Retiring CSD Assistant Commissioner encourages passing-out members (with photos)


     The Correctional Services Department (CSD) held a passing-out parade at the Staff Training Institute in Stanley today (August 20), to mark the graduation of 27 Officers and 79 Assistant Officers II. The retiring Assistant Commissioner (Rehabilitation) of the CSD, Mr Wan Ming-ki, reviewed the parade.

     The theme of the passing-out parade was “Innovation – Scaling New Heights”. Chinese-style foot drills were performed in a flag-raising ceremony and in demonstrations during the parade.

     Speaking at the parade, Mr Wan said that as the last element in Hong Kong’s criminal justice system, the CSD has been proactively introducing revamps on various fronts. The department has been striving to build a sustainable correctional system through the development of a “Smart Prison” system since 2018. The first “Smart Prison” which came into operation this May improves both the working environment and workflow, and optimises correctional work through the application of technology.

     The CSD’s rehabilitation work has been making every effort to innovate, and is committed to assisting persons in custody to rehabilitate through Creative Rehabilitation, so that they can reintegrate into society as law-abiding citizens after release and gain the acceptance and support of the general public. 

     He said there is a significant growth in the number of youngsters admitted to correctional institutions for being involved in social disturbances. The CSD and departmental clinical psychologists have devised a number of appropriate rehabilitation programmes having regard to the criminogenic mindset of young Persons In Custody (PICs). A “Youth Lab” was established in the Pik Uk Correctional Institution to provide specialised services for young PICs to adjust their mode of thinking, and strengthen their law-abiding awareness. Moreover, the CSD has enhanced history and civic education by launching interest classes entitled “Understanding History is the Beginning of Knowledge”. These classes enhance young PICs’ interest in Chinese history and their sense of national identity.

     He also pointed out that in recent years, the CSD has proactively extended its reach beyond the prison walls by reaching out to the community through the diversified “Rehabilitation Pioneer Project”, such as the established “Rehabilitation Pioneer Leaders”, co-organised with the Care of Rehabilitated Offenders Association, a brand-new adventure-based educational programme named “Mission in Prison”, to disseminate messages to young people of “leading a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting offender rehabilitation”, and enhancing public understanding of correctional work.

     He thanked the dedicated efforts of staff members, noting the recidivism rate of rehabilitated offenders fell to a new record low of 22.5 per cent from about 39 per cent more than a decade ago.

     He also mentioned that due to the situation of epidemic, the CSD has set up a Cleansing and Disinfection Task Force last year to search for various kinds of anti-epidemic technologies and equipment. Under the epidemic, Hong Kong correctional institutions have not faced a raging pandemic or any large-scale coronavirus outbreak due to the result of the outstanding performance and concerted efforts of all staff members.

     Mr Wan encouraged all graduates to become knowledge-based correctional officers, who uphold the spirit of innovation, striving for the department’s sustainable development.

     There was a father and son among the graduates today. The parade was more special for the father, Officer Lai Kim-ping, and the son, Assistant Officer II Lai Tsz-hin. It was an unforgettable experience for them as they could join the parade together. Moreover, they have the confidence to face future challenges. Officer Lai reminded all young correctional officers to be humble and be fully equipped. Assistant Officer II Lai believed that he could unleash his potential on his correctional career.