Finding the best place to live in can be very difficult, especially if you have very strict requirements. In the past few years, more and more people started moving to South Florida because it’s one of the few states that bring in an extraordinary set of features and benefits.

Gevorg Shahbazyan and Arman Shahbazyan are two brothers and real estate professionals fluent in Armenian, Russian and English, and they can help you find the best properties in South Florida fast and easy. Arman is a mortgage loan originator and he can help with your financial needs, whereas Gevorg handles the real estate tasks. Together they create an unstoppable, powerful real estate team that can help you right away.

Why should you be moving to South Florida?

South Florida is a state that has a variety of benefits when compared to many others in the US. It has lower property tax rates, 0.97%, which is way less than New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and many others. Another thing to note is that South Florida has no state or local income tax, which is extraordinary. You don’t have to pay an estate tax, which can go up to 20% in NE states.

Aside from that, South Florida is a stellar place to unwind, relax and enjoy life for a change. Here you can find happy people, lots of beaches, great business opportunities, not to mention you can interact with different cultures. On top of that, this is also a wonderful location for those that love great food and amazing restaurants.

Find the best properties today

With help from Gevorg Shahbazyan and Arman Shahbazyan, you will have no problem finding the best real estate solutions to suit your needs. Get in touch with the two brothers today and rest assured they will have no problem identifying the right home to suit your needs. Avail this incredible opportunity and find the best South Florida home for you and your family right away!