Mentor and Mascot Indian Film Federation, organised its 3rd season of “Shashakt Naari Samman” Award at a mega event hosted at Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  A social activist from New Delhi, Sushma Singhvi, received the honor for “Outstanding Individual Achievement and Distinguished Service Towards Society, Women Empowerment and Nation Building.”

On winning the prestigious “Shashakt Naari Samman” Award, the social activist, Sushma Singhvi, shared an inspiring speech and thanked the audience for her achievement.

She said, “For a prosperous future of the India, there is no doubt that women are an integral part of the development. By establishing women, we must create Women Power in order to improve the society, to raise their living standards and to involve women in the work of nation building. This is very crucial and should be done at the earliest and on a comprehensive level. With this, on one hand they will be able to give their services to the country, while on the other it will also uplift them.”

“Shashakt Naari Samman” is an initiative of the Mentor and Mascot Indian Film Federation which aims to recognise social leaders doing incredible work towards the betterment of society.