Tencent Cloud Server is safe, reliable and high-performance, with a variety of configurations for you to choose from. How much is the rental price of Tencent Cloud enterprise servers for a year? The rental price of Tencent Cloud enterprise-level servers mainly depends on the configuration of CPU, memory, bandwidth, and purchase time. The higher the configuration, the 腾讯云服务器安全可靠高性能,多种配置供您选择。腾讯云企业服务器租用价格一年多少钱? 腾讯云企业级服务器租用价格主要看CPU、内存、带宽、购买时长等配置。配置越高性能越好,同时价格就越高。一般企业用户买腾讯云服务器的话,推荐快速配资购买,买4核8G5M以上的云服务器就行了,企业网站的访问速度才有保障。价格会在底部实时显示出来。,更多详情请浏览 http://www.tengxunyun.net.cn/