• Madagascar is set to make climate change donations transparent and tracible with crypto and blockchain

London, UK, 19 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Eleven percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions annually are due to deforestation. It’s greater than any amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases released through traffic, solid fuel burning, etc. The world’s forest cover is being reduced by one and a half acres every second on the clock. The result is ecological imbalance which has paced up global warming and climate change manifold. For many organizations, climate change is more than a debate. These organizations are on the ground helping humankind buy time against the imminent climate catastrophes. But they don’t do it alone. They are funded by people who believe in their cause. Madagascar is here to change the way these funds are contributed. It aims to add real value to crypto as a digital currency to enable transparent and tracible climate change charities.

Team Madagascar is a crypto startup based on Binance smart chain. It is launching its token, called $TIME. It aims to transform into the primary donation currency for organizations leading the world’s fight against climate change. The idea is to make crypto useful for a cause like this and make donations transparent. Donation skepticism is worse than climate skepticism because it bars willing donors from supporting a cause.

People hold back because they can’t trace how their donations are spent. Madagascar is set out to change that. It is using the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to that end. Cryptocurrency and blockchain allow secure transactions. But, more importantly, transactions cannot be anonymous. This means that a donor can hold an organization accountable for where their funds are directed and how they are spent. The system is designed to help reel down donation skepticism and pace up the world’s efforts to buy time against global warming.

Team Madagascar wants to make crypto valuable for fighting pollution, deforestation, heatwaves, and global warming. Its crypto token $TIME will allow donors and organizations to transact using blockchain to make the process transparent. Madagascar has set planting one million trees across five climate-vulnerable countries as its first funding objective. While the earth’s green cover is about 30%, it’s depleting fast. Not just a tree is cut every second, but over an acre of forest cover is wiped. The situation is alarming and catastrophic for life on earth. Madagascar wants to help escalate the reforestation efforts to help increase the forest cover, mediate ecological conditions, and help curb heatwaves and other forest-related effects of climate change. Humans’ collective responsibility is to fight climate change because there’s nobody else to take neither blame nor responsibility. It’s home calling for help, and those who can hear must answer.

Pre-sale on Madagascar’s $TIME goes live on 7/28/2021, via unicrypt. It’s a golden opportunity to step up and make a contribution to the climate cause. The launch will include a white paper highlighting a future plan to make the process more transparent. Madagascar commits itself to tackle deforestation as its first funding objective. It will enable crypto donations to be directed towards organizations working to restore the world’s forest cover, specifically in Madagascar itself. It’s high time crypto was mined and used for digital donations, that too for a cause like environmental preservation. Team Madagascar strongly believes in humankind’s collective ability to buy itself time against climate catastrophe. The introduction of Binance-based $TIME is its way to contribute. Avail of amazing discount offers on the pre-sale to accelerate the efforts. Pre-sale goes live on  28/07/2021!