Hazel Stammen Shares a Vivid Story About Flowers in a Garden, Filled With Life Lessons, in Her Book “The Garden of Splendor”

This visually stunning storybook is a delightful tale about a land called Splendor, where a breath-taking flower garden lives in harmony, complete with vivid palettes of whites, yellows, pinks, and purples. These flowers would talk, play, sing and laugh all day. Each of them possesses a unique fragrance, blending with each other to create a sweet aroma in the air. Everything was happy and peaceful until one day a storm passed and taught each flower some valuable lessons.

Read the book to follow the events that happened that day. Children of all ages will surely enjoy its story flow and art style. The storybook features eye-candy, hand-drawn illustrations by Jennifer Kotick that will delight art aficionados.

The story is all about lessons of tolerance, respect, and harmony to one another. An inspiring book that stirs up the senses, as well as other life lessons being presented throughout the narrative. An invaluable and awesome addition to your collection or library that is yours to keep.

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The Garden of Splendor
Author: Hazel Stammen
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: July 2021
Genre: Children’s Book
Target Audience: Children 5 to 7 years old

About the Author
Hazel Stammen was born and raised in Hawaii. This is her second children’s book. She is a songwriter, musician, poet, singer and has six children and eight grandchildren. She resides in the state of Florida, surrounded by family and sunshine.