Crypto World, the first brick and mortar crypto store, had its grand opening on August 24, 2021, in St. Charles, Missouri.

At Crypto World, “we are focused on educating the public and being a resource as a marketplace for everything crypto.”

Owner Jeff Wade says this is a favorite quote: “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

This quote, made famous in a speech by John F. Kennedy, essentially means that an improved economy will benefit all participants and that economic policy, particularly government economic policy, should therefore focus on broad economic efforts.

Wade also said that this store is really more about education. People just don’t understand what bitcoin is, why it’s skyrocketing, etc. He said he and his team really want to share their cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge with others and sell some cool crypto merchandise.

Here are some of the items and services available at this Crypto World store:

Onsite Classes

3D Printing

Bitcoin ATM

Online Classes

Crypto Apparel

Cold Wallets

NFT Services

Crypto Support


Over the Counter

Crypto World will offer onsite classes starting the week of September 6, 2021, on a variety of topics, including:

Crypto Basics

Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto for Kids

How to Buy, Sell, Trade Crypto

How to Use Cold Wallets

How to Mine Crypto

This store opening is significant because it’s indicative of where we’re at with adoption – and putting it in suburbia not only makes it a convenient location to visit – for merchandise or education – but gives crypto visibility to a population that likely has money to invest.

All kinds of people showed up for the grand opening event. Bitcoin Ben live streamed for most of the day and interviewed various Crypto World attendees, including:

Dino, a local crypto investor

Joe “Capo” Kent, 3x Grammy nominated producer

Jeff Wade, Owner of Crypto World

Tony Columbo, St. Louis area talk show host

Andy Limbaugh, St. Louis area businessman and Rush Limbaugh’s nephew

Tone Vays, Finance analyst and influencer

Michael Carter, Cryptocurrency educator and influencer

Tony Colombo & Katie Fitzpatrick NewsTalkSTL

Visitor Dan Martin, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor, said he drove about 3 hours to visit the store, meet Tone Vays and meet other people in the crypto space that’s he’s been in since 2014.

Crypto World co-owner Jonas Buxton said that they have already had a ton of interest from the community and is excited to start teaching classes– for newbies to the advanced crypto investor. He said the crypto community has been very welcoming and friendly.

Wade indicated that he’s already had people inquire about franchise opportunities. And while he’s excited about the prospect of that, he’s eager to get this first location up and going before any next steps.

“The support [local and from crypto community] has been fantastic. This [cryptocurrency] will benefit all people. People are FOMOing, and we want to help them get involved,” said Wade.

While it seems that America is behind on cryptocurrency adoption, crypto adoption overall is soaring. Reports are saying that bitcoin adoption surged 880% in the past year.

Crypto World will likely play an important role in crypto adoption in its surrounding area. If you’re in the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri area, stop by and see the great folks at Crypto World, located 2788 Muegge Rd. in St. Charles, MO 63303.

About Crypto World

Crypto World is the first brick and mortar crypto store focused on crypto merchandise and education. Our mission is to open a store in every major city so we can help educate the community on cryptocurrency and be a marketplace for crypto merchandise and services. Learn more about Crypto World at its website

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