Collecting designer sneakers or shoes may be a hobby or a way of life, and Lambert Pawn is offering luxury sneakers, designer shoes, and authentication services for their customers. They announced they now authenticate as part of their new service.

What this means is buyers can shop with confidence, knowing that what they decide to purchase the real thing and they can walk out of the store knowing they spent their money wisely.

At Lambert Pawn Shop, a purchaser can hold, try on, handle and determine if the shoe is the right fit. With the announcement of authentication services for sneakers and designer shoes, Lambert Pawn customers can spend their money on genuine products, not knock offs and fakes.

With the pawn shop’s recent announcement of authentication services for designer shoes, sneakerheads or consumers now have a place to purchase collectible shoes at an affordable price.

Walk in, call, shop online, the store is a full-service pawn shop offering selling, buying, and pawning options for designer shoes. They will appraise and authenticate items while the client waits.

For more information, contact:

Lambert Pawn Shop

Jason Farmerie

(844) 467-6780



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