CENTRESTAGE showcases talent of local designers

Asia’s leading fashion event CENTRESTAGE draws to a close today. One of the highlight events, the Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show, was held on Friday (9 September), the first day of CENTRESTAGE, adopting “sustainable fashion” as its central theme. Six local designer brands that have all participated in International Fashion Week events, including ANGUS TSUI (by Angus Tsui), 112mountainyam (by Mountain Yam), Blind by JW (by Jessica Lau and Walter Ma), Bettie Haute Couture (by Bettie Jiang), SUN=SEN (by Sun Lam), and V Vissi (by Vickie Au), collaborated with local enterprise Novetex to create environment-friendly spring/summer 2023 collections using upcycled fabrics made by The Billie System, a textile recycling system.

Grace Chan (wearing Bettie Haute Couture and matching mask)

The gala drew an impressive attendance of celebrities and fashionistas including Stephanie Au, Grace Chan, Dickson Yu, Pony Pong, Oscar Lee, Danny Summer, Alfred Hui, Shirley Chan, Kenny Kwan, Naomi Kwong, Derek Wong, Joyce Cheng, Jay Fung and more.

In addition to the main runway show, FASHIONALLY Collection #19 featured a number of local brands, including ARTO., CAR|2IE, FromClothingof, KEVIN HO, Lapeewee, REDEMPTIVE and WHY.

Fair details
Date: 9 to 11 September 2021 (Friday to Sunday)
Venue: Hall 1A-D, HKCEC
Date: 9-10 Sept (Fri-Sat) 10am-7pm; 11 Sept (Sun) 10am-6pm
Free admission for trade and public visitors

– CENTRESTAGE: https://www.centrestage.com.hk
– Fashion Hong Kong: https://www.fashionhongkong.com.hk/en
– FASHIONALLY.com : https://www.fashionally.com/en/
– CENTRESTAGE in Town: https://centrestage.hktdc.com/home/highlights/centrestage-in-town/
– Photo download: https://bit.ly/3TZ9XxS


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easyJet showcases suite of innovative sustainability measures at Connecting Europe Days


  • easyJet is putting the Single European Sky into action, reducing carbon emissions thanks to direct, optimised flight routings
  • The airline will uplift a 30% blend of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on three of its flights from Lyon airport, reducing each flight’s emissions by 27%*
  • A number of crew will wear uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles, which will also be on display
  • One of easyJet’s pilots, who is also doing a PhD focussing on sustainability and technological innovation in aviation, will participate in a Youth Panel debate

easyJet will be participating in the Connecting Europe Days 2022 in Lyon, a special event aimed at bringing together politicians, industry representatives and the European Commission to discuss transport and mobility, and their role in achieving the ambitious goals set out in the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. The “Connecting Europe by Air – the Green Transformation” event is part of the Connecting Europe Days, showcasing all the efforts the aviation industry is undertaking to become more sustainable and also highlighting what is needed from policymakers to support the net-zero transition. It is taking place on 28 June at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport Terminal 2.

easyJet is pleased to be taking part in this special event, demonstrating its continued commitment to sustainability and showcasing a number of innovative measures to reduce its carbon emissions from flying.

In collaboration with the Single European Sky’s ATM Research (SESAR)’s ALBATROSS project, the airline’s flight from Lisbon to Lyon will follow a specifically designed, optimised flight plan to showcase the potential for significant CO2 savings, if the Single European Sky was implemented.

Three of easyJet’s flights departing from Lyon airport will be uplifting a 30% blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), produced and supplied by TotalEnergies, reducing emissions from each of these flights by 27% compared to using conventional jet fuel. Media will be able to watch the refuelling of flight EJU4339 to Toulouse.

Each of easyJet’s flights is already 100% offset, at no additional cost to customers, and the airline only invests in projects that are certified by Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard, internationally recognised certification schemes. The airline operates its modern fleet of aircraft efficiently and aims to fill most of its seats, thus reducing CO2 emissions per passenger.

Last year, easyJet joined Race to Zero, the global UN-backed campaign to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and has recently published its carbon emissions intensity improvement target of 35% by 2035. Ultimately, it is easyJet’s ambition to fly on zero carbon emission aircraft and the airline is working with several partners across the industry, including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Wright Electric, to accelerate the development of zero carbon emission aircraft technology and the required infrastructure.  

Sustainability is a holistic issue, so in addition to directly addressing carbon emissions from flying, easyJet is also mitigating the broader environmental impact from its operations. The airline has eliminated more than 36 million single-use plastic items used on its flights and also introduced new crew uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. Forty-five bottles go into each uniform – with the potential to prevent 2.7 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or in oceans over the next five years. The garments are fashioned from a high-tech material that is made using renewable energy sources. A number of crew will be wearing these uniforms on flights throughout the day, the uniforms will also be on display at A4E’s Destination 2050 stand.

As 2022 is the European Year of Youth, the event will have a specific focus on young voices and views. Italian easyJet pilot Diego Babuder will participate in a Youth Panel, discussing experiences of being a young person in aviation. In addition to his flying duties, Diego is undertaking a four-year research project, jointly launched by easyJet and the Politecnico di Milano university, in one of the first PhDs in Europe focussing on the sustainability of air transport and looking into the challenges and opportunities presented by technological innovation in this area.

Thomas Haagensen, Director Group Markets and Marketing, who also oversees sustainability at Board level and is representing the easyJet management at this event, said:

“Today’s event brings together all the key stakeholders in our sector in our shared commitment to decarbonise aviation.

easyJet has committed to net-zero by 2050 when we joined Race to Zero last year. We also recently published our “35% by 2035” interim target. In order to reach this, different elements will play a role and some were showcased on our flights today: we need airspace modernisation, our SESAR-optimised flight showed what is possible; and we require affordable SAF at scale, the carbon savings benefits were demonstrated on three of our flights today.

In the longer term, we believe that aviation needs to make radical changes and championing the development of a zero carbon emission aircraft to decarbonise aviation is a focus for easyJet. We have partnered with Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, GKN Aerospace and others to accelerate the development of zero carbon emission technologies, such as hydrogen, and the required infrastructure.

As Europe’s leading airline, easyJet is committed to working with the industry and governments to support and accelerate the change that’s needed. However, full decarbonisation cannot happen without government support, finally implementing the Single European Sky and incentivising new technologies. It is on us all to protect the benefits of aviation for generations to come, while at the same time ensure we do all possible to protect our planet for them.”

* Source: TotalEnergies. Pure SAF reduces emissions by 91.2% over its fossil-based equivalent. Consequently, 30% SAF reduces CO2 emissions by 27% over conventional fuel.

For further information, please contact the easyJet Press Office on 01582 525252, log onto www.easyJet.com or follow @easyJet_Press

About easyJet

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline offering a unique and winning combination of the best route network connecting Europe’s primary airports, with great value fares and friendly service.

easyJet flies on more of Europe’s most popular routes than any other airline and carried more than 96 million passengers in 2019 – more than 16 million travelling for business. The airline has over 300 aircraft on nearly 1000 routes to more than 150 airports across 35 countries. Over 300 million Europeans live within one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport.

easyJet aims to be a good corporate citizen, employing people on local contracts in eight countries across Europe in full compliance with national laws and recognising their trade unions. The airline supports several local charities and has a corporate partnership with UNICEF which has raised over £14m for the most vulnerable children since it was established in 2012.

The airline takes sustainability seriously and is committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions flying by 2050. Together with its partners, including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Wright Electric, easyJet is working to accelerate the development of zero-emission aircraft technology. In the meantime, the airline is offsetting the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all its flights, at no additional cost to its customers, and only supports projects that are certified by Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard, internationally recognised certification schemes. In addition, easyJet continues to renew its fleet, operate efficiently, and aims to fill most of its seats. Since 2000, over a 20-year period, the airline reduced its carbon emissions per passenger, per kilometre by one-third, and aims to bring this down further.

Innovation is in easyJet’s DNA – since launching over 25 years ago, easyJet changed the way people fly to the present day where the airline leads the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational innovations to make travel more easy and affordable for its passengers.

AV LINK Showcases 8K Products and More at ISE and InfoComm

 AV LINK, a pioneering designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge 4K and 8K video processing, exhibits in booth 5K105 at Integrated Systems Europe and booth W1547 at InfoComm showing MaitreView™ 8KPro, HS-1614W (8K/60Hz HDMI Distribution Amplifier), HRM-1641W (8K/60Hz HDMI Switcher), MaitreView™ 4KPro, MaitreView™ 4KLite, the IPS series (4K/60Hz AV over IP) powered by SDVoE and certified by NETGEAR, and HDM-3EXCU, UltraHD4K /KVM (HDBaseT 3.0) & USB 2.0 Extender-100M(PoC).

MaitreView™ 8KPro is an 8K/60Hz HDMI multi-window video processor. Professionals and decision makers can make the most of the visual space to accelerate decision making and zero-latency switching displays real-time information from multiple sources. Drag & Drop deploys information from 4 inputs in any size and position to display on 2 outputs. HS-1614W, an 8K/60Hz HDMI distribution amplifier, is available in sizes up to 4 outputs and HRM-1641W, an 8K/60Hz HDMI switcher, supports up to 4 inputs.

MaitreView™ 4KPro and MaitreView™ 4KLite deliver superior performance through Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™ family FPGA devices and contribute to customers when helping collaborative meetings and enhancing productivity – achieving digital transformation. Both of them support uncompressed 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 and seamless switching. In addition, they can independently display different videos on 2 screens to meet the flexibility in most conferencing and collaborative scenarios. Benson Hsu, general manager of Dong Hua Building Materials says: “With MaitreView™ 4KPro, we can have 5 different videos and files displayed simultaneously. We can also jump back and forth and put layers on top. The system helps save 50% of the time compared with before.”

IPS devices (4K/60Hz AV over IP) powered by SDVoE and certified by NETGEAR provide one of the most advanced IP Streaming solutions on the market. IPS devices support 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 and zero latency for mission-critical applications like hospitality, industry, transportation, entertainment venues, esports, retail, house of worship, education, healthcare, corporate, government, etc. The team of Matrix Intertrade, the technical representative of Yu Residence Sriracha, a Thailand-based serviced apartment, says: “AV LINK’s APIs help us integrate IPS devices with the existing environmental control system and transport the video to multiple meeting rooms and event spaces. AV LINK helps us achieve more and at a lower cost, and the after-sales services are immediate and incredible.”

HDM-3EXCU, UltraHD4K /KVM (HDBaseT 3.0) & USB 2.0 Extender, extends 8K and uncompressed 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 signals up to 100 meters. A local loop helps the staff in the control room to monitor real-time streaming audio and video remotely, saving time by avoiding going to and back from the on-site venue. AV LINK’s excellent technical capability accomplishes a compact size design (L 107.2 x W 69 x H 20 mm / L 4.2 x W 2.7 x H 0.8 in) for easy installations.

Visit AV LINK’s official website for more products or send an email to make an appointment at the shows (Booth 5K105 at ISE and Booth W1547 at InfoComm).

Please register to attend ISE and InfoComm as AV LINK’s guests for free using the invitation code: KS0XALDH and using the invitation code: CCT840.


Since 1988, AV LINK has been a professional provider in the Pro AV industry with the expertise of 4K and 8K video processing algorithm driving on FPGA. In an ever-changing industry, AV LINK continues to do its best to serve customers and inspire the market. AV LINK has been engineering the most comprehensive and innovative products for various applications like hospitality, industry, transportation, entertainment venues, esports, retail, house of worship, education, healthcare, corporate, government, etc.


Kevin Li

+886-2-8226-2268 ext. 207





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India Showcases Export Potential of Organic & Horticulture Produce at EXPO2020 Dubai

To project the strength of India’s organic agriculture and horticulture products in the global market, India Pavilion at EXPO2020 Dubai hosted a seminar “Indian Organic and Horticulture Sector–Moving Up the Value Chain’ as part of the ongoing ‘Food, Agriculture and Livelihood’ fortnight.

The seminar, to deliberate on the opportunities and huge export potential that the Indian agriculture sector offers, saw participation from the representatives of the Government & Private sector.

In his opening remarks, Shri P.K.Swain, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, said, “In ‘Rising India’, Agriculture is a dominant sector which contributes significantly to the Indian economy. With 15 agro-climatic zones, rich soil, mineral-rich water, and is driving the volume, variety, and quality. India is on its way to becoming the food basket of the world and is offering both food and nutritional security with good agricultural practices to the world.”

Applauding the expansion of the sector in the country, Shri Swain said, “India is scripting history with the enchanting growth trajectory of organic horticulture.” He also urged the global investors to invest in the agriculture supply chain and take advantage of FDI policies introduced by the government in the sector.

Dr. B Rajendra, Minister (Agriculture), Embassy of India, Rome & Italy & Representative, FAO said, “We need to put a lot of effort in ensuring the quality of our organic horticulture produce and take advantage of such global platforms to expand our export avenues.”

Talking about the export potential of organic and  horticulture Produce in India, Shri Priya Ranjan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare said, “To ensure the quality of our organic produce, we need to have a robust system of Certification and Government of India has anchored two systems of certification for Organic products”. He further emphasized that appropriate phytosanitary protocols need to be ensured for better acceptability of Indian Organic and Horticultural products. “We envisage targeting 10% export share in global fruits and vegetable market by 2030”, he added.

It is pertinent to point that despite the pandemic, India’s organic exports grew 51% over 2019-20 levels. India’s organic exports stood at 8,88,180 MT in 2020-21.

Highlighting the impressive trajectory of India’s agriculture ecosystem, Shri K. Srinivas, Partner, Food & Agribusiness, KPMG, said, “India is ranked amongst the top ten exporting countries in agriculture and the overall exports have been growing at an extremely significant rate. Despite the pandemic challenges, we were able to achieve this feat and it strengthens India’s positioning as an exporter globally.”

Emphasizing on the export-focused strategy for the promotion of organic and horticulture produce, Mr. Srinivas said, “This platform is helping us initiate conversation around awareness and capacity building with investors to make prominence of India in horticulture space. Adoption of good agriculture practices, enhanced farm gate infrastructure, higher investment in R&D, and digital integration are some of the strategies that will play important role in promoting India’s horticulture exports.”

Eleven success stories were shared at the session by various start-ups and food processing businesses, focusing on key-value chain and export opportunities in India.

The ‘Food, Agriculture and Livelihood’ fortnight will conclude on March 2nd.



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PLS Plantations Showcases Performance Improvement with a 340% Net Profit Increase

PLS Plantations Berhad (“PLS Plantations” or the “Company”) today announced a 340% jump in the net profit for their second quarter financial performance for the period ended 31 December 2021 (Q2FY2022). The Company recorded a net profit after tax of RM9.97 million, a 4.4 times jump from RM2.26 million for the same quarter of the preceding year ended 31 December 2020 (Q2FY2021) on the back of higher revenue and managed costs.

For the same quarter, PLS Plantations’ profit before tax (“PBT”) stood at RM14.0 million, 265% higher compared to RM3.84 million posted for the same period, Q2FY2021, due to higher sales and an increase in the profit after tax margin of 17.4% up from 8.2% for the period. The surge in revenue and profit before tax were mainly attributed to the improved Fresh Fruit Bunches (“FFB”) selling price realised under the plantation segment, and the improved sales of frozen durian products under the manufacturing and trading segment to overseas customers. The Company, via its subsidiary continuously expanding their contracting and plantation development. Earnings per share stood at 1.77 sen (fully diluted) in Q2FY2022 compared to EPS of 0.33 sen in Q2FY2021.

PLS Plantations’ Executive Vice Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kang Hoo highlighted, “We continue to execute against our plans to turnaround the company. In addition to strengthening our operations and revenue streams, we are building up our land bank to position the company and capitalise on the booming demand for durians, from key import partners such as China, Australia, and the United States of America, to name a few. In addition, PLS will also be venturing into cash crops, agriculture and aquaculture through ventures to support country’s food sufficiency efforts.”

About PLS Plantations Berhad

PLS Plantations was incorporated in Malaysia in 1987 and was listed on the Second Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1994. Currently listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, PLS and its subsidiaries are involved in the management and operation of forest, oil palm and durian plantations, as well as the processing, distribution and sale of durian products.

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