“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

World Health Organization has proposed the above-mentioned statement as standard definition of health. We are in an era where everyone is much concerned about their body.

We all put some restrictions on what to eat or what not to. Does it affect positively and maintains our health? The answer is both!!! Yes and No. It is YES because the statement “You are what you eat” becomes true here. It is NO because the restriction of eating does not control our health completely and there are other factors too which are important.

In this 21st Century, everyone is so much concerned about their body that a minor change in their body shape or increase in belly fat can alarm them to start regular exercise or GYM.

Although, concerning about this is necessary to remain happy and fully-functional throughout the life. Here a famous statement holds itself true that– “Happiness lies, first of all, in health“. If you are healthy, you will automatically become happy!

Concept of Health

Many concepts of health arose as time changed. However, we are going to talk about four main concept of health which are in our primary concern.

Biomedical Concept:

This is the first concept of health and here, it is considered as the absence of disease or illness in a person. If someone is free from disease, that person can be considered healthy.

Does it fit with the standard definition of WHO? It does not! By taking this factor only, a person cannot be considered fit or healthy. So, due to insufficiency of this concept in describing it, motivated the development of furthermore concept of health.

Ecological Concept:

The second concept of health is based on ecology rather than on biology. According to this concept, health is an equilibrium between human life and the environment. The diseases are deviations from that equilibrium.

However, we cannot rely completely on this concept because it talks only about adjustments between humans and their surrounding environment. After the rejection of the above-mentioned two concepts, arose a new and interesting concept of health cited below.

Psychological Concept:

According to this concept, some psychological factors affect the health. The psychological factors are referred to as some social events or life-changing events happening in life. This concept states that it is a biological and social phenomenon.

We can rely on this concept to understand health but for better understanding, we will now have a look at the last and fourth concepts of health.

Holistic Concept:

This is the summation of all the concepts mentioned above. Health is described as a multi-dimensional process where environmental, social, economical, and physical factors affect health.  

This concept of health is the best fit to understand this vast topic. It is because that the Holistic Concept is the summary of all the concepts of health.

Types of Health

The word health is not only limited to physical fitness but also refers to the mental and social fitness of an individual. So, there are three types of health on which we will talk about.

Physical HealthMental HealthSocial Health

The first and important perspective is physical fitness. It would be hard to live the life at its fullest, if an individual is not physically fit. So, for remain physically fit some advice is given below.

How to maintain Physical Health?

Balanced Diet:

The first and major factor that affects our physical fitness is our daily diet. Majority of healthiness depends upon what you eat and when you eat? If your stomach will remain happy throughout the day, your brain will remain happy too. Eating healthy food also keeps you nutritively healthy. The vitamins and minerals should be provided in the optimum amount. A balanced diet can resolve this problem of what to eat and when to eat? You can consult a nutritionist or there are plenty of websites available that guides you on how to prepare and follow the diet plans. We are also here to help you in improving your diet. The change and improvement in your diet will have the highest impact on your physical fitness.

Furthermore, the timing of your meal also affects healthiness. It is not enough to take a balanced diet as your meal but it is also important to eat your meal at the right time. Eating something often or after every hour may adversely affect our health. So, making a balanced diet plan should be coupled with the planning of a balanced diet. These two factors what to eat and when to eat will surely drive towards good physical health.


One more factor that is important to be healthy is enough sleep. Sleeping can reduce your belly fat and it can boost your working efficiency too. Taking small naps during your continuous work can increase your accuracy as well as your efficiency at work (for work from home employees). We should at least take a sleep of 7-8 hours. I believe that 10 hours of sleep can keep you healthy and energetic the whole day and I follow this too.

Regular exercise:

Also, for maintaining physical fitness there are some more options. Regular exercise and yoga can greatly help to achieve fitness. To be healthy it is not necessary to join GYM but you need to do some light exercise at home on daily basis. Also, you can jog or run for a while every morning.

You mustn’t skip your meals and especially breakfast. Another bad habit to avoid to be healthy is not to drink alcohol.

How to maintain Mental Health?

The second type– Mental fitness is also important because it helps us find our way through various problems in our life. It can directly affect the other two types of health and that is why it is important to be mentally fit.

Positive Attitude:

To maintain mental fitness, maintain a positive attitude in times of problem. There are problems in everyone’s life, you just need to tackle them with a positive attitude and do not give up easily. You can try doing Yoga if your mood is off or you feel that your mental health is not good.


You should think about some past experiences which make you laugh or makes you feel proud or else think about your achievements of the past. Try thinking of your goals and ambition if you feel stress or depressed. Also, discover your stress buster activities which can make you happy.


To maintain mental fitness, you can talk to your near and dear ones which can counteract the depression problem. Do not get loaded with problems. Just empty them in front of your best friend or parents. Tell them what the problem is troubling you and they will surely help you to get out of it.

The final option to maintain mental fitness is– SMILE.

How to maintain Social Health?

The third type of health is social fitness. Some people cannot be social because of their shy nature and becomes introvert. They cannot get involved in social life and cannot enjoy life like their friends. They hesitate even in small things and this can be referred to as retarded social health.

Make new friends:

If someone wants to overcome their introverted nature they can try making new friends. They can start chatting with their best friends about their daily life and schedule.


To remain socially healthy, get involved in social events organized in schools, colleges, or offices.


In conclusion, the health of the body is the most important aspect of our life. Being a healthy person can bring you the joy of life. It makes you feel the real merriness of heaven. Maintaining our Physical, Mental, and Social fitness can greatly benefit us in our life. The concept of health just explains that the body should be healthy from all perspectives.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver.”

Mahatma Gandhi