Do you remember the most daunting task you’ve done for love? The feeling of the adrenaline rush setting in as you crossed a boundary you thought you never would, all for your partner. Reminisce those feel-good moments as you grab a cup of hot chocolate with your partner looking at them and discussing how far you’ve come together as you watch the festive special episodes of MTV’s newest reality, all-inclusive love show, Anything For Love. The Christmas specials will feature it all! Be It high octane tasks, groovy dance moves or even shaving your head off! It’s truly anything and everything for love, this weekend, Saturday, and Sunday at 7pm only on MTV! Here are the LIT moments from the show, you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Cute love tales that will leave you going awwww!


This weekend, viewers will witness contestants who will redefine the true meaning of ‘Couple Goals’. Watch Joanne and Vishal spill the tea about the moment they fell for each other and how Vishal sought permission from Joanne’s mother before their first trip together. Isn’t that cute! If that wasn’t enough, another pair Ishan & Aria’s rendezvous began over matching tattoos… So cool! 

  • Divya Agarwal gets Varun Thakur and the contestants to shake a leg to “Sehri Babu”

The Christmas special episode sees Divya Agarwal’s electrifying entry as a guest as she makes Varun Thakur and the contestants join her on the stage to dance on her latest single, “Sehri Babu”.   

  • The Risky Chakkar challenges which will give you goosebumps!

The intense spin the wheel round, Risky Chakkar will witness couple Aqsa and Sibin take on an unimaginable dare! Sibin pours cow dung on his girlfriend to keep them in the show while another pair Ishan and Aria face the wrath of cold! Ishan stays inside ice water for 20 minutes! Couple Joanne and Vishal get the head shave challenge as Joanne agrees to go for the unimaginable and get her head shaved! This surely proves that Gen Z can do anything for love!

  • Anything For Love is the first love game show to embrace diversity!

MTV has always been inclusive, so it’s no surprise that one of the most adorable couples, Pritam & Manish, will be competing on this Sunday’s episode. The couple will be shown performing several unusual tasks to cement their position in the game, and they are sure to make the viewers swoon. Isn’t it true that we’re all fools for a fantastic romance?


  1. Prachi and Tapesh shatter notions around problems of love in different time zones. 

While millennials and Gen Z couples call it quits over a long distance, participating couple Prachi and Tapesh shatter the notion around being in love across different time zones. Both are commercial pilots and yet find time for each other. Seeing the couple will make you want to give long distance a try.

~Tune in to catch the enthralling special episodes of Anything For Love, Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm only on MTV