Dsjen Hanluc’s Transformational Enlightenment Receives Sponsorship from Pearson Media Group

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Hanluc has a powerful way to communicate the human heart in the pages of her novel. It lets you weep, laugh, and feel contented with life’s simple things.
Since the horrible accident forty years ago, Sergeant Hanluc has struggled with PTSD. Marie has also tried leaving this event in the past, but she became more conscious of emotional suffering as she remembers it repeatedly. Their experience shows how a tragic situation can affect an entire community. The women in the book initially wanted to provide Sergeant Hanluc only with healing. They did not realize how many more people they really saved, and consequently, they started their own recovery process.
It is vital for a group to look after those who have been suffering for long. “Sergeant Hanluc and the Missing Students” provides fresh insight into recovering from traumas. You can’t run away from problems, but you can learn to live above them. Gradually, the main characters get back on track with the help of the spiritually gifted women. In a story that is unusual in its genre, the author holds much compassion and humor like no one has before.
Being a professional mediator, Hanluc has used her mediative talents in the background. This makes the atmosphere warm and tender, giving comfort to the readers.
“Sergeant Hanluc, and the Missing Students”
Written by Dsjen Hanluc
Published by Xlibris 
Published Date: July 29, 2016
Paperback: $ 29.99