Upwind for portfolio and sustainability: Promising investment in VAYU® wind turbine

The rising energy prices and the upcoming winter, sends cold shivers up and down many spines. Including those of Politicians which are now addressing this growing problem. The production of renewable energy is now being strongly politically promoted and, in some cases, even made mandatory. Renewable energy is not only a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source, but also offers a self-sufficient solution, to the energy supply.

3D Wind

3D Wind

Luckily there is already a non-compromise solution available called VAYU® and launched by the Swiss company 3D Wind AG from Bern. The wind turbine can be placed anywhere including in housing areas for private use. To secure the worldwide exclusive market disruptive product, as well as the growth of the company long term, 3D Wind AG is looking for investors for an investment starting from 500,000 CHF(Swiss Francs or USD$) (526,547 €) at a share price of 96.00 CHF (99.00 €).

“There are three incentives for this,” explains Sophie Quenet of 3D Wind AG. “It’s an investment in a unique technology that promotes an unrivalled product that enters into an untapped market, with enormous potential.”

Motion bionics: learning from nature means doing better
As a result of decades of product development, a new type of motion mechanics was created, the VAYU®, the previous versions of wind turbine technologies – which work either with uplift or resistance (drag or lift type) – were combined into a 3D wind energy system, according to the motion bionics, which combines both systems like an automatic in a car, seamlessly transitioning. Four blades of the turbine are arranged offset to one side, all eight rotate around their own axis – this increases the efficiency of power generation by at least 40% and additionally allows for power generation even in low wind conditions of 1.6 m/s, and all this completely noiseless and nature-friendly.

The produced energy, sometimes even up to 4kW per hour, can either be used directly or stored in batteries. The possible yield of the wind turbine at your personal location of choice, can be individually pre-calculated, adjusted and set by the specially developed software. A combination with solar panels is also possible and even recommended. The VAYU® can be individually designed, even in terms of colour, for various montage heights, with or without e.g., LED lights, logos and much more. Since it is a micro wind turbine, with an output of less than 5 kW and a maximum height of up to 10 meters, there is no building permission required in many regions (tendency increasing). The VAYU® can be controlled easily via an app. Sophie Quenet is convinced: “Nowadays it is no longer just about ecological awareness, but mainly about saving money and independence. VAYU® is the optimal product for a low-cost and decentralized energy supply that is sure to inspire many investors for precisely these reasons.”

More information on VAYU® can be found at https://vayu.swiss/.

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