MOFFAS, a New York-based technology start-up that focuses on building an alternative market channel for a more decentralized Internet, has released new mobile phone app on both iOS and Android platforms.

With a complete redesign, the MOFFAS app, LOVA, connects users to a new AR-rendered dimension, Euler, for social networking and information sharing activities. Proximity-based, Euler injects a dynamic human-centric social scene as well as information portal wherever users go. At the same time, users can publish status updates composed of a Vibin’ emoji and a short text-based message.

“Just like our browser extension allows users to chat and leave messages on any website and any page, the app follows the same logic,” explained Robyn, founder of MOFFAS. “You can post updates and see what people around you are feeling and thinking in Euler, literally, thanks to augmented reality.”

The new app relies on bluetooth low energy technology (BLE) for scanning and broadcasting messages, through Google Nearby Message service. Built with privacy and decentralization in mind, the messages as well as the user information, are not collected by the app and submitted to the MOFFAS server. Account registration is also not required.

“Since it’s proximity-based, we want it to be as private and personal as possible,” answers Robyn when asked about the reasoning behind such a structure. “Personally, I believe in a more decentralized future and technologies that empower individuals.”

Besides Euler, the app also includes a tool to access MOFFAS’ own resource manager, Dawn, which hosts and processes information of resources, from creative content to physical merchandise, into readable multipurpose data objects.

“Within MOFFAS, Dawn and LOVA represent the resource and the consumer side, respectively,” introduces Robyn. “The app is an entry point for LOVA to communicate with Dawn. As we build up Dawn, user can analyze, consume and share more resource data directly on their app.”

The MOFFAS app is available for download in Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Created, owned and managed by New York-based Internet start-up, Being & Time, LLC, MOFFAS is a cross-platform e-commerce solution suite that aims to build enhanced and continuous socially-aware market channel for all. The growing list of functionalities provided by MOFFAS includes group shopping, digital marketing, on-location communication, crowdsourced rating system, consumer activism, etc.

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