Lead Generation World (LGW), the home for the lead generation industry, is launching the first of its kind Lead Buyer Certification program at its Lead Generation World conference taking place January 8 through the 10, 2023 in San Diego, California.

The LGW Lead Buyer Certification Program is an ongoing learning curriculum through designated conference and webinar sessions that will ensure lead buyers have the knowledge to be successful with buying and generating leads. The curriculum’s primary focus is on the best practices that will help lead buyers become more successful with the buying and managing inbound inquiries/leads. Topics in the curriculum will include compliance guidelines, lead buying best practices, lead generation best practices, lead nurturing best practices and lead management best practices.

“There are multiple benefits to the industry and the individual when there is an ongoing learning certification program in place. The lead generation industry is only as successful as the brands that buy the leads. If a lead buyer does not have the tools to be successful with leads, then all participants in the lead generation process will lose out,” said Michael Ferree, CEO of Lead Generation World. “For individuals that are tasked with buying leads for their organization, it is very important that they have the knowledge that will ensure they are getting the absolute most out of the marketing budget. Those that participate in the Lead Certification Program, and its ongoing education opportunities throughout the year, can be confident that they will have that knowledge to be successful.”

The LGW Lead Buyer Certification program has multiple levels that can be earned through ongoing education. To achieve the first level of certification an individual will need to complete 5 designated sessions or webinars, also known as “courses.” For every 5 courses completed, an individual will earn an additional certification level.

A participant in the program will utilize the mobile application, provided by Lead Generation World, to take an exit quiz following each session or webinar. These quizzes will consist of 5-10 questions specific to each session. If the participant scores above a 75% on their combined score they will be provided with an LGW Lead Buyer Certification.

Once the first level of the certification program is completed, the participants will receive a digital certificate stating their completion of a certification level. They then can add their certification to their resume, LinkedIn profile and/or email signature.

“Our goal at Lead Generation World is to help companies navigate the lead generation ecosystem successfully. The Lead Buyer Certification Program is just one additional step in helping lead buyers get the most out of their efforts,” said Michael Ferree.

To participate in the first level of certification, individuals must register for Lead Generation World San Diego taking place January 8-10, 2023. Lead Generation World offers a special $150 pass for qualified end lead buyers. Individuals must apply for that discounted rate via the Lead Generation World website.

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