Vultr Unveils Cutting-Edge Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing

 Vultr, the world’s largest, privately-held cloud computing platform, announced the launch of its advanced cloud solutions tailored specifically for the manufacturing industry. In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, embracing digital transformation is imperative for staying competitive. With cloud computing and AI technologies driving innovation across industries, manufacturers are leveraging these advancements to optimize processes, enhance quality control, and streamline supply chain management.

Manufacturing in the Cloud: A Paradigm Shift
The era of traditional manufacturing is giving way to a more competitive landscape, where smart factories powered by AI, cloud computing, and IoT are driving efficiency and innovation. Vultr recognizes the crucial role of cloud technology in this transformation and offers comprehensive cloud solutions tailored specifically for manufacturing businesses. Manufacturers encounter various challenges, from cybersecurity risks to supply chain optimization. Vultr’s cloud solutions provide robust security features, including industry-leading compliance certifications and sovereign cloud capabilities, ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence. Vultr’s partnership with Console Connect facilitates seamless IoT connectivity and edge computing integration, empowering manufacturers with real-time insights for operational optimization.

Unleashing the Power of AI and Cloud Computing
AI-driven analytics are revolutionizing production processes, maintenance prediction, quality control, and supply chain management in manufacturing. Vultr’s cloud infrastructure, including Vultr Cloud GPU, powered by NVIDIA, enables businesses to leverage AI technologies for enhanced productivity and innovation. These solutions seamlessly integrate AI, 5G, IoT, and edge computing, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge on a global scale. According to a Gartner study, “People Are Key to Manufacturing Transformation,” 16% of manufacturing CEOs believe AI will be the most impactful technology in the next three years.

Meeting the Needs of Decision Makers
From CEOs shaping long-term technology strategies to CTOs driving innovation initiatives, decision-makers in manufacturing rely on cloud providers like Vultr to support their digital transformation goals. Vultr’s tailored cloud solutions offer scalability, reliability, and price-to-performance across six continents, enabling manufacturing companies to modernize efficiently within budget constraints.

Empowering Developers and Engineers
AI developers and engineers play a pivotal role in manufacturing innovation and require advanced tools and infrastructure for deploying and managing AI applications efficiently. Vultr’s GPU-accelerated Kubernetes Engine provides developers with top-of-the-line GPU resources for resource-intensive workloads, and Vultr cloud solutions that facilitate seamless integration of AI and machine learning capabilities, empowering developers to drive innovation within their organizations.

Driving Innovation Across Industries
Vultr caters to various manufacturing industries, including smart factories, automotive, semiconductor, and hi-tech electronics. Vultr’s AI and ML capabilities, global reach, and low-latency performance enable manufacturers to drive collaboration, speed-to-market delivery, and visibility across different lines and factories.

Unlocking the Potential of Manufacturing in the Digital Era
Vultr is committed to empowering manufacturing businesses to embrace digital innovation and thrive in the digital era. With tailored cloud solutions powered by AI and cloud computing technologies, manufacturers can optimize processes, enhance quality control, and drive operational efficiency like never before.

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Lila Nikole Unveils ‘GRAPHIC PARADISE’ at Miami Swim Week 2024

Lila Nikole, the brainchild of renowned swim, resort wear, and costume designer Lila Nikole Rivera is poised to set the fashion world ablaze once again with the debut of its mesmerizing 2024 GRAPHIC PARADISE collection. The unveiling will take place

MIAMIMay 27, 2024PRLog — Lila Nikole Rivera, acclaimed for her work both paired with celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar, Kim Kardashian, and The Weeknd, and as the first Latin costume designer to lead the Emmy Nominated Super Bowl LV Half Time Show, for The Weeknd’s sensational performance and Dr. Dre’s Emmy Winning Super Bowl HalfTime Show has curated a collection that embodies the essence of contemporary style and artistic innovation. Lila has also collaborated with 10 NFL teams and 2 NBA teams to provide swimwear for the cheerleader’s swimsuit calendar and HBO’s Hard Knocks TV show: Miami Dolphins, leaving fans intrigued about each of her swimwear designs.

The GRAPHIC PARADISE collection is a celebration of boldness and creativity, drawing inspiration from pop art, vintage aesthetics, and collage-like designs. Featuring a vibrant palette of colors including yellow, red, lavender, mint, coral, and pink, with striking black accents, each piece exudes a sense of playfulness and sophistication.

Designed to cater to all body types, the collection offers a diverse range of silhouettes, from long-sleeve rash guards to asymmetrical cuts, ruffles, and everything in between. With matching cover-ups, jackets, and bucket hats, the GRAPHIC PARADISE collection seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring that wearers look and feel their best whether lounging poolside or making a splash in the surf.

Guests can expect an evening of unparalleled excitement as the Lila Nikole fashion show kicks off on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 7pm at M2 during Miami Swim Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion.

In addition to Lila Nikole’s highly anticipated GRAPHIC PARADISE runway reveal, the brand has planned a full week of Miami Swim Week events and programming kicking off on Tuesday, May 28th with a poolside model casting party at South Beach’s iconic Surfcomber Hotel from 3-7pm. Following this swim week kick off event, the brand will be setting sail on an influencer cruise yacht party from 1-4pm on Wednesday May 29th and a Thursday night influencer dinner at Casa Matilda, including gifting and swag. On Friday May 31st at 1pm, Lila will be joining forces with Snatched Plastic Surgery to participate in a panel discussing how body trends inform fashion and vice versa. Closing out the exciting week, on Saturday June 1 at 7pm, Lila will be unveiling the GRAPHIC PARADISE collection on the Art Hearts Fashion runway Make sure to pop into ‘Cyan Miami’ a “Beach Babe Buggy” disco mobile designed by Lila Nikole Rivera – parked outside of M2 Thursday through Sunday for a photo opp in the creative canvas and a dance with beats by DJ Sachi.

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#Buidling Through the Bear Market

The journey of Chirpley through the bear market has been one of resilience and ­improving its platform, laying the groundwork for a transformative version 3 launch. This launch is set to elevate the influencer marketing experience for both brands and influencers.

Chirpley: Empowering Small Influencers with AI

Chirpley operates as an online marketplace specifically tailored for small influencers. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Chirpley introduces automated influencer campaigns populated by nano-micro influencers, providing a valuable resource for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The platform integrates AI plugins to streamline the entire collaboration process for brands and influencers. From content suggestions to automated processes, Chirpley ensures a seamless experience, making influencer marketing more accessible and efficient.

Collaborations with Industry Giants

Through strategic partnerships with renowned brands such as Sony Music, Warner Music, and Hello Fresh, Chirpley opens the doors for everyday individuals to participate in campaigns for major brands in the Netherlands. This democratization of influencer marketing aligns with Chirpley’s belief that everyone can be an influencer, leveraging their unique interests to promote products effectively.

Empowering Small Businesses with Cost-Effective Campaigns

For small businesses, Chirpley offers unique, and cost-effective influencer campaigns by tapping into the interconnected network of influencers. Imagine a local bakery initiating influencer marketing; Chirpley can connect them with small influencers within a 2-10km radius, enabling effective local promotion without the need for large-scale influencers.

Diverse Services Tailored to Your Needs

With the integration of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, Chirpley goes beyond traditional influencer marketing, offering a range of unique services, including:

  • Influencer on Location: Bringing influencers to specific locations for targeted campaigns.        
  • Music Marketing: Providing uique influencer services for music-related promotions.
  • Video Marketing: Harnessing the power of influencers for impactful video campaigns.
  • Ambassadorship: Establishing long-term relationships between influencers and brands.
  • Sample Marketing: Distributing product samples through influencers
  • Product Marketing: Showcasing and promoting specific products through influencers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Implementing affiliate programs through influencers.
  • Barter Exchange: Facilitating non-monetary collaborations between influencers and brands.
  • Event Promotion: Utilizing influencers for the promotion of events.
  • User Generated Content Campaigns at Scale: Fostering campaigns centered around content created by users.

With Chirpley Marketplace V3, the future of influencer marketing has arrived. This platform aims to democratize influence, empowering both influencers and brands, regardless of their size, to engage in impactful collaborations that resonate with audiences far and wide. The revolution has begun, and Chirpley is leading the charge.

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Launchware Unveils AI-Phone Agents to Transform Customer Service and Dispatch Operations

 Revolutionizing Customer Service and Phone Support Across Industries

Launchware, an industry leader in AI-powered customer service solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their AI Phone Agents and Dispatch AI. These innovative products are set to revolutionize customer support and dispatch processes across various industries, including healthcare, education, customer service call centers, tech support, sales, debt collection agencies, and public safety.

Launchware’s AI Phone Agents offer a seamless hybrid model that combines the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the empathy of human agents. By handling routine inquiries and tasks, AI Phone Agents enable human agents to focus on more complex issues, resulting in reduced wait times, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. This makes them an ideal solution for healthcare practices, educational institutions, customer service call centers, tech support, outbound and inbound sales teams, and debt collection agencies.

Key features and benefits of Launchware’s AI Phone Agents for Businesses:

24/7 availability, ensuring customers receive support at any time
Intelligent call routing and escalation to human agents when necessary
Customizable and scalable solutions to fit the unique needs of each industry and organization
Significant cost savings and increased ROI compared to traditional customer service models
Seamless integration with existing systems and infrastructures
Real-time data analysis and insights for continuous improvement and optimization
Lifelike and personable AI-powered conversations·

In addition to AI Phone Agents, Launchware is proud to introduce Dispatch AI, a cutting-edge AI-powered virtual agent designed specifically to handle administrative, non-emergency calls for 911 call centers and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Key features and benefits of Launchware’s Dispatch AI:

· Streamlines administrative calls, allowing call centers to focus on emergency, life-saving calls
· Automates incoming admin line calls, meeting community expectations and minimizing multi-vendor complexities
· Seamlessly integrates with almost any emergency response program currently in use
· Customizable solutions to fit the unique needs of each 911 call center or PSAP
· Helps address industry-wide staffing challenges by freeing up limited staff resources
· Enhances community service by providing callers with the assistance they need in a self-service manner
· Continuously learns and improves over time to better serve the community

“We understand the critical role that 911 Call Centers and PSAPs play in ensuring public safety,” said Jonathan Workman, Founder of Launchware. “Our Dispatch AI is a game-changer for these organizations, helping them streamline their operations, reduce response times, and ultimately save lives.”

Launchware’s AI Phone Agents and Dispatch AI are now available to organizations in the aforementioned industries. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit or contact Jonathan Workman at

New technology has unlocked unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. Launchware is at the forefront of this revolution, creating cutting-edge AI products to help businesses seize the moment and thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. With a focus on innovation and customization, Launchware empowers organizations across various industries to revolutionize their customer interactions, optimize their operations, and drive growth through the power of artificial intelligence. As a leading provider of AI-powered customer service and dispatch solutions, Launchware is committed to helping businesses harness the full potential of AI to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Website:

AI Phone Agents:

Dispatch AI

Contact: Jonathan Workman, Founder Launchware 304-446-4605

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Monolith Unveils New Branding as It Becomes The One-Stop Shop for Digital Media Services

From blue-sky ideas to executing them, including strategy to staffing, Monolith now offers a full suite of solutions for businesses of any size.

Tokyo, Japan – WEBWIRE

Were bringing our 27 years of expertise into the spatial computing age, providing digital marketing offerings, and producing turnkey solutions from creative conceptualization to seamless deployment and operations.

Monolith, a leading provider of media production and managed services, today unveiled a comprehensive rebranding and significant expansion of its offerings. After 27 years of steady growth, Monolith is updating its branding to reflect its new vision as a one-stop shop for digital media, experiential technology, and marketing services.

The updated branding includes a refreshed logo that symbolizes the companys ability to become a singular monolith, providing multiple solutions under a single agency. The updated logo brings additional new primary colors, new websites, and a modernized brand feel. More importantly, it symbolizes Monoliths strategic evolution from solely providing managed staffing to now handling full-service pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, and execution across a wide range of digital channels and immersive experiences.

Our new branding represents the next chapter for Monolith as we expand our capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of brands and businesses, said Daniel Isaacsen, Managing Director. Were bringing our 27 years of expertise into the spatial computing age, providing digital marketing offerings, and producing turnkey solutions from creative conceptualization to seamless deployment and operations.

Monolith has significantly broadened its service offerings and now includes:

  • Digital Marketing Services: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Campaigns, Event Marketing, and Consulting

  • Production Services: Concepts, Pre-Production, Production, Post-production, Localization, Studio Operations, A/V, Studio Development, System Integrations, Consulting, Experience Solutions

  • Event Services: Virtual, Hybrid & Immersive Events, Offsite Activations, Event Planning & Staffing, Interactive Tools, Gamification, Digital Signage, AR/VR, Operations, Consulting

  • Technology Services: Digital Signage, Projection Mapping, VR/XR Production, Game Development, AI, Automation Software, Development, Streaming, Consulting

  • People Services: Managed Staffing, ICT Technologists, Creatives, Producers, Project Managers, Studio Operators, Technical Consultants, AV Techs, Service Delivery, Event Producers, Training, Research, Consulting

Monolith has substantially invested in building out its team and technological capabilities to power its digital transformation. The company has assembled a talented roster of creatives, technologists, and experts with extensive experience in social media, digital advertising, augmented reality, virtual reality production, game development, and web development. This influx of specialized skills and knowledge allows Monolith to stay ahead of the curve and deliver genuinely innovative solutions at the convergence of media, technology, and marketing.

In todays experience economy, audiences expect seamless, technology-powered engagement across physical and digital realms, said Kelly Willams, Vice President of Technology and Communications. Monoliths expanded suite of end-to-end solutions equips us to craft unforgettable, boundary-pushing experiences that capture attention and forge deeper connections between brands and their community.

Monoliths expanded capabilities will be housed under its two divisions: focused on media production services, and dedicated to digital/experiential marketing and brand activation solutions.

Monoliths media and marketing arm are supported by Monolith Technology and Research in India which experiments with upcoming technology finding practical real-world business solutions then trains future talent to utilizes these technologies through its Academy.

With this strategic realignment, Monolith aims to solidify its position as the partner of choice for companies seeking truly integrated, end-to-end solutions for engaging audiences in the digital era.

For more information on Monoliths new branding and service offerings, please visit and For more information on the academy visit

About Monolith
Monolith is a leading digital media and experiential technology solutions provider with over 27 years of experience in production and managed services. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company offers turnkey services spanning creative ideation, production, post-production, interactive technologies, and flawless execution for clients across media, entertainment, technology, and brand marketing verticals. For more information, visit and

About MRTL
Monolith Research and Training Labs combines experts from India, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore to create the best technology training programs, boosting the regions available talent to create high-quality content from 3D renders to full VR games. Monolith Research and Training Labs is an official Unreal Authorized Training Center and Unreal Academic Partner. For more information, visit