Musician Guidance offers a groundbreaking platform for aspiring musicians, which provides them direct access to music industry leaders for top-tier music mentoring.

Independent artists can also take advantage of music exposure to global audiences, career advancing industry contacts (to labels, managers, publishers, music supervisors, etc.), unmatched, continuous support throughout the artists unique music journey, and many more opportunities and guidance directly from some of music’s most accomplished experts in their respective field.

The services offered by Musician Guidance aim to guide budding (and established independent musicians looking to propel their career) in all areas of the music industry, through it’s highly regarded team of 20 industry professionals, including two-time Grammy winner Marc Swersky, Candace Sosa, (songwriter for BTS), and Scotty Grand, (celebrity vocal coach, credits: Alicia Keys, Britney Spears & Jonas Brothers).

With guidance from world-class musicians and experts, Musician Guidance mentors have already helped hundreds of musicians achieve their dream, including landing major recording contracts, winning “The Voice UK,” making a living from their music, achieving millions of streams, and much more.

“Nowadays, in the music industry, artists are being taken advantage of more than ever. They are being led by those that have not achieved success of their own. My vision was to solve this, by providing a direct gateway for aspiring artists to some of music’s most successful experts in their respective fields,” Mack B, founder of the company said.

Musician Guidance members

“I would highly recommend Musician Guidance to any independent artist serious about turning their dreams into a reality. The website is amazing, and always up to date with relevant articles and videos that have helped me connect with my audience and brainstorm future ideas. I have also received excellent one-on-one feedback specific to artistic decision making that seemed very genuine and encouraging. I am excited to continue my journey as an artist, knowing that I have their support!”

“This website has helped me level up in and out for my music career and I am super excited to announce that I am going to have my first virtual concert! Thank you musician guidance, this is all thanks to you and I am so glad that I have signed up to your website! This is the number 1 site to help all musicians start there career and take it to the next level”