Smoothen, a CX Solutions firm is using AI-powered customer experience operations to disrupt in-house support for early-stage startups. Its tagline, “Avoid years of labor costs with efficient customer experience operations, from the start,” highlights its commitment to helping early-stage startups scale their support teams responsibly. Smoothen architects a CX department with AI, data, CRM tooling, and customer journey mapping. This year, the company pivoted to focus on early-stage startups, as it recognized that many companies become overstaffed in their support department due to a lack of automation and proper management.

Startups can opt to outsource to Smoothen’s management team, which embeds into the organization and offers a 12-month price lock, ensuring cost stability. Smoothen’s focus is solely on growing the startups it works with, enabling them to avoid hiring entry-level support members who may seek to grow outside of doing frontline work.

“We believe that sometimes it’s good to have a team that isn’t looking to develop within your company, but to just develop your user experience,” said Smoothen’s Founder, Devon Harris, “With our approach, early-stage startups can efficiently scale their customer experience without worrying about overstaffing or incurring unnecessary labor costs.”

Smoothen’s innovative approach is set to disrupt the CX Solutions industry and help early-stage startups achieve their growth goals.

About Smoothen

Initially, a CRM development firm aimed at improving ROI for large CRM contracts, Smoothen has since diversified its services to cover areas such as customer journey mapping, chargeback management, and compliance coordination, with a wider focus on customer experience. With their new emphasis on early-stage startups, the company is dedicated to helping companies scale their customer experience operations responsibly.

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