Don Ho and Hartej Sawney join Dexpools as Key Advisors

Dexpools is excited to welcome two new advisors, Don Ho of Quantstamp and Hartej Sawney of Zokyo. We are pleased to partner with advisors that share our values in putting smart contract security at the forefront of DeFi.

Don Ho is the Managing Director of the leading smart contract auditing platform, Quantstamp. He is also a Senior Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund. Don’s expertise in blockchain security, business development and project incubation will prove to be invaluable to the development of Dexpools.

Hartej Sawney is the CEO and Managing Partner at Zokyo. His company is an adept team of blockchain auditors, developers and investors. He has played a key role in elevating the standards in the digital asset ecosystem. His all encompassing skill set will ensure that Dexpools stays ahead of the curve in their journey to revolutionize OTC trading.

Hartej and Don will be joining Danish Chaudhry in what is becoming a truly impressive advisory team.

About Dexpools

DEXPOOLS is a decentralized, peer to peer (P2P) OTC DeFi platform. Individual buyers and sellers are able to create trade offers bound to specific wallets and execute a trade via smart contracts. There is no need for an escrow custodian or any trusted third party in the process.

Both buyers and sellers can execute swaps with literally zero slippage or price impact on low liquidity markets. The only cost to use the platform is a low transaction fee for both trading parties vs the high slippage seen on most DEXs which can at times exceed 20–30%.