Stella Artois® Invites You to Make Any Moment Exceptionally Golden With Its Golden Solstice Lager, Specially-Crafted for Savoring in the Sun

After months of weathering the winter, Stella Artois is releasing a much needed taste of sunshine in the brand’s debut campaign for Stella Artois Solstice Lager. Inspired by the longest and sunniest day of the year, Stella Artois Solstice Lager looks like it was touched by the sun and will inspire you to embrace the warmer temps ahead by embracing your social side and savoring time with friends safely.

Newly added to the Stella Artois permanent portfolio, Solstice Lager is the first-ever golden lager brewed by the brand designed for warm weather savoring. Produced in the U.S. under an expert team of brewmasters, the golden brew is crafted with a hint of citrus and is triple filtered for a smooth taste with a crisp finish.

To shine a spotlight on Stella Artois Solstice Lager, the brand is releasing a new film on April 1 called “Shadows.” Set to a catchy beat, the spot shows how being out in the sunlight with friends and a refreshing beer can make any moment exceptionally golden. In the spot, each person’s shadow from the sun is animated to show the inner joy and spontaneous side that is released as they enjoy moments together spent under the sun, sipping a Stella Artois Solstice Lager and savoring time with those who matter most.

“We’ve all had those perfect days – when the sun is out, there’s a cold beer in your hand and loved ones at your side – where you can get completely wrapped up in the blissful moment of togetherness,” said Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois. “We want to inspire everyone to savor the fun, spontaneous, and social days of spring and summer ahead, with an exceptionally golden pairing, Stella Artois Solstice Lager.”

The campaign will shine on television, online, on social, and in OOH throughout the summer. The brand will deliver exceptionally golden experiences for fans throughout the season. Fans in NYC, Chicago, and LA will even have the opportunity to unlock complimentary Stella Artois Solstice Lager. All they have to do is keep an eye out on the @StellaArtois Twitter page, the first time their city hits 80 degree weather, for a chance to win.

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About Stella Artois

Stella Artois® is part of a brewing tradition dating back to 1366. It is the winner of the 2019 World Beer Award for World’s Best International Lager and is present in 95 countries. Stella Artois is a bottom filtered, blonde pilsner. It is thirst quenching with a malty middle and crisp finish delivering a full flavor and a hint of bitterness. Stella Artois is best enjoyed served between 37.4- and 41-degree Fahrenheit and should be served in the unique Stella Artois Chalice according to the 9-Step Pouring Ritual to guarantee a perfect experience of this gold standard lager. Visit for more information.

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