Protect your accounts with a free password manager for Windows

November, 2020: Cyclonis is proud to announce the release of a new version of its popular free password manager for Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems. Version provides several bug fixes and tweaks to help simplify password management without compromising on the security of your password vault.

Why do you need a password manager?

Passwords have always been central to online security, but they do come with some significant caveats. Most of us now have dozens of online accounts, most of which hold sensitive information such as payment details or personally identifiable data. Because people have to remember lots of different passwords for these accounts, it is tempting just to use the same login details for all of them. Unfortunately, this results in having many single points of failure that could potentially lead to a hacker gaining access to all your online accounts.

A password manager automates password entry and management. This free password manager for Windows and other operating systems stores all your passwords in one secure vault, effectively consolidating your login data under a single set of credentials. That way, you can use a longer and more complex password and even add an extra layer of protection. Cyclonis encrypts your entire password vault with AES-256 encryption and synchronizes it across all your devices. That way, you no longer have to enter a different set of login credentials every time you log into an online account from a new device. You can also have different passwords for all your online accounts to maintain good security hygiene, but you no longer need to remember them all, since the password manager will do that for you.

Cyclonis Password Manager improves security by reducing complexity. This also helps you boost your online productivity, since you get to spend less time entering login details or going through lengthy password resets when you forget your password.

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