With the unusual tone and dreamy keynotes, Datboiscotty a Florida hip-hop singer has produced a bold hip-hop and rap song for his emerging fans ‘Treesha’.

Florida City, Florida Oct 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  – Coupled with the soulful vocal and deeper lyrics the emerging hip-hop singer Datboiscotty has composed a nice motivating hip-hop song for his rising fan followers. The song ‘Treesha’ is being motivated by the pain the singer has felt in his childhood. In the musical characteristic, it can be said that the different vocal states within this song are the main attracting force. Besides, the continuous background musical jamming throughout the song engaged the listeners with a wonderful rhythmic blast. Moreover, this Florida hip-hop singer has delivered a unique hefty mix of vocal and rhythm that has made his tracks one of a kind. The smooth syncopated rapping with the imaginative rhymes won’t make you feel that the singer is trying hard to incorporate the hip-hop flavor within the song.

Initially compressed the song ‘Treesha’ has shown the singer’s caliber over the pulsing, breathing and the living within the hip-hop genre. The chords of the piano riff with notably close harmonic and rap beats are no doubt one of the best usages of musicality that the artist has successfully made. On the other hand, the sound effect  at the top of the tune draws the attention of the music lovers out there.

The deeper musical sense and passion for hip-hop have made the singer popular amongst the music enthusiasts. His quality of producing episodic, compelling, and ever shifting, which makes the listeners listen to his songs more and more. Furthermore, other songs of Datboiscotty like – ‘Smack Down’, ‘Holy Molee 3’ and ‘No Title’ can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes music streaming platforms. The hypnotic as well as melodic holding in all of his tracks have delivered a unique pattern which can remind you of ’80s hip-hop and rap beats. However, this young rockstar is now available on Instagram to connect with his worldwide fans. 

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