Businesses looking to hire can reach out to retirees and older workers.

MEDFIELD, Mass.July 19, 2023PRLog — Eighty year old Marilyn Donelly from Medfield, MA has been working for a small pet care company called Leashrly Life for over 8 years. Business owner Angela Wilcox says Marilyn is in such high demand, we can’t keep up. Clients are booking appointments way in advance to be sure to secure her as their walker or sitter. In addition to Marilyn, Angela’s 87 year old mother would care for pets and help out with administrative tasks as needed. “It’s been a privilege and an honor to offer jobs to seniors. It’s one of several goals I have as a small business owner,” says Angela. Having Marilyn and others like her on the team are a big part of what makes Leashrly Life successful after more than 15 years serving Norfolk, MA and surrounding communities.

“Pets and their owners love working with Marilyn. She is dedicated, committed, responsible and simply loves all the animals she works with,” says Shannon Paul, customer service coordinator for Leashrly Life. “Some of our customers would rather forgo a weekend away if they can’t get Marilyn to watch their pet” says Shannon.

Not long ago, many seniors and retirees were passed up as potential candidates for active, physical jobs like dog walking. Given the shortage of reliable, qualified workers in today’s workforce, many businesses have begun to reconsider their hiring strategies and think outside the box. Employers are asking themselves who can I hire that is going to show up on time, deliver exceptional service, is consistent and has the skills, experience and work ethic to satisfy every job requirement. Older workers know the importance of getting a job done right and they bring to the table critical thinking and knowledge that can’t be taught.

It’s not that younger workers don’t understand job requirements, but they are juggling many responsibilities and may not have the flexibility that older adults have. Older workers also tend to stay in jobs longer so as a business owner, reducing turnover is extremely important.

Marilyn says, “I enjoy the companionship of the animals and the people I work with. The owners are all wonderful and it’s a pleasure being around both my furry friends and their parents. My job offers me flexibility, gets me out into the community, gives me regular exercise and I get paid! What could be better?”

“If we could have 10 or 20 “Marilyn’s” we would be doing that much better,” says Ms. Wilcox. “Currently, many of our workers are in their 50’s and over and we are looking for more older adults to care for the wonderful pets we work with.”

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