New York City, April 24, 2024 Brigit, the leading financial health app dedicated to improving financial inclusion in America, announces a series of financial milestones, including $100M in revenue and a full year of profitability, further establishing itself as a leading financial service.

To date, Brigit has advanced $2.3 billion to help members cover essentials like rent and groceries, while saving them $1 billion in predatory bank fees (on average, members save $425 annually in overdraft fees), starkly contrasting with big banks that charged Americans $10 billion in overdraft fees in 2022.

With 75% of adults in the U.S. living paycheck to paycheck, Brigit provides a suite of transparent, fair, and valuable financial products designed to help members access cash, build credit, earn, save, and understand their finances.

AI-Powered Cash Flow Underwriting Eliminates Bias as Scale
At the core of Brigits platform is its proprietary machine learning and AI-powered Cash-flow Underwriting technology, which relies exclusively on cash flow data. This eliminates bias and bypasses outdated FICO scores, which have historically marginalized millions of Americans. Since launching in 2019, Brigit has analyzed trillions of dollars in cash flow transactions, allowing the company to give its members early access to their earned wages 32 million times, totaling $2.3 billion and covering everything from rent and groceries to unexpected emergencies.

Zuben Mathews, CEO of Brigit, explains, We are addressing a crucial societal issue ensuring equitable access to tools that lead to financial health for millions. By fundamentally improving the credit decision-making process, we can extend opportunities to customers whove long been marginalized. Our sole focus is on furthering financial inclusion, and while weve already made a significant contribution to our members, were only just getting started.

Introducing Brigit Premium
In response to our members desire to keep improving their financial health with Brigit, Brigit is announcing the official launch of Brigit Premium today to all members, transitioning it from beta. Brigit Premium is designed to help members build their credit, access earned wages early, budget better, gain valuable financial insights, and find earning and saving opportunities. Credit Builder, the newest addition to Brigits suite of services which is designed to help you to build credit by setting aside savings each month, has helped 100,000+ members. To date, those members credit scores have collectively increased by 4.5 million points.

Priced at $14.99 per month, Brigit Premium includes:

Credit Builder: Whether you have no or bad credit, Credit Builder is designed to help you build credit by setting aside savings each month.
Instant Cash: Get cash in minutes with no credit check, late fees, or Express Delivery fees, as they are all included in the flat monthly subscription.
Credit Monitoring: Stay informed about credit health with regular score updates and access to complete credit reports.
Identity Theft Protection: Up to $1 million in theft reimbursement, lost wallet assistance, and restoration services.
Earn & Save: Discover opportunities to earn money and access exclusive offers, providing additional avenues for financial growth.
Finance Helper: Monitor expenses with spending breakdowns, bill forecasts, and earnings comparisons.

Brigits mission to help Americans build a brighter financial future is grounded in fostering economic sustainability for everyday individuals living paycheck to paycheck. At a time when 40% of American adults reported that they struggled to make ends meet, 93% of Brigit users said they felt in control of their finances after using Brigits services.

Dominique Phillips, Special Education Teacher and Brigit member says, Before using Brigit, I felt frustrated having to decide what was most important to pay for, whether I should go to Urgent Care or buy food. I love the feature that predicts if I will go into the negative; it gives me a clear picture of things I need to work on or change. Knowing how much money Ive spent on a certain area helps me think about whats important to save up for so I have it later. The last time I used Brigit was to pay for my two-year-old daughters daycare, which has to be paid every week, and I needed to pay her so I could go to work.

As the company continues to scale and launch new products, Tara Rider has been appointed Head of Policy and Government Relations, and Anthony Forino Vice President of Compliance. Riders extensive public policy background and consumer rights advocacy will bolster Brigits relationships with policymakers and regulators, emphasizing the companys commitment to impactful governance. Meanwhile, Forinos expertise in compliance and risk management within the financial sector will ensure Brigits continued adherence to regulatory standards, reinforcing its dedication to ethical practices and economic inclusivity.

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About Brigit
Brigit is a holistic financial health app that has helped more than 7 million Americans budget better, monitor and build their credit, get their earned wages early, protect themselves from identity theft, and find ways to earn and save money. Its mission is to help everyday Americans build a better financial future. Brigit is backed by Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Durant, as well as other prominent investors.