This is not only a CNFT Collection, this is our CatBolik Plan!

We want to give utility to our project and build up a little “Cat-System” where our token $PURR will be the key.

Even if we launched a meme token we really want to give an utility to our project and thus our goal is to use the NFTs of Season 1 (Mrs, CatKinsons) and Season 2 (Mr. CatKinson) to generate the Season 3 (Lil CatKinsons) NFTs which will be only tradable using our Token $PURR on our marketplace!

A Play-to-Earn game with Season 3 NFTs will be our icing (or fishbone?!?) on the cake!

Our Token is already available in Cardano Blockchain and can be bought at the following address: Furthermore, you can enjoy our Cat Family on Discord & Telegram:

NFT Season 1 will be launched on 21 January 2022!

Visit our website and check our Roadmap, Tokenomics and NFT Project!