Justin, CEO of Translr, the top transgender dating app claims that registration has increased by over 50% in the past month. Now, it ranks first on the iTunes transgender dating list with 1M users. With the rapid growth of its users, its team considers adding a new version with stunning features here.

Starting in 2018, Translr has helped thousands of trans people find the real local dating. According to the newest study from UCLA, 1.3 trans adults in the United States are active now. However, half of them find few ways to make new friends in real life.

According to this study, 57% of trans people join local LGBT bars to find new people, but only 25% of them find ideal dating partners. 25% of trans adults find local transgender forums to look for local friends, but in the end, there is no reply from strangers. With no doubt, trans singles are difficult to find new friends in the current world, even the world has become more open.

In the past three years, the number of transgender demonstrations to defend their rights and interests has doubled. Trans rights are women’s rights. And trans dating needs are also crucial for every trans adult person. Then, how to help them get out of this dilemma has been a focus of the world’s attention.

Luckily, as more and more companies focus on the needs of trans people, the growth of online transgender dating apps make a difference and Translr plays an important role as a faithful transgender dating app in this field. The team follows 1,000 trans adults in North Carolina and 75% of them have ever used online transgender apps to search for people. Half of them are satisfied with the features here and 30% of them have already found real dating partners or friends here. For example, Justin shows that 78% of trans users on Translr will have one or two offline dates after they sign up here in two weeks, which shows transgender adults are easier to find new friends for dating and chatting here. Compared to other LGBT dating sites, this figure is much higher.

Translr makes a special matching filter in order to increase the matching rate. In large cities like NYC, the matching rate reaches 72%. Based on location, gender and age, Translr also considers hobbies as a part of the filter. In result, a trans-adult will have a better chance of breaking the ice and starting interesting chats. Meanwhile, the surge of users also shows their desire to find true friends who are hard to realize through an offline meeting.

There is no doubt that transgender people also face many problems from all walks of life, but Translr contributes to helping them to find better friends and dating partners in an easier way. Justin also guesses that in the next half year, the registered members will reach 1.5M, compared to the current 1M. As the slogan of this site, it helps trans-adults find fun with their pride. Translr welcomes every trans person and anyone who respects and likes trans.

Translr Team
Jennie Lee



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