CloudSEK was recognized at this year’s NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence awards, India’s highly esteemed awards in the security product industry. Established with the mission of building a trustworthy network of Indian companies, the services of which can be outsourced to clients across the globe, NASSCOM’s (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) DSCI (Data Security Council of India) honors and rewards individuals, corporate organizations, as well as cybersecurity companies for their contributions, ingenuity, and commendable initiatives in the field of privacy and security.

Since its inception in 2015, CloudSEK has embarked on a quest to develop AI-driven systems that can detect and analyse threats against an organization’s external security posture, without manual intervention. Over the last 5 years, CloudSEK’s proprietary digital risk monitoring solution, XVigil, has incorporated Machine Learning, to scale and improve its services. Today, XVigil collects more than 1.4 million unique data every day. XVigil’s automatic web crawlers break down web pages and extract structured content from sources, classifying them into threats and non-threats. Following which, customers receive real-time actionable alerts on the threats.

The evaluation process of DSCI Excellence Awards 2020 was conducted in three levels, which began in September 2020 and culminated in a virtual award ceremony held on 17 December 2020. The finalists that were shortlisted in the second level were further reviewed by a panel of industry experts and the winners were declared during the solemn ceremony.

“It is a moment of great pride for us to be honoured with the nation’s most coveted NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence award for Security Product Company of the Year. The level of commitment that CloudSters have displayed over the last year, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, is well-deserving of this recognition. This title, for us, is also an endorsement of CloudSEK’s advanced external threat monitoring system and our approach towards cyber threats,” commented CloudSEK CEO Sourabh Issar.

About CloudSEK:.
Founded in 2015, CloudSEK is on a continued quest to develop intelligent, automated systems that can detect and analyze threats, thus enhancing the scope and efficiency of its customers’ defenses. CloudSEK’s proprietary external risk monitoring platform – XVigil, enables organizations, ranging from banks to tech companies, to have real-time visibility of threats pertaining to their assets, brand, and infrastructure. The platform, which is built on state of the art technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence, navigates the surface web, deep web, and dark web, to detect, categorize, and prioritize cyber threats, and subsequently provide real-time alerts to customers.