The Crypto Universe Now Has Savage Meme Token: AngryKitty Launches to Set New Rules on the Digital Playground

AngryKitty, the funniest decentralized meme token for profit, joy, and charity, has announced the launch of its project. Aims at being the most hilarious meme token in the crypto space, AngryKitty seeks to foster joy, increase creativity amongst digital artists, and take advantage of the budding NFT market. An unparalleled token, by nature, AngryKitty combines aggressiveness, fighting, and attack with executing a ton of charities.

Based on the concept that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, AngryKitty is furious at all the dogs that fill the crypto space without any meaningful use case. Therefore, AngryKitty is set to kick-start one of the most dangerous battles of the century. With a mission to destroy dogs, AngryKitty is a super-intelligent, impulsive, and skilled hunter who, albeit having the appearance of a cruel killer, possesses a good heart which is evident in the planned large-scale charity campaigns worldwide.

Running on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain [BSC] blockchains [the company plans to expand on Solana and other chains]. AngryKitty launched December 5, 2021, after a series of extensive research and an intensive period of validation conducted by the development team. With an improved roadmap, the AngryKitty project is shaping to be an ideal meme token with innovative plans for the future. As part of its strategic evolution to remain relevant in the crypto space, AngryKitty will develop and launch a variety of games, ranging from the booming play-2-earn [P2E] games to blockchain and NFT games. Additionally, plans are underway to have this recently launched meme token on the Metaverse.

To ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the project, the team will burn a number of tokens periodically.

AngryKitty – The Dog Killer

As part of the development team’s plans to accelerate this innovative project, an NFT collection has been designed and launched on the OpenSea marketplace. Featuring a collection of 12 unique and well-designed NFTs, they are currently available for purchase on one of the leading NFT marketplaces.

In addition to this launch, the team behind this project is working to create and launch a game, AngryKitty Shooter—which will be based, primarily, on the tale of the kickass cat whose mission is to destroy dogs while also initiating a ton of charity campaigns globally. According to the project roadmap, this game has been slated for launch at the end of January 2022.

With a total token supply of 1 quadrillion ANGRYK tokens which are currently available for purchase on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap at $0.0000000467 per piece, the token has experienced a 5000% increase in price since its launch date. Furthermore, a whopping 5000% increase in community and user growth has also been recorded by the team.

About AngryKitty

Dubbed the funniest meme token in the crypto space, AngryKitty is a recently launched project that has been designed to integrate creativity, pure joy, and a ton of charities into the trillion-dollar crypto space. Taking advantage of NFTs and the blockchain gaming industry, this project is seeking to bring more use cases to these NFTs while sharing the fictional story of the super-intelligent, good yet equally dangerous kitty whose mission is to spread good cheer and destroy dogs.

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Crypto Credit Scoring Protocol CreDA Partners with FilDA to offer Leveraged and Low-Collateral Lending

CreDA (Credit DeFi Alliance), the leading decentralized credit rating service and FilDA, the largest ever DeFi lending platform on HECO with a peak TVL of over US$2 billion, have partnered to offer exclusive lending rates to CreDA users. Users who mint their Crypto Credit Score as a Credit NFT (cNFT) will have access to leveraged lending and low or no-collateral loans directly within the CreDA platform.

The partnership comes only a few months after CreDA officially launched its platform and demonstrates the value Crypto Credit Scores can have by removing many of the barriers in traditional banking and the DeFi space. According to Bank of America, over 200 million users are now part of the digital asset universe, yet very few financial institutions would provide them with a loan. Even within the DeFi space, lenders operate in an over-collateralized manner with typical loan-to-value (LTV) ratios below 50 per cent.

Modeled after traditional consumer credit agencies, CreDA introduces the concept of personal credit scores into the $250 billion decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Leveraging existing blockchain infrastructure, CreDA provides a trust architecture for the relatively young and volatile MetaFi ecosystem that includes emerging areas such as DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi.

“While our core business is focused on supporting the overall ecosystem through trusted and verifiable credit scoring, ours is a new concept for this space. By partnering with FilDA we hope to demonstrate the value and viability of the CreDA Credit Score to reward both users and lending institutions by brokering more transparent and trusted relationships,” explains Fakhul Miah, incoming Chief Executive Officer. “We like to say that we’re finally giving credit where credit is due.”

How to get leveraged, low or no-collateral loans

CreDA allows users to link their wallets, mint a credit NFT (cNFT) and borrow at industry-defying rates, all from within the same platform.

CreDA provides on-chain credit ratings using the CreDA Oracle, which employs artificial intelligence (AI) to examine the user’s assets, historical transactions and behavior in the crypto space across multiple blockchains. This data is used to calculate a credit score that is then minted into a secure non-fungible token called a credit NFT (cNFT). The cNFT enables the user to unlock preferential rates and incentives.

The FilDA partnership lets users access leveraged lending and low or even no-collateral loans based on the users Crypto Credit Score. The score represents a user’s ability and willingness to pay back loans, de-risking Filda’s exposure and rewarding the user for good on-chain behavior.

One major focus for CreDA is ensuring a safe and secure experience for users. To do this, data is fully protected, secured by industry leading, W3C compliant Decentralized Identifications (DIDs), which are linked to a user’s cNFT. CreDA recently underwent a strict security audit with leading blockchain security group, CertiK.

About CreDA

Built on the Ethereum Layer 2 network, CreDA operates on Arbitrum with developers aiming to launch across multiple chains including, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Ethereum mainnet and ESC (Elastos Sidechain) in Q1 of 2022 with more to follow throughout the year.

CreDA’s Credit Oracle has already retrieved the data of billions of on-chain activities related to more than 90 million addresses across the largest blockchains. This large initial data pool helps to build a reliable and trusted credit model that will continue improving as more data is collected from additional chains and users who connect and mint their credit scores. The CreDA protocol is designed to compute a user’s Crypto Credit Score while protecting their identity through the use of a DID, which does away with KYC (know your customer) checks.

The aim for the CreDA protocol is to eventually combine traditional (off-chain) and blockchain (on-chain) data to compute a holistic user credit score that allows for more flexibility and access between people’s virtual and ‘real world’ lives. This will become even more relevant as technology advances and society continues to embrace virtual spaces, such as the Metaverse.

“As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘If you want to know the value of money, try borrowing some!’ said Cassie Zhang, Chief Operating Officer during CreDA’s launch in late 2021.

“The DeFi landscape is quickly evolving, but there is still one factor that is missing — credibility. The CreDA protocol enables DeFi and other Web 3 platforms to model risk profiles across their user base and offer personalized rates and services, making them more competitive versus industry peers.”

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SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol is Giving Investors Access to Seed Rounds with Minimum Investment

Road Town, BVI, Jan 3, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol, the brainchild of Private Launch Crypto Venture and a transparent and safe way of participating in a public sale, has announced its decision to offer investors access to seed rounds with minimum investment. The company is designed to give prospective investors early access to fundamental projects, setting them on the path of becoming venture investors of top crypto projects.

SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol dispels the need for investors to search for projects, accounts, and nodes, it simply offers them early-stage access to protocols at an initial price.

While there are a plethora of similar brands, they require users to deposit enormous sums to get an allocation of emerging projects. Recognizing this major sticking point, SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol analyzes a project’s prospects for return on investments before recommending it to investors.

In the last couple of years, the crypto market has witnessed a remarkable surge in interest and adoptions, from the integration of crypto into PayPal to the streamlined facilitation of crypto-fiat payments, and most recently, the incorporation of digital assets into classic brokers. With the market being diversified, Private Crypto Venture, through the launch of its product aims at introducing the possibilities of the crypto market for protocols that collect funding including, but not limited to, non-cryptocurrency projects, thus giving ordinary people an equal opportunity to invest.

Citing Kraken exchange as an example of a platform that makes available numerous opportunities for large capital investors while offering ordinary investors limited opportunities, thereby creating an imbalance in demand. SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol seeks to balance this by offering both large and small capital investors access to an array of opportunities with little investment required. It also aims at offering these prospective investors opportunities in NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, and blockchain companies.

Integrating a smart contract that will provide transparency and reliability and the introduction of experienced analysts, this company will try to offer a balanced investment opportunity for all kinds of investors.

About Private Launch Crypto Venture

A company designed to eliminate the imbalance synonymous with the investment market where only large capital investors get access to most emerging projects with prospects, Private Launch Crypto Venture, through the SAWA Crypto Fund Syndicate Protocol – a decentralized project on the ERC-20 network, aims at offering equal opportunities to everyone. Dispelling geographical restrictions, middlemen, and gatekeepers, this company tries to direct investors into buying shares or tokens of a blockchain-based project at the early stage for the initial price.

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New Crypto Token to Watch in 2022 – EvaGrow

On November 6th, a new crypto token was born that quickly reached record-breaking heights, only to slip back down as quickly as she rose.

What happened, and what could the future hold for this possible 2022 diamond in the rough?

Each day thousands of new crypto coins hit the presales and markets; many are scams, and most rarely make any gains for their holders. But every few thousand cryptocurrencies a real gem emerges from the shadows. The value of some of these coins quickly increases to 10 times their initial investment, going on to earn their holders hundreds if—not thousands—of times their initial investment.

The Rise and Fall of Giants.

More often than not, shortly after a quick rise crypto currencies have a tendency to shrink back down to their original launching price, as early investors take profits. Some of these coins, especially those that never reach market caps above  $1,000,000, will never see those parabolic gains again.

Other coins that reached what seemed like unattainable heights in a short period of time will return to their highest point and beyond. These coins are gems and hard to find. Let’s take a look into a possible gem for 2022.

EvaGrow, and her parabolic growth.

EvaGrow was launched on November 6th; she launched with a 300-bnb hard cap presale.

Eva’s presale rapidly filled as early investors poured in; it was quickly established that EvaGrow was going to make rapid gains for investors as she launched the following morning.

Within hours of launching, Eva’s holders had tripled their investment, Eva grew from just a few hundred thousand dollar market cap to over a million dollar market cap. Holders were amazed as they continued to pump more into Eva. They poured in by the hundreds hourly as Eva grew to new heights. In less than 24 hours EvaGrow had reached a 10-million-dollar market cap.

Word quickly spread as crypto press-releases spoke of her rise, and a new monster was born. Many Eva holders had earned tens of thousands of dollars in a single night; Coin Market Cap and Coingeko quickly added Eva to their listings. Very few crypto coins have made CMC and CG together on the first day. It was marvelous to watch; investors thought the ride would never end.

As quickly as new investors pulled in to invest, early investors began to pull out profits as they had made tens of thousands of dollars. Inevitably, the price tumbled. EvaGrow was now in free fall as the panic sells began. For weeks Eva’s prices slowly returned back to her original floor leaving many holders baffled over the experience.

The loyal holders and developers worked tirelessly to revive Eva, but to no avail as whales continued to dump their bags. After several weeks of investors leaving Eva to move on to other projects it started to become clear that Eva had found her floor.

So what does this mean for Eva and her holders?

This is not the first time we have seen this pattern in early launches. We believe with EvaGrow’s proven parabolic growth early on and through dedication from Eva’s loyal holders and developers, Eva will see her highest point and well beyond in 2022 as new marketing plans begin to emerge.

At the current publishing, almost two months into the launch the majority of the whale investors have sold and moved on, leaving a steady floor to build upon. This could possibly be the best time yet to invest in a long-term crypto coin with steady future gains.  As we’ve seen in other coins that rose from the floor to new record heights, they often start with a quick rise then experience a sudden drop. From there they stair-step their way back to the top.

Why did we pick EvaGrow? What’s she got that’s special?

  • Contract audited
  • Doxxed team
  • Initial burn 50% token
  • Liquidity locked
  • Strong communities
  • Anti-whale contract design
  • BUSD Rewards

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Wagashi Inu aims to make crypto go mainstream with its data-oriented cross-chain decentralized exchange

Wagashi Inu is pleased to announce its arrival, as it goes mainstream. Wagashi Inu is a multichain decentralized exchange that gathers data on the crypto market using AI and helps crypto lovers avoid scams, make informed Buy/Sell decisions on trades safely to minimize losses, and boost profits.

Solution To The Problems

Wagashi Inu is solving this problem with its DATA oriented decentralized exchange. Wagashi swap will be built to scan data on the internet and different blockchain to give users a better idea of trades to take, NFT’s to buy, and help find red flags on scam projects.

This solution will make it easier for everyone to get accurate information and make better decisions on their crypto investments without going through the pain of countless hours of research.

Wagashi Inu Features

Trend Identifier: Wagashi Inu data Ai will scan market volume, Twitter mentions, news, exchange inflow/outflow and point you to top trending coins that will give you more profits than searching for the next gem yourself.

Loss Protection: Wagashi Inu Ai will analyze the crypto market sentiments and notify users of a possible market crash before they happen, helping users avoid significant losses resulting from a market dump.

Trading Bot: Wagashi Inu smart trade terminal to set trading strategies for limit and market buy/sell stop loss, take profit. Users will have the option to place different trading orders simultaneously for the best results.

Wagashi Inu Academy

Wagashi Inu aims to build an academy into Wagashiswap that will train users how to become skilled blockchain developers and give users the skills and links to either get a job as a blockchain developer or create their own crypto projects.

Other DApps on the Wagashi Inu ecosystem are the Wagi wallet, Play to earn game, 10,000 Wagi NFT (Distributed to private sale/presale participants).

Wagashi Inu have passed Pinksale KYC and will have a presale on 12th of December 2021 at 16:00 PM UTC.

While Certik Audit is set to take place after the launch.