiles. We hope that our efforts inspire viewers to care about the magnificent wildlife we have in our country and encourage them play their part in preserving and protecting it,” said Kevin Vaz, Head of Network Entertainment Channels, Star and Disney India


“We both have been extremely passionate about wildlife and love the beautiful fauna that our country has to offer. Every day presents us with a new adventure and we have truly been enjoying the process of rescuing snakes; sometimes in the most unexpected circumstances. But more importantlywe have managed to rescue people from the perceptions they carry about these beautiful creatures. We are absolutely thrilled to have National Geographic bring our story to a large base of audiences in their true authentic and unique style of storytelling and hope that our stories inspire more people to change their attitude towards snakes; by highlighting and showcasing how important they are to our ecosystem,” said Ben and Louise


‘Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest’ will premiere on National Geographic Channel in India at 8.00 pm on 10th January 2021

The episodes will be aired every Monday and Tuesday and will be available across Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada