GfK Joins World AI Show & Awards as a Gold Sponsor

World AI Show & Awards, is taking place on 25 – 26 May 2022 at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai. Daniel Shearly, VP of Products at GfK is delivering a Tech Talk on ‘Transforming businesses with Artificial Intelligence’ highlighting how the changing space of AI has contributed to disruptions in businesses and how companies must derive value from predictive analytics.
Speaking of the partnership, Nacho San Martin, Managing Director – ME, GfK said, “We are excited to partner with World AI Show which aims to explore the prospects of innovations in the global AI landscape. GfK is a SaaS-powered data analytics and decision support company offering consulting services globally for the consumer products industry. The company has been leading Data and Science innovation since 1934 and at World AI Show we aim to engage with the industry leaders on transforming businesses with AI.”

“Every day, brand, marketing and business leaders face data overload, market noise, disruption, misuse, and acceleration. Hence, it is vital in this day and age for companies to be data-driven if they want to grow revenue and profits. At GfK, we help companies to extract the right signals from the noise for confident decision-making,” Daniel Shearly, VP of Products at GfK further added.

According to Mithun Shetty, CEO of Trescon, “We are excited to have GfK engage with the regional tech leaders at World AI Show. GfK is revolutionizing real-time access to critical knowledge. We are enthusiastic to learn more about how their solutions can drive the future of data and analytics at World AI Show.” He further added, “The show will feature keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks, and more from major technology stakeholders from critical industries such as government think tanks, healthcare, banking, and finance, to name a few.”

GfK. Growth from Knowledge.

For over 85 years, we have earned the trust of our clients around the world by supporting them in business-critical decision-making processes around consumers, markets, brands, and media. Our reliable data and insights, together with advanced AI capabilities, have revolutionized access to real-time, actionable recommendations that drive the marketing, sales, and organizational effectiveness of our clients and partners. That’s how we promise and deliver Growth from Knowledge.

About World AI Show

World AI Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in strategic locations across the world. The show is a one-of-a-kind gathering of pre-qualified CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of AI, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, and International AI experts. Witness powerful keynotes, workshops, use-case presentations, product exhibitions, panel discussions, and tech talks to find solutions for issues and trends within the AI and RPA space.

About Trescon

Trescon is a global business events and consulting firm that provide a wide range of business services to a diversified client base that includes corporations, governments and individuals. Trescon is specialized in producing highly focused B2B events that connect businesses with opportunities through conferences, roadshows, expos, demand generation, investor connect and consulting services.

For further details about the announcement, please contact:

Karthik A.
Assistant Marketing Manager, Trescon

Sameer Joshi
Account Lead for GfK, Whitelabel Media

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World Malaria Day 2022, Vestergaard CEO: Advance Equity. Build Resilience. End Malaria.

World Malaria Day provides us with a moment to reflect on the scale of the challenge we still face – and recognise what needs to happen to fix it.
Make no mistake, great strides have been made. El Salvador and China were certified malaria free in 2021. However, most countries with a high burden of the disease have suffered setback and are losing ground.

How can we be satisfied, when 627,000 people died in 2021, from what is a curable disease? More than two thirds of those deaths were among children under the age of 5 living in the African Region.

This human tragedy, devastating millions of families, is impossible to comprehend. But the socio-economic impact however is calculable, and it is immense.

The global response to the COVID crisis proved that when the global economy is threatened, we can summon the power to overcome a disease which emerged almost overnight. So, why can’t we solve, rather than manage, a curable disease that we have lived with for far too long?

Simply, it requires us to strain every sinew in our collective global health-body, to move in the same direction, at scale.

So, what is stopping us?

We have tackled the low hanging fruit. The strategy and tactics we employed to get us this far will not serve to meet the WHO goal to reduce, by 90%, the global malaria incidence and mortality rates by 2030.

The WHO has clearly stated that it will require new approaches and greatly intensified efforts, aided by new tools and the better implementation of existing ones. Stepped-up investment is also essential.

So how is that going to happen?

The WHO, working with its partners, has done a fantastic job, figuring out how to marshal billions of dollars in unified ways, to a deliver an agreed strategy. It has developed one regulatory framework across a multitude of countries and eliminated masses of bureaucracy. Even though incident rates may not have reduced, death rates have reduced a lot. That means patients are being diagnosed quicker, treated quicker and treated successfully.

It doesn’t change the reality, though. The disease remains resilient and concentrated in a specific group of countries. We face many headwinds – climate change, vector resistance to the early class of insecticides, to name two. We need innovation to get ahead of these trends.

And despite the introduction of new interventions such as vaccines and seasonal malaria chemoprevention, mosquito nets will remain a core intervention to save lives until elimination.

Three hundred million people sleep under Vestergaard bed nets every night. What motivates us, is we can see direct relationship between our product and saving lives.

The bed net, probably, is the most cost-effective public health device that ever existed.

When a community is equipped with effective insecticidal bed nets, it not only protects the individual family, but it also acts to decimate the vector population in that community.

The goal of achieving universal coverage, however, has limits, because of the need to adapt the mix of tools deployed for maximum impact in diverse settings. It is a funding challenge – how do we achieve universal coverage while introducing more effective and therefore costly mosquito nets, while at the same time expanding the number of nets to keep pace with population growth?

It is also a logistical challenge: are mass campaign distributions, every 2-3 years, the best method to ensure equitable access for the populations that need it most?

We now need all actors to work together to establish something that has so far eluded us – strategic supply collaboration; a partnership approach to planning, procurement and distribution of mosquito nets.

There is a good reason why every industry, from automotive, to pharma, has moved in this direction. It drives long term investment, accelerates innovation, delivers efficiency – and indeed, can deliver lower unit costs.

A singular focus on price reduction, does not incentivize capital investment and innovation. Conversely, long-term, strategic relationships build resilience of the supply chain, another lesson we learned from COVID.

The reality is, we cannot perform to our full potential in the current environment. Timescales (1-3 years of contract) are too short.

We must also recognize that the private sector in the arena is not homogenous – there are large corporations who contribute chemistry, mostly as a CSR initiative; opportunistic cost-driven suppliers – and ones like ourselves who are full innovation partners.

The leading private sector organizations are ready to invest, automate and innovate to reduce cost.

Vestergaard is uniquely positioned to deliver this innovation at scale because we have constantly challenged ourselves to go further to save lives. We began by simply dipping nets in insecticide to increase protection, through to the development of PermaNet(R) 2.0, the first long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) to be deployed at scale in the early 2000’s. However, the disease does not stand still. Fast spreading mosquito resistance to pyrethroids demanded a response. Vestergaard led the successful large-scale deployment of piperonyl butoxide long-lasting insecticidal nets (PBO LLINs), specifically designed to protect against pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes.

We will introduce our first dual active-ingredient net, PermaNet(R) Dual in the second half of 2022. The product will help serve a growing demand for dual AI nets.

However, sustaining innovation requires a strategic partnership with the customer – in this case, the funders. Beyond the New Nets Project, they need to define a new model to accelerate innovation and establish long term engagement with innovative suppliers with the goal to bring new nets to market in way that supports equitable access.

So, what would I like to see happen before World Malaria Day 2023?

Fundamentally, that we stop managing the disease and pull together to end malaria.

Michael Joos
CEO, Vestergaard

Ayomide Ibironke
Tel: +27 61 326 4765
Africa Communications Media Group

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G20 urges World Bank to prepare FIF Establishment: Indrawati

G20 members have urged the World Bank to immediately prepare for the establishment of the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF), Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated. FIF should be formed immediately in the framework of pandemic preparedness and response (PPR) in the future, the minister emphasized.

Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati met with World Bank Group President David Malpass at the G20’s second meeting of the FMCBG in Washington D.C on Wednesday (April 20, 2022). Minister Indrawati and President Malpass discussed structural reforms and other steps toward a sustainable post-pandemic recovery.

“The (G20) presidency concluded that the World Bank should start exploring the process for developing and establishing FIF,” Indrawati remarked at the second meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors (FMCBG) press conference here on Thursday.

G20 members view FIF as being the most effective choice for new financial mechanisms, especially in preparing for other potential pandemics in future. Indrawati believes this is because the establishment of FIF is viewed as being able to overcome the financing gap in the health sector as had occurred during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most (G20) members agree on the need for a new financial mechanism dedicated to addressing the financing gap in PPR,” she stated, explaining that G20 members hope that the establishment of FIF would mitigate the health financing needs in line with the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) expectations.

Moreover, G20 members called on the World Bank to explore discussions on the governance and operational regulations of FIF by involving the WHO. “There is widespread support for WHO and the World Bank regarding the assessment of significant financing gaps that need to be addressed,” Indrawati remarked.

Earlier, on April 1, the Indonesian finance and health ministries resumed the third G20 Joint Finance and Health Task Force (JFHTF). At the meeting, JFHTF co-chair Wempi Saputra invited G20 member countries to draw up a financing action plan for pandemic preparedness and response (PPR).

“The third JFHTF meeting is an important step for all member countries in drafting the financing strategies for prevention, preparedness, and response to the pandemic or PPR,” Saputra stated.

Meanwhile, one of the main agendas of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is global health architecture.

Written by Astrid H, Kenzu T, Editor: Suharto (c) ANTARA 2022

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April 2022: World Estimating Offers Discount for Construction Estimation This Summer

 World Estimating is a renowned construction estimating company with its head office in Dallas, Texas. This company has been around for the last four decades and has provided thousands of takeoff and estimating services to its clients. All the clients are satisfied with the services and continue to stay connected with them. One of their clients stated “We have been in contact with World Estimating for more than 15 years. Among all the construction estimating companies, we have found them to be as the best one.” – Car M. Ortiz, Owner of Construction Mates Inc.

All sorts of estimating and takeoff services provided here are accurate and practical. And by maintaining that they have decided to give in a hefty discount of 30 percent this summer to revive the construction season like before. We talked with the owner about this and he spoke. “We understand that its construction season and thus to facilitate our clients both old and new, we have decided to give in a 30 percent discount on our services. So, whether you have our aggregate construction takeoff or any other, we got you covered in discounted price with the same accuracy so you bid right and make the best profit possible.”

Accuracy has always been their core value. They ensure accuracy with the highest standard as the means to benefit their clients. As we had a word with one of their clients. “We have been their client for quite some time. We build lumber structures in the country. And to do that we have trusted their lumber takeoff. Their takeoff has proved to be of great value for us. They are accurate enough to facilitate smooth construction procedure.” – Joe T. Bolling, Owner of Country Help

As we talked further with their owner, we came to know that W.E.S is taking this initiative to help contractors to revive the construction atmosphere as it was back in the pre-lockdown days. They hope to provide contractors with discounted construction estimation so that they bid with an accurate amount. Considering that fact neither underbid nor overbid is beneficial for contractors. With underbid, he might get the project but lose his profit and with overbid, he would defiantly lose the project. Thus, this discount is hoped to help contractors for needed results in a fast-pacing environment.

Next to that, World Estimating has prepared to provide something extra with their construction takeoff and other services. These include:

24/7 chat, email, and phone services. They can pick as they like and contact to avail discount.

Expert estimators would be around to give out the right advice and help clients

Details included would be sufficient for every construction concern.

About the Firm

World Estimating Services holds great repute among construction estimating companies. The firm has vast teams of estimators and takeoff specialists. Also, they have gained a vast pool of customers. With their team of experts, they offer all sorts of takeoff and estimating services for their customers.

Contact Info

Nathaniel James

World Estimating Services

+1 347 480-1903

World Estimating Services

Nathaniel James




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On World Heritage Day, Chairman & CEO, Railway Board launches online ticketing system for National Rail Museum in association with IRCTC

National Rail Museum (NRM), Ministry of Railways in association with Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC), has announced the launch of online ticketing for NRM. The online ticketing system for NRM was launched by Shri V.K.Tripathi, Chairman & CEO, Railway Board in presence of Shri. R.N. Singh, Secretary, Railway Board here today on the occasion of World Heritage Day.

National Rail Museum represents 169 years of rich heritage of Indian Railways. Emulating the setting of a railway yard, the extensive outdoor gallery houses a variety of steam, diesel and electric locomotives along with fascinating collection of royal saloons, wagons, carriages, armoured trains, rail cars and a turntable. Interactive displays and models exhibited inside the Indoor gallery displays the remarkable stories related to early modes of transportation till date. There are variety of rides e.g. Joy & Toy Train ride, 3D Virtual Coach ride, other simulators ride with steam, diesel and electric locomotive.

NRM enriches the experience of around 05 lakhs visitors every year and showcase how Indian Railways helped in unification and progress of India as a nation. The objective for introducing the online ticketing is to eliminate queues at for the visitors which in turn aimed to reduce wait time and other benefits bringing NRM on par with Delhi’s best public & private museums and galleries

Visitors can also experience the train/engine simulator rides with slot booking. The customer can use multiple payment modes i.e. Credit/Debit cards, Net banking, Wallets, UPI etc. Counter booking is also enabled with POS machines for digital payments. The QR code enabled tickets can even be scanned through the Mobile App provided to the Ticket checking staff at the different counters for facilitating the easy entry and joyful visit of visitors.

Museum remains open from Tuesday to Sunday (10:00 hours to 17:00 hours) and now with the beginning of online ticketing, visitors can avail online ticket booking facility though website–



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