Travel Agency Owner and Private Travel Consultant Karan Morrow Becomes Certified AlUla (Saudi Arabia) Specialist

 Karan Morrow, Owner and Private Travel Consultant with Where2Next? Travel, LLC, recently received specialist certification from Experience AlUla ( To earn the distinction, Morrow participated in Experience AlUla’s (North America) in-depth online five (5) module certification program.

Through the program, travel advisors gain knowledge to sell this new destination in Saudi Arabia with its incredible heritage, nature, adventure, arts and culture experiences, and more.

For 200,000 years, AlUla in the northwest of Saudi Arabia has attracted ancient civilizations and pilgrims who came to take advantage of the abundant resources offered by its fertile oases. Today, AlUla is an eloquent symbol of a great heritage. This largely undiscovered region holds a timeless mystery, from its human history to its incredible array of natural wonders, including dramatic rock formation, sand-swept dunes and archeological ruins as well as a green, lush oasis that traces the lives of the ancient civilizations who built their cities here.

Morrow has worked as a travel advisor for sixteen (16) years, specializing in private, custom luxury individual and small group travel and is a member of the American Society of Travel Professionals (ASTA) and the Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP), and is certified by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN). Morrow’s luxury clients have been on travel experiences all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Africa, Central America, Russia and the Middle East.

“Through Experience AlUla’s course, I found some very valuable new ways to serve the needs of my clients in a new and burgeoning destination,” said Morrow. “The population, as well as the travel industry itself, has undergone major changes in the past few years, with new destinations rapidly rising. By completing this program, I have the ability to stay on the cutting edge of these changes, and create opportunities for my clients.”

To book a luxury journey to Saudi Arabia or any other destination, contact Morrow at or [email protected]. For more information about Experience AlUla’s certification program, go to

About Experience AlUla
Experience AlUla provides valued trade partners with useful resources, including sales tools such as fact sheets, FAQs, itinerary suggestions, downloadable brochures and images to share with clients. Their online training program and portal have been designed to provide travel industry professionals with the knowledge and confidence to sell the unique destinations of AlUla and Saudi Arabia and become part of the journey.

Connect with Experience AlUla
AlUla General information and trade inquiries: [email protected]

AlUla USA Office, represented by Advocate Travel Marketing
1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 140
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 USA

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Breezzor Launches Innovative Travel Service to Reinvent the Millennial Travel Experience

 Breezzor’s new service offers millennials a range of experiences that are tailor-made to their needs and desires, ensuring they can create unforgettable memories during their travels. The key features of this service include Beach Clubs, Hotel Day Passes, Travel Routes, and Immersive Experiences.

The Beach Clubs feature is designed to provide millennials with access to exclusive beachfront venues that offer the ultimate relaxation and entertainment experience. Whether they are looking to unwind by the pool, socialize with like-minded travelers, or enjoy beach activities, Breezzor’s Beach Clubs will be the perfect destination for millennials seeking an idyllic beach retreat.

Hotel Day Passes enable travelers to make the most of their time by providing access to top-rated hotels and their amenities for a day. By granting travelers the opportunity to enjoy luxurious facilities such as swimming pools, spa treatments, and fitness centers, Breezzor ensures their customers will get the most out of their stay, even if they are not staying overnight.

Travel Routes take the stress out of planning by offering pre-designed itineraries that highlight the best attractions, hidden gems, and local experiences. Breezzor’s team of expert travel planners curates routes that cater to different interests, whether it be culinary adventures, historical landmarks, adventure sports, or art and culture.

However, what truly sets Breezzor’s service apart is the focus on Immersive Experiences. In collaboration with local experts and influencers, Breezzor has curated a selection of activities and events that provide an authentic taste of local culture, traditions, and lifestyle. From cooking classes with renowned chefs to guided tours by passionate historians, these immersive experiences allow millennials to connect with the destination on a deeper level, creating unforgettable memories.

The launch of Breezzor’s service is set to revolutionize the way millennials experience travel. With a focus on providing unique, tailored experiences, Breezzor aims to redefine the traditional notion of travel, offering millennials the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the destination and create lifelong memories.

“Millennials value experiences over things, and our new service caters precisely to their desires,” said Stanislaw Kogan, CEO of Breezzor. “We believe travel should be more than just ticking off landmarks; it should be about creating connections, discovering new perspectives, and collecting stories. With our innovative features, we are reinventing the travel experience to match the expectations of this tech-savvy and adventure-seeking generation.”

Breezzor’s new service will be available soon, and can be accessed through their website, The team at Breezzor is excited to invite millennials from all over the world to experience travel like never before. With their dedication to providing personalized, unforgettable experiences.

About Breezzor:
Breezzor is provider of unique travel experiences, specializing in offering tailored travel solutions. By combining innovative technology, local expertise, and meticulous planning, Breezzor curates memorable experiences that connect travelers with the destination on a deeper level. With a strong commitment to personalization, sustainability, and authentic encounters, Breezzor is revolutionizing the way travelers experience travel. For more information, please visit

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Hong Kong – Speech by SCST at 37th International Travel Expo and 18th MICE Travel Expo opening ceremony (English only)

Speech by SCST at 37th International Travel Expo and 18th MICE Travel Expo opening ceremony (English only)


     Following is the speech by the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Kevin Yeung, at the 37th International Travel Expo and the 18th MICE Travel Expo opening ceremony today (June 15):
Mr Tong (Founder and Managing Director of TKS Exhibition Services, Mr KS Tong), distinguished guests, Consuls-General, ladies and gentlemen,
     Good morning. It is my great honour joining you all again for the opening ceremony of the International Travel Expo (ITE) and MICE Travel Expo twin shows. May I first extend a very warm welcome to you all. Your presence here today clearly underlines that Hong Kong is back – back to the world stage, bringing opportunities with the world.
     I would also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to KS for successfully bringing the twin shows back to their pre-pandemic grandeur. Today we have over 400 exhibitors from some 50 countries and regions, and the shows are set to attract more than 60 000 visitors. Our key partners in the travel trade are making the best use of this first forum in Hong Kong after the pandemic to reconnect, revive business, and reveal their exciting offerings, with the theme of “Onward to Full Recovery” of the shows. 
     The recovery of the tourism industry is evident from the upsurge in visitor arrivals since our full resumption of normal travel with the Mainland and the rest of the world. We recorded a visitor arrival of over 2.8 million last month, and since the beginning of the year, we have had over 10 million visitor arrivals.
     To keep this momentum going, the Government, together with the Hong Kong Tourism Board and our partners in the tourism sector, will continue to strengthen our promotion under the “Hello Hong Kong” Campaign and to extend our heart-warming welcome to visitors which include distribution of 500 000 free air tickets and a million “Hong Kong Goodies” visitor consumption vouchers. 
     This year, we are also hosting and supporting a series of large-scale events in Hong Kong, ranging from arts and culture to sports and entertainment such as the first-ever annual Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival, Hong Kong Cyclothon and Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival. In the next weekend (June 24 and 25), we will be receiving the participating teams and audience to the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races after a four-year hiatus. Meanwhile, we are deploying additional resources to attract more MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) events and international cruise lines to come to Hong Kong. New tourism offerings are also coming on stream. For example, later this year we will be welcoming the world’s first Frozen-themed area at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the launch of the next phase of the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival and the next edition of Design District Hong Kong.
     We are also looking into opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). In fulfilling Hong Kong’s role as an international tourism hub and a core demonstration zone for multi-destination tourism, we are working together with our friends in the GBA, many of them are present here today, in establishing a coherent tourism brand for the GBA and promoting multi-destination tourism to different source markets. With the full support of our nation, I am confident that Hong Kong will bring a positive impact on developing the GBA into a world-class bay area for leisure. Looking ahead, we will actively align ourselves with national development strategies and integrate into overall development of our nation.
     Ladies and gentlemen, the path towards recovery is surely not without challenges. But do rest assured that the Government will continue to provide the necessary support to the industry to boost the momentum of revival. I am confident that with the concerted efforts of the Government, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, our industry and the community at large, we would rise above the challenges and march into an even brighter future together. 
     In closing, I wish the ITE and MICE twin shows another year of great success and the best of business. For those who are visiting Hong Kong, I wish you all a fruitful and an enjoyable stay in this world city of Asia. Thank you!

Hong Kong – “Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles” open for application from June 1

“Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles” open for application from June 1


     The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced today (May 1) the implementation arrangements of “Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles” (the Scheme).

     Upon the agreement between the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong, the Scheme will be open for application from eligible Hong Kong private cars from 9am on June 1 this year. Approved Hong Kong private cars will be allowed to travel between Hong Kong and Guangdong via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) starting from 0.00am on July 1.

     The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, expressed his gratitude for the staunch support of the Central Government and the Guangdong Provincial Government in taking forward and realising the Scheme which will inject further impetus for growth in the economic, trade, social and cultural links between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

     “The Scheme provides a convenient way for Hong Kong citizens to self-drive to Guangdong via the HZMB for business, visiting families or sight-seeing on a short-term basis, thereby embracing the opportunities brought by the HZMB and facilitating further connection among cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The Scheme also marks another important milestone in the economic integration and development of the GBA,” Mr Lee said.

     The Guangdong Provincial Government has announced today the regulations for the Scheme, including detailed eligibility requirements of applicants, vehicles and drivers, permissible duration of stay in Guangdong, insurance requirements, vehicle examination, procedures and formalities and penal mechanisms. For details, please refer to the official website of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

     To ensure that the Scheme is implemented in an orderly manner, the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong agreed to set a cap on the number of applications to be accepted, which will be allocated through computer balloting, at the initial stage of launching the Scheme. Upon the application commencement, 200 applications will be accepted per working day in the first week, followed by 300 applications to be accepted per working day from the second week onwards. The application situation will be reviewed and the number of applications to be accepted will be increased progressively. Applicants will need to first register for computer balloting through the designated website of the Scheme ( The first round of ballot registration is from May 29 to 30, and the result will be released on May 31. Successful applicants of balloting can submit applications for the Scheme within the designated date and time randomly allocated by computer system starting from 9am on June 1.

     For those interested in applying for the Scheme, after submitting the application, they should allow time for completing various relevant procedures in accordance with the requirements of the Mainland departments. Major application procedures include:

  1. applicants should submit applications for the Scheme through an online platform to obtain the licences of the two places. Drivers under the Scheme should obtain both Hong Kong and Mainland driving licences of private cars. Currently, the arrangement of direct issue of driving licences between Mainland and Hong Kong has been in place. Hong Kong driving licence holders who want to obtain Mainland driving licence may complete the relevant procedures in person in advance via the licensing counters of vehicle management office of traffic management department of public security organs above the prefecture level in Guangdong;
  2. applicants should drive their vehicles to the designated vehicle examination premises in Hong Kong for vehicle examination. There is no need to visit the Mainland for vehicle examination;
  3. as for insurance, the regulatory authorities of Hong Kong and the Mainland have reached consensus on the “unilateral recognition” arrangement for cross-boundary motor insurance. Owners of Hong Kong vehicles can take out “unilateral recognition” insurance policies issued by Hong Kong insurance companies which fulfill relevant requirements, such that there is no need to separately purchase Compulsory Traffic Accident Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles of the Mainland; and
  4. upon completion of the application procedures in accordance with the requirements and approval, applicants will receive the relevant licences issued by the Transport Department (TD) of Hong Kong and the Mainland departments.

     To ensure better northbound travel experience for the approved applicants, the governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong have also agreed to set a daily cap on the number of northbound vehicles. Applicants who have obtained the relevant licences for the Scheme from the TD and the Mainland departments may book for travelling within a designated period in the subsequent month via the online booking system starting from the middle of each month. Subject to the number of booking, there may be a need to allocate designated dates for northbound vehicles through computing balloting. If the number of applications has not reached its cap, applicants may make the booking via the system on a first-come-first-served basis. More details about the northbound travel booking system will be announced on the webpage of the TD in due course.

     As for the specific details of eligibility criteria, application methods and procedures, as well as information about northbound travel, please refer to the designated webpage of the Scheme. As regards the “unilateral recognition” insurance arrangement, please refer to the information published by the Insurance Authority and the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.

     The State Council has announced the customs guarantee-free policy for eligible Hong Kong private cars under the Scheme in November last year. The policy will allow Hong Kong private cars participating in the Scheme to be exempted from paying customs duties or applying for guarantee arrangements with Mainland customs, thereby simplifying the relevant application procedures and reducing the handling fees. The governments of Guangdong and Hong Kong will closely monitor and review the application and implementation situation of the Scheme, with a view to enhancing the application procedures and providing convenience to members of the public.

Travel Agency Owner and Consultant Karan Morrow of Where2Next? Travel, LLC to be Interviewed Live on Meet the Elite Podcast

 Karan Morrow, CEO and professional travel advisor with Where2Next? Travel, LLC (, will be interviewed as a guest speaker on Meet the Elite Podcast on Monday, April 10, 2023 at 2:07 p.m. EDT in a live interview.

The job of a professional travel advisor is an important one. Travelers can benefit from the help of travel advisors now more than ever. “I work with discerning clients to create an experiential Life List journey, from over the top honeymoons and destination proposals to expedition adventures and world circumnavigation journeys by luxury cruise or private jet,” says Morrow.

Morrow has worked as a professional travel advisor for fifteen (15) years, specializing in bespoke individual, couples’ romance, and small group leisure itineraries for the urbane luxury traveler. Morrow is a member of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA), the Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP), and is accredited by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN). Morrow holds certifications as a Scootaround Certified Blue Star Advisor and Special Needs Group Accessible Travel Advocate™. Morrow’s clients have been on travel experiences from the California wineries and the plains and deserts of the African continent, to the St. Petersburg Winter Palace and many destinations in between.

“Being able to speak to a global audience about how the travel industry has changed and is changing from my frame of reference as an experienced travel professional is a wonderful privilege,” says Morrow. “My overall goal is to show the value of the travel advisor’s role in travel planning, and to let travelers know that their best time investment when planning their travel, whether now or in the future, is to use a professional travel advisor. We have the knowledge, expertise and advocacy in place to assist travelers, and are savers of their valuable time and travel spend.”

To book your private luxury travel experience, contact Morrow at [email protected].

About Meet the Elite Podcast
Meet the Elite Podcast, a subsidiary of All Entertainment Media Group, has given away tens of thousands of free podcasts to promising small business owners. They have announced this tradition will continue to give back and provide much-needed support for business owners without the deep pockets necessary for such high-level marketing in the modern world. “Our goal is to empower the small business owner to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams,” explains Jeff Burton, Co-Founder and CEO. “Free podcasts are just our way of giving back.”

Meet the Elite Podcast’s mission is to leverage their partnership with the largest streaming services in the world – Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeart Radio, Stitcher,, Deezer, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and PlayerFM to give businesses an unparalleled global reach that no one else in the podcast industry offers. Meet the Elite assists the small business owners of the world to exceed their goals both professionally and financially. They want to get the word out, drum up conversations, and get people engaged with a business and its mission.

Information on Meet the Elite Podcast’s commitment to free marketing opportunities for small business owners can be found at

For more information about Meet the Elite Podcast, visit or listen to live podcasts at

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